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Cardinal Brick

Review 30230 & 30231

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So its been more than six months since I posted a review of anything for you all to enjoy, so I thought I might get back into the swing of things now my PhD thesis is in with a review of some of the new polybags released by TLC.

Set Name: Mini Mech & Space Insectoid

Set Number: 30230 & 30231

Number of Pieces: 28 & 27

Figures:1 each

Released: 2013

List Price: £2.99


So lets start with 30231, here we have Chuck Stonebreaker fighting a bug.


Bug vs man.

Contents of the Bag


Not much in the bag but what did you expect of such a little set.


The obligatory instructions shot.

The Minifig

So this bag comes with Chuck Stonebreaker


Front face.


Reverse face.


With helmet.

The Bug


Part built.


Fully built.


Spare bits.

The Complete Set


Now lets move onto 30230

So lets start with 30231, here we have Jack Fireblade wandering across a planet.


Not much action here.

Contents of the Bag


Not much in the bag but what did you expect of such a little set.


The obligatory instructions shot.

The Minifig

So this bag comes with Jack Fireblade


Front face.


Reverse face.


With helmet.

The Walker,


Part built.


Fully built.


Spare bits.

The Complete Set


Walking to nowhere without much to do.

The Rating System

Figures: 8/10 (Not an amazing selection but what do you expect for 99p more than a collectable minifigure )

Parts 6/10 (Some interesting bits but not a great selection.)

Fun Fun Fun 8/10 (The bug set is more fun that the walker there’s not much to do with that)

Design 10/10 (Both are well designed)

Price 10/10 (Value for money is excellent once you get past paying for a polybag!)

Grand Total 42/50 (A high rating I think the poloybags are worth it)


So we come to the conclusions. When I bought these sets the came up as minbuild series one on the till so I’m excited we should be seeing more of them soon which is good news. I think both of these are very nice sets although the walkers set seems a bit dull without much to do. It does have a wonderful classic space feel to it though.

I’d also be happier if the green team came with the robot rather than the Chuck but those are minor quibbles. I’m glad that Lego are now selling polybag sets and I can get my hands on as many as I like.

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