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RS Hudson and RS Unwin

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Video Overview of the build:


RS Industries deploys several scrap fleets to salvage derelict SHIPs in space. The RS HUDSON is a demolition class scrap vessel - when docked with floating wrecks, the RS HUDSON has a retractable arm which is capable cutting into hulls of SHIPs.

Cubes are cut out and sent to waiting Dumpships which transport the raw cubes to the RS UNWIN which continues to process the cubes further. Refined materials are loaded into cargo containers ready for shipping.


The UNWIN is the Scrap Fleet's mobile processing plant - taking raw materials from its sistership RS HUDSON, this ship sorts and refines the salvage material and placing them into cargo containers for off ship transport.

The RS UNWIN is built by Ricecracker who came up this awesome layout idea. Ricey is typically a The Town MOD so I was thrilled to do a Sci-Fi build with him.


The SHIP is about 180 studs long, and the wreck/rock is about 3x3x1 feet. The RS Hudson has a NXT (for the 'arm') and two powerfunctions (front conveyor belt and engine pulsing), the wreck/rock has one (for glow fluctuation)- which takes a combined 24 batteries to operate :look:


After it's untimely demise at Brickworld Chicago, the entire middle section was destroyed, and given the effort it takes to put up the Space Wreck (about a day) it would only be displayed once.

As such RS Hudson was repuprosed into the RS Hudson Jr:


After near destruction in the Chicago sector, the RS Hudson was repurposed from a SCRAP SHIP to one of RS Industry's Comet Catchers.

The RS HUDSON Jr now captures comets in it's center hold, and proceeds to crush the comet, striping out frozen Water and other useful minerals.


The RS HUDSON and Space wreck (aka Space rock, aka ice house) are the two largest LEGO structures I have ever built, it has been almost a year long journey with Ricecracker who conceived of the idea of SPACE wreaking SHIPs. Through many ramen meals the idea of a pair of SHIPs came together.

Here are some WIP photos as I built up the SHIP and the Wreck:



And finally like all good builds, it would have to be scrapped itself and eventually sorted:


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Damn, you guys sure do build em BIG ! Amazing detail on all three ships, and I would have liked to have seen them in person.

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As I say in your flickr , awesome moc, editing your main photo must have been a pain too

But I didin't noticed there were some leds when I first saw this ship :blush: , thanks to the photo and video you added I noticed that point

You did some really great work, congrats

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Really nicely done, Sci-MOCs and Ricecracker. I really like the processing ship, the cargo containers are instantly recognizable, yet believably futuristic, and the detailing on the space hulk is most excellent.

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