Batman: The Survival Game

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Hey everyone, I'm writing a Batman series called 'The Survival Game' where basically, Ivy has turned Gotham into a desert island. I thought it was a really interesting concept so please check it out.

Issue one has been uploaded so I'll link that.

I'll upload the photos here but not the stories- I'll just link them. I'd love some feedback on what you thought and I'd prefer some actual improvements over '' It was good.'' or ''I didn't really like it''.


One thing I tried to do was interpret characters differently. As you can see with the Joker's alternate outfit and hair. I also really like the effect on the photo but I'm not sure what to think about the story.

Thanks, TT.


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i love the idea of the island being a desert and i love the way you portayed the island with abounded plants and the way joker is wanting to sort it out

when are you posting more photos and the story?

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