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Review: Bug Obliterator 70705

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Here is my first set photo review for Eurobricks. The set in question is of course the Galaxy Squad's Orange Squad's Bug Obliterator. Now on those set details.

Name: Bug Obliterator

Set Number: 70705

Number of Parts: 711

Number of Figures: 4

Year of Release: 2013

Suggested Retail Price: $79.99 (US Dollars)

Now on with show.

The box. It is a decent sized box, not to large or small and little thick at 2 inches (appox.)





Next up, the instructions and stickers. Despite the box size, the instruction booklet did end up wrinkled.

Instruction Book Cover


Random Page No not Betty, now hush.


Part Inventory Page 1


Part Inventory Page 2


Sticker Sheet


After that we come up on the parts. They came in 5 numbered bags and 2 hose pieces were unbagged. Bag 1 and 2 were both separate vehicles, the bug craft and land truck, respectfully. Bags 3 through 5 were the parts for the main ship. There were plenty of new parts, but they all pale in comparison to new square 2x2 inverted tile.

All the Bags


Bag 1 Parts


Bag 2 Parts


Bag 3 Parts


Bag 4 Parts


Bag 5 Parts


On to the build, nothing really stood out while putting it together. Though I would go with 70/30, maybe 80/20, on the system vs technic scale for overall design.

Bag 1 Completed


Bag 2 Completed


Bag 3 Completed


Bag 4 Completed


Bag 5 Completed


The Whole Set Completed


Some additional shots of the Bug Obliterator

Front (with truck)


Front (without truck)






Finally, the figures, there were 2 humans, 1 male, 1 female, 1 robot, and 1 bug alien. The 2 humans each have alternate faces with breath masks, that seem a little redundant. The robot is cool enough and I was glad to see it's head was an actual head and not a helm with a blank head or round brick.



Alternate Faces


Final thoughts with ratings. It is a fun set, though I do prefer the look of the ship with out truck mounted more. The truck is pretty low to the ground and wouldn't work well in a real environment, though otherwise looks pretty good. The bug craft harkens back to Insectoids. I do think the set is a great addition to the ranks of the mid sized flag ships of past Space lines, such as the Aerial Intruder, the Saucer Centurion, and the Star Hawk II.

Ratings (categories and scoring based on what I've seen in other reviews here)

Design: 9/10 (Lost some points for the low rider.)

Figures: 10/10 (Good number and verity.)

Parts 10/10 (New parts and OMG inverted square 2x2 tiles)

Fun Factor: 10/10 (Good guy vehicle (vehicles really), bad guy vehicle and both go swoosh)

Price: 7/10 (Lots of small parts and missed the good ol 100 parts to $10 dollar ratio, by $10 bucks. The score is based on the SRP. I found it on clearance so 10/10 in my case.)

Total looks to be 46/50.

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Great review! Lucky you to be able to find it on clearance! :wink: What attracts me about this set is that the minifigures look awesome.

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Clearance! My local store has only had them in for a week. I plan to get this in a couple of weeks when I get paid, so it is good to see exactly what is involved. Thanks for the review.

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It's been $60 on Amazon USA for weeks now, that's 25% off. I like the set, don't like the colors, bugs, and not enough minifigures.

Great review, the pictures look good on the black.

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I just got it on clearance at Target for $55. I've been trying to figure out how involved it would be to change the orange color scheme? (It just looks a little too much like Mars Mission for my tastes. I would prefer something that blends better with my ADU troops.

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