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LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 11  

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Hello everyone,

Many of you have been highly anticipated of this elusive eleventh series and only until recently in mid-July where the Internet have seen picture leaks and distribution in Poland of this LEGO Collectable Minifigure Series 11. I am sure many of you are anticipating and wondering if this traditional pictorial review will ever come and I am extremely glad to be able to deliver once more to share this iconic reviewing traditional feature of my favourite LEGO Collectable Minifigures right here exclusively in Eurobricks. In the not too far distant past, The LEGO Group (TLG) had just recently released Series 9 in just six months ago and Series 9 is now slated for 'retiring soon' and 'sold out' in the Shop@Home/US. Series 10 is still currently available but I am sure with the new Series 11 coming to the stores worldwide, it is only a matter of time before Series 10 face the same fate as Series 11. LEGO fans will have to act fast before you miss the LEGO Collectable Minifigures craze.

Firstly and always, I will like to give my very most sincere continued thank you and gratitude to TLG for giving me this very exclusive 'early' insight before others, so I could have enough spare time to work, evaluate and review this brand new LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series. I will also like to give my thanks to Eurobricks Staff/LEGO Ambassador, CopMike and my fellow Eurobricks Staffers for being so helpful and supportive to this reviewing endeavour. Last but not least, the most important person which I must thank, is my beloved wife, Kim/Belun for being very understanding and supportive throughout this chaotic and hectic period of ours! I am almost saddened if I can't release this review at the given releasing date especially since so many things are happening all at one go. I am truly glad that I am able to see the end of rainbow and able to share this reviewing achievement with everyone once more.

As always, we shall do a re-cap for all of the past Eurobricks Collectable Minifigures polls once more. It started with a humble beginning of Series 1 followed by Series 2 in the year 2010 and it continue to spread like wildfire with another 3 strong waves of minifigures craze in the year 2011, putting Series 3, Series 4 and Series 5 in an excellent harvesting year. In the year 2012, we celebrated with Series 6, Series 7 and recent Series 8. With the beginning of the year 2013, we have the recent Series 9 and Series 10. Now, I will like to invite the Eurobricks Community to cast their votes into this brand new Series 11 poll statistics as well.

Name: 71002 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 11

Theme: LEGO System / Collectable Minifigures / Series 11

Year: 2013

Minifigs: 16 unique minifigures

Price for 1 box: USD N.A, GBP N.A, EURO N.A, SGD $294.00

Price for 1 packet: USD 2.99, GBP 1.99, EURO N.A, SGD $4.90

Resources: Brickset, BrickLink

An image of an 71002 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 11 box


This eleventh series came in a very nice and cosy green schema which certainly adds some holiday spirit into it which kind of suitable for the upcoming Christmas festive mood at the end of the year.

[Reference 1]

[Reference 2]

[Reference 3]

The 11 different colour packaging themes for Series 1 to 11 boxes



The amount of efforts to retrieve all of these boxes from my storage area is pretty hard and I hardly have the desire to keep empty boxes in its original state since storage space is a scarce resource to me. Putting them together is just always an amazing feat and all of these boxes have actually exceeded the studio background height. However, it is definitely worth it to place all of the 11 LEGO Collectable Minifigures boxes together for this superb unique group photo which is a sight to behold to witness the different colour transition for the different series.

What could possibly contain within these mysterious sealed packets?


This is the next new incredible Eleventh Series for the legendary LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series Theme


The LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series (CMFs) is slated for worldwide release on the 1st August 2013 or 1st September 2013. This is another outstanding piece of achievement for this very special LEGO theme, where it has successfully released a total of three series in the year of 2013. The TLG CMFs design team has certainly outdo themselves by able to amaze and marvel us with so many more new integrative and unique minifigures' designs. I am sure most of us have not taken aback by the recent maniacal craze of hunting Series 10 - Mr. Gold? Despite of the Mr. Gold craze, the LEGO CMFs theme remain a force not to be reckon with and continue to stand proud which shall remain as one of the popular themes to acquire for many LEGO fans out there. I will leave to our fans to decide for themselves if Series 11 continue to live up to the high expectations. To me, this series remain a huge importance in the LEGO history and affirming my belief that all of these minifigures in the past, present and future series will continue to be regarded as part of the 'Golden Age' for the LEGO CMFs theme.

Please do note that the naming that I have use for this review are official TLG minifigures naming for Series 11. So, there is absolute no doubt or misinterpretation on the naming used.

Front view comparison between Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 packets


Wow, just plain wow! Isn't it amazing when all of the packets for the entire series are placed together for a group photo? This is just so magical to see the entire different packets for Series 1 to 11. There are altogether 11 different packets and design packagings for this single theme since the birth of the LEGO CMFs. Many of the earlier series such as 1 and 2 are considered to be pretty vintage at this point of release since the access to acquire these older series are considered to be a hefty challenge for forking out more money to purchase them in the secondary market since they are released in lesser quantities unlike those more recent released series.

Just take any of this packet and open it. If you can just hold all of the 11 packets in your hand based on the above illustrated image. Rip it open and you discover a random LEGO minifigure that can be special to the person who is buying it. Be it for the parents, children, AFOLs, casual shoppers, there is always a random something for everyone of us and I guess this is an easy way to bring back a person who is in the dark ages by tempting them to open up these packets! To add on, I actually got a bin of unopened packets which I have not marked them with, even though I am sure the minifigures which I have bought are the ones I like. It is just that it is still quite a random feeling for me not to find out what it is in there, without the touch and feel method.

Take a closer look at these. This is the front view of the Series 11 packet, while this shows the back view of it. Last but not least, this is an image that shows the back view comparison of all packets.

I am going to repeat this very same golden rule, likewise in all of my previous reviews. If you are intending to narrow the precious and scarce minifigures that you are collecting, please continue to hone the touch and feel method. It is an useful skill set to acquire and locate the minifigures that you want without wasting additional money to randomly acquire them especially when you are intending to buy large quantities. Your sole mission is to memorise and remember the minifigures assortments for each of the specialised designs. Isolate and identify the most unique accessory or accessories that appeared for the particular minifigure. From there, eliminate the torso, head and legs away and feel for other parts. The only disadvantage of this method is much idle time will be most likely wasted if the minifigures that you are seeking for does not exist in the box or ending up having sore numb thumbs after feeling. However, I personally feel that this approach is the most practical that works the best for me than any other uncommon approaches.

Front view of the Minifigs Series 11 promotional leaflet


Back view of the Minifigs Series 11 promotional leaflet


1) The savage Barbarian


The savage barbarian can be regarded as a person who is perceived to be uncivilised, rude, wild, unrestrained and insensitive. More importantly, the barbarian is also known for its feat brute strength that could certainly overwhelmed its opponents in relative ease. The immense fierce appearance of his, is very taunting especially with the remaining battle scars that etched deep into his skin. Even though his appearance may not be as gallant as a shiny knight but his quest for freedom and brotherhood continue to be strongly desired. I could have make it up but the barbarian is someone who I will like to form a tribe of warriors or even mercenaries awaiting at the tavern to accept any dangerous and highly paid quests.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is decent and I am glad to see two sharp gladius swords that allow him to master duo swordsmanship which clearly demonstrate his strong offensive approach. There are two different prints on his either side view. The first image show the wrap on his wrist while the second image show the wrist guard or similar on his other hand. I am also very pleased to note the side prints of his legs which add some fair details in it. There is also back printing at the back of the Barbarian. The hairpiece also reminded me of the character, Prince Dastan in the Prince of Persia movie which is a fine hairpiece to use it for many other scenarios.

Aren't we look quite similar to one another?


Fighting for my freedom


Ferocious Warriors


2) The stoic Scarecrow


The stoic scarecrow may look unglamorous but in actual fact, the scarecrow's main intention is to act as a decoy or mannequin which resemble in the form of human being wearing in old tattered clothings. It is placed and positioned in the midst of the crop fields to discourage the presence of birds such as crows or sparrows to disrupt the growing of crops. Basically, the Scarecrow is meant to scare these birds away. It is not the same type as the DC Batman Comic villain, 'Scarecrow'. For my take, I am extremely happy to see a scarecrow looking character appearing which is geared towards the LEGO Farm theme. I will probably welcome a fleet of these scarecrows to be ready for placing in the crop fields.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is excellent. You are able to notice that the straw hat and the crow are some of the appealing factor and it is probably good news for some fans that the two parts can be separated from one another which will allow them to use the black crow as another fine piece of animal and the straw hat as an useful new head-ware. From this angle, you are able to take a closer look at the scarecrow Furthermore, I am most welcomed with the inclusion of the uncommon pitchfork accessory which was recently re-introduced back as reddish brown colour unlike the old Classic Castle brown appearance. Till this date, there are a total of 17 sets which contain a pitchfork.

You will also notice that there are some detailed side printing on this side and the other side which both reflect different prints at the sleeve. Not to miss out, that there is a back printing as well. This is indeed a fine designed minifigure in this series.

The body of the Scarecrow


My crops will be safe from crows


3) The festive Bavarian Lady


I supposed this festive looking lady is originally from Bavaria which is located in south east of Germany. Her attire is a type of traditional dress, known as Dirndl. Pardon for my lack of knowledge in this area, as I have only commonly seen this attire in Germany where many young women are seen wearing during the period of Oktoberfest in Munich. Nonetheless, this is a very lovely and bubbly female minifigure with its slight freckled wide grin smile. I will definitely like to use her as a medieval villager since her outfit is rather suited in that era.

Parts assortment


I really wish to see her holding a mug of beer, but perhaps it is not recommended to be seen at her hand since TLG's general target audience is the children. Her hairpiece is a new lovely ponytail design and you can enjoy the beautiful sight right from her back. The green and white apron is made up of cloth piece which is similar to the past recent cloth skirt pieces like the Series 8, Fairy. The pretzel is still a nice repetitive accessory which is first seen with the Series 8, Lederhosen Guy.

Will you like to have some delicious pretzels?


Forest Friends


4) The nasty Evil Mech


Evil space villains welcomed a new addition into the space family and able to match up with the first Series 9, Battle Mech. This nasty looking evil mech is more cold looking and it is randomly rumoured to be associated with the Classic Space villain, Blacktron. It does not look friendly and certainly pose a threat to many others.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is decent and even though I am really glad that this Evil Mech come with a space weapon but I did not expect to see a loud hailer and a illuminate green cone to form the space blaster. I am more hoping to see a complete new design of the weapon to increase the space weaponry assortment. After you have removed the Evil Mech's helmet off, you will be able to notice the green looking robotic head with all of the laser targeting markings and range on the visual lens. There are nice detailed printing which can be found at the side, while at the back revealed his large jet-pack that enable him to manoeuvre freely above ground.

Taking the Evil Mech's armour off


Space Rivals


Space Factions


5) The fearsome Tiki Warrior


The fearsome looking Tiki Warrior is my favourite character of the lot, simply because it re-introduce the presence of Classic Pirates, Islanders. It is also a magnificent design of a total re-creation of this defender of its native tribe which will be seen in some illustrative images below. I could see this character being very popular among Castle and Pirates fans, and more importantly you will soon be able to understand the key reason of its popular artificial demand.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is very good and if I will like to improve it further, I will certainly like to see an inclusion of a newly designed shield. The giant face mask is made up of soft-medium rubber material and the paint detail is excellent. Not only to mention that they have re-introduced the Islander's hairstyle. You will be able to observe greater details from the side view.

You are my protector


Meet the Tribal Warriors


Tribal Warriors lining up


A little modification to the Tiki Warrior


Protect our villagers from danger


6) The yummy Gingerbread Man


This minifigure will certainly make lots of people smile, and I myself included. The yummy Gingerbread Man is a very delicious biscuit or cookie which is baked for special festive occasions.It even have its own fairytale story. I will be very most tempted to dip it into a glass of milk, but fortunately this is inedible and it will probably be good to leave it intact.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is pretty neat and the design to create the Gingerbread Man is amazing. It has the height of the regular LEGO minifigure and yet it has a very unique body constitution which can be seen from the side and the back. The headpiece is a flat circular structure which enable him to lie just flat on the oven stove for baking. The colourings of the facial exp<b></b>ressions, buttons and legs are equally impressive. To be honest, I can't find much flaw in this design and I think this is one of the nice design in this new series. The red mug with the print, 'Dunk Me' is equally great and such mug designs are always much preferred than just mono looking ones.

Dunk Me!


Don't eat me


LEGO Fairytales


7) The festive Holiday Elf


Holiday Elf are great helpers to Santa Clause. Because without their hardwork, children from all over the world will not have Christmas presents. Therefore, this festive dwarf-looking Elf is on a mission to pack and wrap presents for Santa Clause and it is definitely a nice minifigure to add into the seasonal characters together for celebration.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is nice especially with the 2x2 printed gift wrap tile which proved to be versatile for many other building purposes. A different teddy bear colour shade is also nice to be included with this minifigure as it created more gift variations. As you can see from the side and the back, you will notice that the elvish ears are attached to the green hat.

Christmas Gifts


Where shall I wrap you in?


Working very hard for Christmas


8) The elusive Yeti


The elusive Yeti or commonly known as the Abominable Snowman may not be a myth afterall especially since the TLG designers have managed to capture such cute lovely looking Yeti instead. When I first see the possibility of this character appearing, I wondered how it will look like. To my expectations, the Yeti is unbelievably adorable which could be inappropriate for some and since this is also not a costume minifigure, then I believe the usage of it as a practical joke will be rather real to our LEGO minifigures.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is decent and the new blue ice cream stick is welcoming. You can observe the white fur on the torso and legs and along with the brand new headpiece for the Yeti facial exp<b></b>ression. The back view reveal the different layers of furs that depict the Yeti's iconic feature.

Run for our lives!!!


9) The adventurous Mountain Climber


The adventurous Mountain Climber is a professional high risk taker that challenge high altitudes right to the top of the summit. Apparently, he is well-trained with his trusty equipment gear including those mountain carbines that are seen at the waist. His specialised profession is medical expertise and I trust he is able to assist others since he bear the proficiency badge that will readily available to help his team mates and others.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is not too bad and the equipment of the mountain climber is pretty good too especially with the new rope that will assist him in the climbing expedition. His availability will serve useful mountaineer expeditions.

Climbing up with bit by bit


Fear of heights???


You will be our medic specialist


10) The industrial Welder


The Welder works hard in the strenuous tough environment of many industries where welding expertise is required. Welding can be considered a dangerous specialised profession where safety has to be considered and applied at the highest personal protection level. Without those personal protection equipment in place, it will put the Welder in a vulnerable position that will compromise his safety.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is good and you will be able to observe the good selection of his welding equipment that make up of the following welding components including the printed flammable 1x1 orange cylinder bottle. He also donned in his protective long sleeve jackets and heavy duty leather gloves together with his wielding helmet to protect his eyes against from high UV light.

I am tired after an intense day of work


Assembling the Robot together


Shall we head to Jim's bar for a drink?


11) The analytical Scientist


The analytical Scientist will always review the test results carefully before proceeding further, likewise with her many unknown chemical substances that are available at her disposal. She will be able to mix different chemicals together to form many different possibilities that will assist in her research. It is welcoming to see a female Scientist joining into the City civilians population.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment are not too bad especially when there are two new viral bottles in light blue and green chemical liquids. Her clean white outfit also match her profession well and I will also suggest to use it for other medical professions as well since their attire is relatively similar to one another. On another note, I have to take a very close look and realised that this Scientist is known as Professor C.Sodin. I could be wrong since my eyesight is getting much poorer. Therefore, it is definitely not quite regarded as a research assistant.

Different sort of scientists DO exist


12) The slick Jazz Musician


Aww, he looks real slick just like the Blue Brothers. His black cool outfit and his killing saxophone could just blow your mind away. I could recall fans hoping to see a Jazz Musician like himself and include him in a 'live' band for Jazz music coverage. It will definitely be a stunning sight. I am already thinking of some possible fun settings for him to perform.

Parts assortment


Everyone will like to zoom into the saxophone since this is one of the highly anticipated accessory in this Series. The design of the saxophone is highly detailed with its pearl gold colour. This will enhance the musical bands by placing more of such instruments into playing. As for the rest, his black attire is suitable and able to integrate as a regular City civilian

Men in Black


13) The friendly Diner Waitress


The friendly Diner Waitress is an iconic sight back in the United States, during the 1950s where you will be able to find them serving the dining customers at the diners by moving up and forth with the roller skates. The waitress are able to serve their orders with speed and ease through the roller skates. There are lots of balancing to be involved but firstly balancing yourself, followed by the order.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is decent and the outfit certainly look pretty retro as well. You are able to see theback view of her in skates before she rolled off with the strawberry ice cream float order. As you looked closely into her uniform, you will notice that her name is called Tara and this is another fine secret teasing facts of the design team which are incorporated into the minifigure's design.

The front of the LEGO Service Industry


Can I be on your team?


14) The kind Grandma


After seeing the first appearance of Series 10, Grandpa, I am already hoping for a Grandma to be accompanying our dear Grandpa. True enough without a long wait, the kind Grandma make its appearance into this series with many fine detailed features. I find it very heart warming to see TLG to able to create Grandparents into the LEGO family.

Parts assortment


Apart from the usual picnic basket, you will find a nice new animal cat that make a fine companion to Grandma and personally I find it to be well designed. You will also notice that Grandma's knitted sweater also revealed several cat's printing near its waistline. The back view also reveal Grandma's grey looking hairdo.

Visiting Grandma


Meow Meow and Woof Woof


Both of them are still close as ever


Grandparents are always such a great inspiration to our lives...


15) The dutiful Constable


One look and you will know this Constable is doing his rounds in his No.1 Uniform in the United Kingdom even though it is quite uncommon for the law enforcers to be wearing this uniform in present times. It is very welcoming to see him appearing as part of the LEGO minifigures community. I am pretty fond of his moustache on his look which is deemed iconic as well. I could not find any flaws in it and the design is spot-on.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is good and the baton is wonderful new accessory addition. You can see how the Constable able to grip his baton tightly at his hand. The custodian ('bobby') helmet is done in a very nice manner as well too and I am very pleased with it too. Apparently his badge indicates JCF and his collar ID number is 1337. I really wondered what does that mean. Anyone can enlighten me a little?

Law Enforcers in the LEGO City and Town


The iconic British characters


16) The caring Lady Robot


I did not expect to see a female companion for our Series 6, Clockwork Robot and I don't really think it is necessary to create this design. It is a lovely design but I am not very fond of it and used it for other intended purposes than to place it by his side. I am sure it does appeal to fans who enjoy a good retro 1950s looking robots as a form of variation and as far as my limited memory could recall, I don't quite remember seeing a female robot version. I could be wrong. Well, to me, the Lady Robot will be my least favourite among the 16 new minifigures.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is mediocre and there are no other accessory which can be held by her hand. At least, give her some equipment to hold onto, other than just empty hands. The design of the back view is the same approach as the Clockwork Robot which allow the robots to wind up its potential energy.

The robotic duo


Robotic Sidekicks


A concluding thought for the Collectable Minifigures Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11


Let's take a moment and view this awesome super big family group image which I have assembled for your viewing pleasure! It is getting a little less comfortable and more complicated to assemble all of these LEGO CMFs within a 48x48 grey baseplate. It will be even more challenging for me to squeeze the next new series within this fixed boundaries but I am confident that I will be able to find a solution to it when the time comes. So, what do you think and feel of this entire LEGO CMFs with everything being presented in this image?

In my case, it is simply amazing with tremendous loads of excitement to see this entire LEGO CMFs theme altogether. I fully understand that some of us are feeling very exhausted and tiring to continue collecting this theme as TLG has been releasing at a very fast pace since the year 2010 and it have revamped and given a new meaning of collecting these minifigures especially when one of each of this is simply a new identity of its own where there are so many new possibilities that have been created in just a single theme that is proudly a TLG's own unique product range. I will love to see this continue and wish TLG to strive harder to actively promote this LEGO CMFs as we moved on. I hope this will continue to serve as one of the landmark themes within TLG to reach out more LEGO collectors and fans of all ages because I am very confident that there is definitely one minifigure out there in each series that you will adore most.

Now with a total of 176 minifigures released for the entire Series 1 to 11, not including Mr.Gold which unfortunately I do not have the blessings to own it and the recent acquired Toy Soldier that can only be obtained through The Minifigures Character Encylopedia. It is no easy feat to be able to collect this entire theme especially when you have joined the parade much later where Series 1 and 2 are limited in numbers on a global scale. Although I have taken a long time to put these minifigures together for a new group image, but I have definitely and surely enjoy this process that is considered tremendously a lots of minifigures to be seen and is no easy feat to attain and to complete. Every time, I do this step, it is always very incredible to see how much and how far this theme had evolved to a greater magnificent transformation that formed a new pillar which formed the new blocks of LEGO products range.

With Series 11 releasing soon, I am still quite unsure whether if we will see any Series 12 in the near future. I hope there is and we will be ready for the future LEGO CMFs Series. All in all, my wish is to be able to see this magical theme to continue wave after wave in every new calendar year.

General Statistics for Minifigures Series 11


Below is the combination which I have received from my box,

4 Barbarians

2 Scarecrows

2 Bavarian Ladies

4 Evil Mechs

2 Tiki Warriors

4 Gingerbread Men

4 Holiday Elves

6 Yetis

6 Mountain Climbers

6 Welders

4 Scientists

2 Jazz Musicians

2 Diner Waitresses

2 Grandmas

6 Constables

4 Lady Robots

Based on the above distribution, I have managed to achieve only two full complete sets of 16 one-of-a kind minifigures each. It means I will have 28 remaining random spares left. Read down to find out what are the remaining spares I have.

My remaining spares

2 Barbarians

0 Scarecrows

0 Bavarian Ladies

2 Evil Mechs

0 Tiki Warriors

2 Gingerbread Men

2 Holiday Elves

4 Yetis

4 Mountain Climbers

4 Welders

2 Scientists

0 Jazz Musicians

0 Diner Waitresses

0 Grandmas

4 Constables

2 Lady Robots

Data Analysis

Based on the complete new data which I have complied, I have indicated my basic analysis based on my own take. Buying one full complete MISB box will allow you to achieve two maximum complete unique sets. I believe this is the new distribution which is being considered for a full box of 30 since TLG is intending to market the LEGO CMFs series with effect of the recent Series 9 to be sold in a box of 30 and 60 to market and reach out to new and different group of consumers. Therefore, if you are buying a box of 30, you will definitely be given a full complete set, while a box of 60 will certainly give you 2 complete set.

On a personal note, I do not quite like the way the new distribution is being configured, not because of the given completed series for a full MISB box. I felt the allocation for the minifigures types is not quite the way I will like it to have. It is because there are not many filers minifigures under the group of six, like the Welders, Mountain Climbers and Yetis. I am not pleased to see these minifigures types to be given with a higher frequency. The only little consolation is the nice looking Constable being given the group of six treatment but still, I will prefer to see the Barbarian or the Tiki Warriors instead to be given a better distribution treatment.

So far, each of the 16 unique collectable minifigures have an equal chance of getting 2 out of 32 packets, when a fresh untouched box is opened and consumers will rush in to buy it separately. That will be a 6.25% probability based only on 32 packets. When you add the remaining 28 spares into the calculation, the probability will varies further. 6 unique minifigures are now only available at 12 out of 60 packets and this translates to 20% in total and 3.33% each, which makes it very much harder than before to achieve by just doing it randomly.

However, it is a great pity that the Tiki Warriors and the Scarecrows are classified as the lowest probability distribution point since there are only two each in each sealed box. The Tiki Warrior maybe classified as a potential army builder minifigure since it is closely related with the Classic Pirates, Islanders theme but I am not quite sure if it will be the most expensive minifigure in Series 11 even though it might be a very popular choice but definitely not as popular as its predecessors like the Series 2, Spartan or Series 3 Elf. There are lesser army building minifigures choices in this Series and the other likely potential ones will be the Barbarian and the rest of it will probably be good with just a few of them since this series is much inclined towards the City settings. I am neutral with the rest of the distribution and I really wish that some of the lowest probability distribution point like the Jazz Musician, Scarecrow and Grandma can be given slightly more in quantities .

Overall, I am not very upset with the way in how the LEGO Collectable Minifigures distribution listing is being done but I am definitely not quite pleased about it. What do you guys think about this round of distribution? Do you share my same sentiments?

To conclude and summaries, based on the probability demonstrated by this review, as an example, here are the results,

Very High probability

1) Yetis

2) Mountain Climbers

3) Welders

4) Constables

Total range: 40% (increases by 15% more based on 3 complete sets equation)

Each: 10%

Medium probability

1) Barbarians

2) Evil Mechs

3) Gingerbread Men

4) Holiday Elves

5) Scientists

6) Lady Robots

Total range: 40% (remains the same based on 3 complete sets equation)

Each: 6.67%

Very Low probability

1) Scarecrows

2) Bavarian Ladies

3) Tiki Warriors

4) Jazz Musicians

5) Diner Waitresses

6) Grandmas

Total range: 20% (decreases by 15% less based on 3 complete sets equation)

Each 3.33%

Some of my close-up images of my current LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series collection







To conclude, the LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 11 has done a good job to introduce more new minifigures into the LEGO CMFs theme that has reached another new heights. Perhaps, I felt that Series 11 did not create a larger hype other than not seeing the leaks earlier, but it does not create the greater hype due to lack of 'Where is Mr.Gold?' campaign or equivalent which is first revealed in Series 10. To me, that is a good news and it avoided unnecessary distractions which caused quite an uproar in hunting Mr.Gold. In this new Series, I noticed that there are more City related designs and professions than any other playing themes. The best thing about this new Series is to be able to see the new Yeti, Gingerbread Man and Welder which are totally a new designing concept that have never been seen before. It is no easy feat to be able to work on a continuous tight schedule and able to design and deliver new LEGO Minifigures with their wonderful pool of ideas which is obtained by many inspirations. I am confident that the imagination for creativity in the TLG CMFs design team will always be strong. This is also the only single avenue where we can see many exciting new minifigures at one go that can never be achieve in the regular LEGO theme releases where stand-alone minifigure concept is not possible where the theme revolve around it. Overall, I find this series to be a little weaker than its predecessors similar to Series 8, but I am not complaining that this series is not living up to my expectations as each of these new minifigure's design will be sought for by every different LEGO fans.

Please note that the LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 11 do not contain the placement of LEGO spare parts/accessories. This was practiced since the start of LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 3.

Summary review

Playability: 8/10 (Many more new LEGO Collectable Minifigures integration across many new and existing themes.)

Design: 8.5/10 (Good detailed and limited new LEGO minifigures' parts and accessories with more endless incredible accessories like the new cat, saxophone, baton, etc.)

Price: 8/10 (I believe pricing will remain the same and to me, the quality has certainly improved on overall.)

Overall: 8.2/10 (Another high rating for the LEGO CMFs and it is definitely worth buying and collecting these new minifigures.)

I gave it a "5" based on my Review Score Card. :wink: What about yours?

I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are strongly welcomed.

Pictures can be found in My Flickr and My Brickshelf (When moderated)

If you are interested to read the past LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series reviews, you may find the following links below!

8683: Collectable Minifigures Series 1

8684: Collectable Minifigures Series 2

8803: Collectable Minifigures Series 3

8804: Collectable Minifigures Series 4

8805: Collectable Minifigures Series 5

8827: Collectable Minifigures Series 6

8831: Collectable Minifigures Series 7

8833: Collectable Minifigures Series 8

71000: Collectable Minifigures Series 9

71001: Collectable Minifigures Series 10

The LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 11 will be launching on the 1st August 2013 or 1st September 2013 (worldwide)


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Dear all,

I am very pleased to present to all of you on my latest completed reviewing project, of the 71002 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 11.

This review is now officially fit for public viewing. Please feel free to leave your thoughts! :wub:


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Yay! Another awesome review! Now to await the HR images from GRogall!

That packaging really stands out, might be the best looking packs so far.

The Gingerbread Man's head is strange, but I like it. Probably my favorite of the series.


Edited by CM4S

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Thanks for the review! I really do like this series. The Tiki Warrior's head is awesome. I also love the Yeti. I can't wait to get some of these.

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Whitefang, great review once again!

The Bavarian girl is my favourite! The London cop looks great for MOCs of different eras!

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Of course, fantastic review WhiteFang. :thumbup:

Bavarian Girl is still so freakin' adorable and still my favorite. :wub: :wub: :grin:

Gingy's head from the side looks weird, love Blacktron Robot's printing on the torso, and the Welder's face is pretty cool too, but reminds me of the Mechanic's from Series 6.

Nice packaging on the foil, but why is the Female Robot there? Should'a been the Bavarian Girl. :tongue:

Edited by just2good

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Another fantastic review by Whitefang! Been a pleasure to read his review! Can see the time and effort put into this review.

Keep up the good work! The CMf series really catching on...

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Thanks for another awesome CMF series review Whitefang! :thumbup: Can't wait to get my hands on those figures! The Bavarian Girl, Scarecrow, Tiki warrior, Yeti and Constable are my favourites so far. Won't mind getting a couple of those. Love the new hairpieces of the Bavarian girl and the Waitress! :sweet: The new teddy bear is simply adorable too! :thumbup:

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Thank you thank you thank you!!! I was waiting for this! Excellent review and it only peaks my interest. I must say that I'm pretty disappointed with the distribution though, it seems that many collectors will have trouble getting their hands on the most popular figures.

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Thanks for the review, WhiteFang!

It's great to see anither clear picture of the Diner Waitress, and frankly, I think it looks much better than it does on the checklist!

This series has so many great figures that interest me, but at the same time, I'm not sure if it tops Series 9, but I'm almost willing to say it does. I'm rather tempted to call some of my stores tomorrow to see if they're stocked! :grin:

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Another excellent review. I'm a little disappointed by the fact that the two full sets to a box thing seems to be a regular occurrence, but I guess that's just the way it goes. Nice to see what we're getting into before they come out.

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I'm only going to get a Barbarian (great face and torso - although I fear the back will be unprinted) and a Tiki Warrior for a Cannibal MOC I'm planning - the mask is awesome.

I *might* get a Scarcrow simply because it looks like an awesome figure.

Otherwise this series does little for me and is the poorest selection they've produced for a long time.

BTW I think the 1337 on the Constable's collar is for "LEET" (look at the numbers upside down) meaning "elite".

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Boy do I love that Saxophone, definatly in my top 5 best minifig accessories of all time

And the plans I have for one of the people living in my next house MOC to be a Saxophone player seem to be good based on the size and grip point of the Sax :)

Re the 2 full sets per box, LEGO started doing that (including figures only in multiples of 2) because they are now selling a smaller box that includes half as many figures.

As for the Barbarian, I am sure that if it had back printing WhiteFang would have said so in his review :)

Edited by jonwil

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Thank you very much guys for your comments. :sweet:

The Gingerbread Man's head is strange, but I like it. Probably my favorite of the series.

Not really very strange to me, at least you can lie the Gingerbread Man in a flat position. :tongue:

BTW I think the 1337 on the Constable's collar is for "LEET" (look at the numbers upside down) meaning "elite".

That is an interesting take. I didn't notice this point either.

As for the Barbarian, I am sure that if it had back printing WhiteFang would have said so in his review :)

Actually I did mention in the review and here is a quick link to indicate his back printing.

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Thank you for another well writen review man!

My favorite is Yeti (Too cute!) and Islander( I love islanders!)

but I don't understand why

As much I like scarecrow and waitress I hate fact that their torso and legs are covered in one printing. I hate when Lego do that. The waitress would be better with fabric apron.

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Thanks for the review once again. 176 unique minifigs. That's insane! What do you do with all the duplicate figures anyway?

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WhiteFang, you are a marvel! :wub:

Thank you very much for your outstanding review. Looking at those new figs sure inspires me to create more Bat-figs! :grin:

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! ) :classic:

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Thanks for the review. Wish the barbarian came with some different weapons, his swords look too civilized for him. I think a big axe would fit him better. Also a bit disappointed that the diner waitress has no back printing... she looks naked from the back!!!

I think the tiki warrior and jazz musician are my favorites in this series. I also like the elf and gingerbread man; will be incorporating them into my growing winter village scene.

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A very insightful, great review Whitefang, thank you!

I'm not too impressed with the series as a whole, although there are some great little individuals. The Constable, Yeti and Scarecrow are a few real standouts, yet in contrast, there are a considerable amount of mediocre minifigures. My biggest disappointment is the Islander/Tiki Warrior's face, really bad and a somewhat letdown.

Ultimately, a somewhat all-right series with a positively sizeable amount of nice parts (as always) but yet again, a horrible minifigure-distribution-within-box ratio.

Edited by Carousel

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Thank you so much for this fantastic review !

I like the welder the most :classic:

I see some new colored pieces there as well:

- dark pink hands (female robot)

- bright light blue hands (yeti and scientist)

- light aqua legs (grandma)


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Thanks fr the review, WhiteFang! The distribution in the box is awful as usual. 2 figs out 60 is still unacceptable. And I don't care about the 30minifigs-in-a-box, which I never saw by the way. And a message to the Department of Mathematics at TLG: To sum 16 numbers to add up 60 can be solved using 2s and 4s only. The solution is 14x4+2*2=60. Ba-bumm! In that case, there wouldn't be 6 twoers, only 2. Okay, no sixers, but it doesn't matter. And one of the twoers from this series should have been the lady robot who is the lamest. Lego lego, you still have so much to learn!

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Thank you so much for the review!!

I have only commonly seen this attire in Germany where many young women are seen wearing during the period of Oktoberfest in Munich

They do in fact wear them for any special occasion, not just Oktoberfest. It is a very popular festive outfit for all ages, being traditional and trendy at the same time (there are lots of renowned dirndl designers with their own labels and very expensive dresses). It's always very cute to see groups of women wearing dirndls in the city - same goes for men in lederhosen by the way!

Actually you will hardly see people wearing the Bavarian outfit in the rest of the country (unless it is for fancy dress or Bavarian-themed parties). It is something very regional - might be nice to know when you haven't seen much of Germany yet.

Edited by Miss Kyle

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The only thing that bothers me about the distribution of this series is the fact that 3 of my top 5 minifigures only get 2 figures each in a box of 60. It's even more annoying when that includes my favourite figure of the series, which is the Tiki Warrior. And then it get's more annoying when the weakest figure of the entire series (in my opinion), which is the Lady Robot, gets 4 figures in the box of 60. I am not impressed with the distribution of this series. At all. It's the first time since they starting putting certain minifigures in the box a mere 2 times out of 60, which in my opinion was a ridiculous enough in itself, that I have been annoyed with the way TLG has distributed the minifigures in the box. Oh well, I'll still probably complete this series, one way or another.

Edited by Star Wars NutJob 69

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Thanks for the great review as always, this set is one of the best CMF's has to offer IMO, thanks again and I can't wait to pick these up :classic:

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