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Voting - Before and After Brain Infection

  • Please post your votes in this thread. Voting ends 7 days from the time of this topic being posted.
  • Voting is open to all members who joined prior to June 20th!
  • You vote by allocating three points to the entries, giving the name of the entry you are voting for. You can allocate these points any way you wish.
    Eg, valid point allocations would be: 3 points Stormer; OR, 2 points Stormer, 1 point Evo; OR 1 point Stormer, 1 point Evo, 1 point Furno
  • Entrants are NOT allowed to vote for themselves
  • In the event of a tie, the winning entry will be chosen by a special expert judging panel.

Before/After category description:

  • Build 2 MOCs displaying an alien creature before and after infection from a Brain parasite.
  • The 2 forms must be recognizable as the same creature, so don't get too carried away with the mutations
  • There must be some form of Brain slug on the Hero, but it can be brick built as an alternative to the actual Brain parasite piece if you'd prefer.




"Trollishs creatures that live in cavey regions. Their large claws are adept at breaking rocks, and their other arm can twist back and forth rapidly as a weak drill.

When mutated by a brain slug, it becomes a clumsy brute, capable of smashing just about anything, from rocks to small woodland animals. It retains its drill, and uses it as a grotesque weapon."



"Felix was just an ordinary feline android, they're sold as pets all over the galaxy. One day its natural curiosity got the better of it though, when it thought a brain parasite would make a tasty snack. The mutation was extremely aggressive and only enhanced the innate cruelty and destructivity of your average cat. Now Felix spreads "misfortune" in the form of razor sharp claws and teeth and it's up to the Hero Factory to put a stop to it!"

Marcus Fisher


"Marcus Fisher is the hero, who specializes in underwater missions. But after "Brain attack" he was mutated in Sharcus."



"In their natural form, Koboldon are tunnel goblins with a diet of metallic ore, which they mine for with their powerful, shovel-like claws. They are reclusive, but generally not aggressive.

But once the evil brains landed on their home planet, many were mutated into grotesque, hulking fiends that burrow beneath cities, reducing buildings and infrastructure to rubble. Can any hero stand up to the might of Koboldon's radioactive power claw?"



"Small flocks of Gallus gallus dom. populate the desert flatland regions of the planet Fabulox 18. The evil brains have turned the skittish birds into the deadly Gallux, and raised up a formidable army of deadly opponents. Watch out Heroes!"



"Snapdragons are notoriously cute critters -Well, okay, I think they're cute- that live in the same volcanic region the Pyre Oxes resided. They're named as such due to their only defense, they snap their jaws together, spraying sparks at whatever happens to provoke them. They're a bit jumpy, admittedly.

Of course, with the recent Brain Slug Invasion, their jumpiness has ceased to be a concern. Because we're more concerned about the extra head, extra-extra-large size, and extra-extra-extra-potent fire breath. Sinnertwin is not a beast to be trifled with. It thinks trifle is tasty. Good appetizer for Hero Armor."



"Before transformation, Bruizer was a harmless rock. After, he was transformed into a formidable rock monster!"



"Just an ordinary tarantula robot that had a brain latch onto its abdomen."



"Gambrodon lizards are herbivorous critter from their native planet Runksukka. They are also very popular pets in Makuhero City because of their cute appearance, playfulness of a puppy and curiosity of five-year-old. But when hideous brain slug attacks and attaches itself in the poor lizard's head, it launches a very fast and nasty evolution...

And so, in blink of an eye, a cute pet lizard evolved into a terrible dinosaur."

Lord Pyrox


"At first he was an experiment. Scientists took a pyrox and made him a genius. After years of testing he was no longer interesting to them, so they released him. He became a rich citizen of Makuhero city and he invested a lot into Hero Factory. But when the brains attacked, noone was safe, even Lord Pyrox how he called himself. Poor Pyrox became much worse beast than other members of his species.

Now he is one of the most feared monsters and only team of the most skilled heroes can take him down."

Gorroz Spider


"The Gorroz Spider is a large, yet harmless spider. Its large size is enough to scare off most predators, as well as tourists. It has been found to be tamable, and has been used to carry passengers, goods, or pull carts. These animals might be harmless in the wild, but when infected by a brain slug they grow deadly claws, fearsome pincers, and a dangerous stinger...."

Nrel Bug


"As the hero permanently stationed on their home planet, I witnessed the infection of a Nrel swarm. Nrel bugs live in caves, as massive swarms. Up to three hundred individuals make up a swarm. Unlike popular culture will have you believe, however, there is no one "Hive Queen". Each individual responds independently, which makes it even more unsettling to see an entire swarm approach a problem the same way, perfectly synchronised. Nrel Bugs are normally docile...but after being infected by a Brain Slug, not so much.

However, even so, the uninfected ones managed to stave off assimilation for quite a long time, considering. Every infected creature or individual Brain Slug was hunted down by groups of several Nrel, attacking on sight. The remaining Slugs, their numbers thinned down considerably, decided to use a different tactic; attacking all of the swarm simultaneously. Without backup, it would have been impossible to hold off the combined forces much longer."

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1 point to Marcus Fisher (Rhymes_Shelter), 1 point for Koboldon (Aanch / Lyi), and 1 point for the Gorroz Spider (Infernum).

Same votes as bacem, by the way. :P

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1 point - Marcus Fisher

1 point - Koboldon

1 point - Gambrodon

Marcus Fisher - gorgeous colours and photography (oh and good build too!)

Koboldon - best B/A effect - the 'After' is a great modification of the 'Before', they are recognizably similar, with some great mutation effects on the infected one.

Gambrodon - the 'Before' is super cute, and the brick built brain slug on the mutated version is fantastic.

I also really liked the Gorroz Spider - really good concept and well executed - I only wish there were a few blue highlights in the mutated version.

Good luck everyone!

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1 point for Gorroz Spider

1 point for Felix

1 point for Koboldon

...and that concludes the voting from Missouri

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1 to Felix

1 point to Rachnavore

1 point to Lord Pyrox, cuz he is so funny)

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1 point to Gallux

1 point to Gambrodon

1 point for Gorroz Spider

I would have likes a few more points to give for this category! Lots of great entries here.

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