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Captain Nemo

MOC: Batman vs Black Mask

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Batman vs Black Mask

Bullets fly as Batman attempts to take down the powerful drug kingpin Black Mask in his run down narcotics warehouse.


This is the largest Batman creation I’ve made, and in addition to being packed full of details, it’s also the first time I’ve made a scene where Batman is after the Black Mask. It’s also my first creation that’s greatly inspired by the Arkham games, with the character choices stemming from the soon to be released Arkham Origins.

9201454249_0a35322c73_n.jpg 9201454463_2b343dfb27_n.jpg

The build itself features tons of details from twin conveyor belts moving drugs to six large windows. There’s also two wall mounted ventilation fans as well as two celling fans. There’s also three large support beams on the roof that hold up three large lights that Batman is running across (Dodging fire at the same time!). A small office is there too, as well as two gargoyles for the Dark Knight to perch on.


Clean up in the narcotics aisle...


This creation was actually first shown in an interview I had with Beyond the Brick. You can watch that interview


Inverted Takedown



~Captain Nemo

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Great looking scene, you captured the dynamics perfectly. Also, I really like the color scheme... :classic::thumbup:

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As a huge fan of those games, I love it! The amount of details... just... wow. I especially love the light fixtures and the guy hanging from the beam.

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