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Minifigs in the Las Vegas Desert

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Hi there everyone,

Whenever I travel, I usually bring a handful of minifigs along and take pictures of them in their "natural habitats." In January I had the chance to travel to Las Vegas, and each day I went hiking in the surrounding desert. Here are some of the better pictures that I took, including Indiana Jones, Prince of Persia, Collectible Minifigs and more.













Check out the entire Flickr gallery for even more photos as well as larger versions of the pictures you see here.

Also, if you haven't seen my other Minifig Adventures, check out the following Flickr sets:

Minifigures at Point Lobos, California

Minifigures in Hawaii

Indiana Jones in Costa Rica

Please let me know what you think of these photos! Thanks for your time.


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Great photos! looks like Redrock in a few of those. A nice place to visit but I never liked it in the summer!

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For a Seattle trip, a fisherman, a sea captain, a mermaid, an Indian chief, a spaceman or pilot, and a swimmer quickly come to mind. Not enough big waves for a serious surfer, but there are a lot of skateboarders and bicyclists, too.

If you get a chance, visit Seattle Center's new Dale Chilhuly is a killer and is right next to the Space Needle. BrickCon was held nearby last October. Not sure where it will be this fall.

It is so much fun taking your figs out to play in a new location!

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These are fantastic! Great job. I especially love the idea of taking Indy with me everywhere, and documenting his travels.

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