...Torso Decals Are Proving To Be Quite Difficult for Me

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For the past few hours, I've been trying to make a decent decal for the torsos of a few of my minifigs.

However, it has not been working out well...

I cannot describe exactly what I am trying to create, as it is based off the uniform (in my head) that certain characters in a novel I am writing wear.

Let's just say it is along the lines of a kimono...

So, what I really am trying to achieve is the "wrinkle" effect that you see in the printing of most modern LEGO torso designs.

As seen here:

Note: look to the bottom of her kimono/dress for the creases/wrinkles...


The "kimono" I am designing is less feminine, and completely white... so I can't just really copy the design of this one... :sceptic:

So, does anyone have any advice on how to achieve the wrinkle/crease effect that LEGO uses to make the printing of their torsos look like actually worn clothing...such as the subtle lines on the second layer of her dress/kimono?

And or any other tricks that LEGO uses when designing their torsos...



PS: Hoping I posted this in the right sub-forum.

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There's no trick to art, basically you just come up with ideas and try to copy them as best you can. If anything it should be easier to make wrinkles for minifigs considering how stylized the art is.

Anyway, first off, draw the design you want, don't just keep it in your head. Just draw the basic shapes of it, no fancy details or wrinkles yet. After you're happy with the major shapes, then you can go back and add details, for wrinkles it seems like the less lines the better.

Look at real fabric and drape it the way you want, then look for the major folds and recreate those on the decal. You just need a line, that's it.

Or just look at other minifigs with wrinkles and copy them lol.

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