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OK, I may be going out on a limb, but I figured that I could use a frame from my upcoming Brick Flick to enter this lesson.

If not, or if for some reason it's not what you wanted, or doesn't demonstrate what you asked for, that's fine. I'll just do something else.


Low-Light Entry by SteampunkDoc, on Flickr

Taken with a Logitech C910, two flashlights, and a nice amount of Lego.


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Hey Doc!

Overall impressive!

It appears you've even improved on my techniques!

The back area looks lit from behind? opposed to infront! Innovative and very awesome.

The use of focus is also extremely well done - the figure is sharp and in focus, but the background is soft and subtle - it's a bit of a common habit for some people to always take really crisp pictures of the entire build, but for this it works wonders! Normally I would complain and comment about how I can't see the background enough, but that's a bit of the point in this case, and the background isn't necessarily the build, but the lighting effects.

My one beef that I have with this is his face. The right side is perfectly lit and has a great shadow, but the left has a bit of glare...

Really the only recourse you have is to keep trying and get the picture without it - or digitally darken it to see the face a bit more.

OR swap his head out for a visor or something which CAN have a reflection.

Overall this is fantastic work and an easy pass.


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Thank you!

I was certainly not expecting so warm a response.

Yes, it's all lit from behind, except the figure. And the depth-of-field really wasn't my choice, being stuck with a webcam.

There was no way I couldn't have gotten the whole thing in focus, even if I had wanted to.

I'll keep that in mind and not make the background as dark next time. It's mostly just a plain hallway, but still.

Yes, I've gotten a few comments on the glare before, and don't remember why I left it when taking the picture.

The visor idea is fantastic, and I wish I had thought of that earlier.

Pass? Brilliant, now somebody better give me my BF&CA camera tag. :tongue:

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