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[MOC] Storm SRTV vehicle

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EDIT 12/10/2013

To compare first and last version :

985412intro01.jpg 801375P1030222800x600.jpg

517163intro03.jpg 304915P1030221800x600.jpg


Let me show you my last MOC : a SRTV.

The SRTV is a military vehicle (you will find more informations on Google).

Now my MOC :




There are three places for minifigs in the cockpit (like in the real). The vehicle is totaly « swooshable ».

Here with 3 minifigs on board :


Edited by quentin

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Very good representation! Great desert colors. I particularly like the gun to vehicle size ratio. Never can tell when you need a big gun ;)

Andy D

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Here’s the last version of my STRV MOC.

I’ve changed a lot of parts :

  • a new front
  • more details on the back
  • new wheels




Here with my others desert vehicles :


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