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Voting - Digital Hero

  • Please post your votes in this thread. Voting ends 7 days from the time of this topic being posted.
  • Voting is open to all members who joined prior to June 20th!
  • You vote by allocating three points to the entries, giving the name of the entry you are voting for. You can allocate these points any way you wish.
    Eg, valid point allocations would be: 3 points Stormer; OR, 2 points Stormer, 1 point Evo; OR 1 point Stormer, 1 point Evo, 1 point Furno
  • Entrants are NOT allowed to vote for themselves
  • In the event of a tie, the winning entry will be chosen by a special expert judging panel.

Digital Hero category description:

  • Use computer aided means to create your own Hero. Entries can be created using LDD and POV-ray, other 3D programs, GIMP/image editing programs, etc.
  • Designing new pieces and recoloured parts is encouraged, but not required.
  • The Hero must be recognizable as a Hero, so should be reasonably humanoid and include a Hero core.
  • Entries do not need to be photorealistic, but should look like they could be built in real life, aside from new and recoloured pieces.
  • Entries should be presented on a plain/simple background, since the focus in on the Hero.


Lance Nimbus




Helen Kernel XL


This is Helen Kermel, a female hero designed for hard-to-control situations. When the Brains attacked Makuhero City, she was inmediatly updated at the Assembly Tower and given an XL to fight the menace. Her equipment includes:

-A mounted triple heat-seek missile launcher on her right shoulder

-A mounted energy bazooka on her left shoulder

-A visor to protect her head from the evil Brains

-Two hero cores to give her the power neccesary

-Spiked armour protecting her knees, useful for low attacks

-A dual saw-sword, able to cut though hard materials

Marshall Boyle




Back in the early years of Hero Factory, when Hero Factory still hasn't gaining reputation yet, the villains are much much rougher than villains this day. Their crime records are so bad that the only option to deal with them is annihilation. this hero, Neo, was builded and born at times like these. Neo is a hero that specialized in annihilating villains. whenever the case require annihilation of the villain, Hero Factory will send him, and he never failed. none of the villain that's faced with him able to stay alive to tell his tales.

Stringer the Stinger


Attention STRINGER: The evil brains have made a beast out of Rookie Nex and must be stopped! We’ve equipped you with dual shock-blades, a sleek jetpack, an opening armored visor and hero core locking clamps. Now fly to the threat and fix your friend!

• Features dual shock-blades, a sleek jetpack, opening armored visor, hero core with locking clamps, poseable joints and translucent elements

• Take back Titan Nex's mind!

• Lock the clamps to protect your hero core from the same corruption!

• Wear fellow hero Rocka's leftover helmet!

• Battle with 41300 TITAN NEX

• Combine with 41300 TITAN NEX to create a powerful brain-annihilating super-hero!

Gerald Spectrum


Flora Strike XL


Flora is not one to mess with. Many bots have made her angry and then found themselves completely disassembled in 1/2 a second.

One of the few heroes to be given the rank of commander, along with Furno and Merrick Fortis, Flora is a highly skilled combatant. Even some of the male heroes don't have the bearings to challenge her in a sparring match. But some do. Furno, so far, is the only one to beat her. But for some reason, after that, she began frantically chasing him, constantly saying she's in love with him, much to his annoyance. This however, does not effect her prowess in battle. When you see her swooping down on you, RUN!

Quazara Angelata


Quazara Angelata is an extremely powerful and special Hero. Not only can she fly (thanks to her Quaza wings and boot thrusters), but she also has built-in warp drive (on her ankles). making her among the first Heroes designed by Hero Factory for use in outer space. Her essence is stored throughout her body, so even if her Hero Core were to be damaged or run out of power, she would survive. Moreover, her warp drive is independently powered, but she can re-route that power to her Hero Core or her weapon. She carries a Dual Quaza Staff, which can unleash energy blasts, generate a force field to protect herself in battle, and split into two half-staves.



Mr. Makuro wanted to make a hero similar to Thresher, but way better in every way. He sketched up a few designs, throwing away the ones he didn't feel were right along the way. In the end, there were 3 designs left. He passed the designs over to the Design Experts in Hero Factory, and they got to work on improving the designs further. Even later, they found numerous flaws in the designs of two of the three designs, and then there was one. They fixed every flaw and improved every detail and then one flaw remained, although it was so small and unnoticeable that they chose to ignore it and go on with the construction. The armour had the flaw that it would be slightly weaker than Thresher's armour, but the Assembly Tower's programs hadn't been updated to say the specific type of armour that was to be used was in stock. The machines used default, incredibly weak armour instead and so Thrusher, the new hero, was too vulnerable to be sent into extreme battle situations.

Now, Thrusher is only used for patrolling the streets of Makuhero City, looking out for crime so he can report to Mission Control and have heroes sent to deal with the situation. Sometimes, though, he fights and easily defeats criminals with his Top Mark Grade Plasma Rocket Shield and Tornado Staff and that leaves people wondering... is he really not fit to go on a real mission?

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finally! the long wait is over. soo, i think:

2 point to Flora strike XL

1 point to marshall boyle.

Edited by bacem

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sorry before, since this will be my first time participating in voting, but i have a question about points. are we giving those points based on which set we think the participant desrve? if that's the case then why is there point for furno?

You vote via points.Furno is an example.

Look at my comment.

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You vote via points.Furno is an example.

Look at my comment.

yeah, sorry about that. i already changed it completely. thanks.

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1 point - Helen Kernel XL

1 point - Flora Strike XL

1 point - Quazara Angelata

I like these three all for the same reason - I find the overall shape of the hero and the choice of colours work very well for each.

Best of luck everyone!

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1 point for Quazara Angelata

1 point for Marshall Boyle

1 point for Prometheus

Great job everyone!

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1 point to Marshall Boyle for excellent posing and colours.

1 point to Quazara Angelata for neat use of pieces not avalable in particular colors.

1 point to Prometheus for original and beefy build.

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Since I can't self vote my votes are

1 point- Flora Strike XL

1 point- Helen Kernel XL

1 point- Marshal Boyle

Edited by Takanuinuva

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1 point for Helen Kernel

1 point for Flora Strike XL

1 point for Quazara Angelata

Breez needs more girls like these to hang out with!

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