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Review: 70001 Crawley's Claw Ripper

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Theme: Legends of Chima

Set name: Crawley’s Claw Ripper

Set Number: 70001

Price: 14.99 $

Pieces: 139

Minifigures: 2

Year of release: 2013

The Box



At the front of the box, we can see the face of Crawley (because it’s Crawley’s Claw Ripper!) also the ‘LEGO’ logo and the ‘Legends of Chima’ logo on the top.

Down to the bottom, you can find the two minifigs that appear in this set.

Like other Chima vehicles’ backgrounds, you can find the background’s all blurred.



The back shows the play features of the whole set, but when I first look at the photos (or animations) at the back, I can’t guess what’s going on.



The box contains two bags, two big tyre pieces, two rubber small tracks, two instruction booklets and a sticker sheet.

The Minifigures


The first one’s Leonidas. He got incredible printings on his body.

His first face is kind of similar to Gorzan’s, but the the printing on the helmet is another face (you’ll see the helmet later).


His second face is kind of dumb (which it’s printed on the helmet!).

His back printing is … Well, it’s not bad but it need something more interesting (such as Grumlo with the bananas on his belt).


This is with I said ‘but the the printing on the helmet is another face’. This is just the only thing I want to complain about this fig.


Well, the sword is a new piece but I think it’s a bit oversized.

The Chi is just a trans blue crystal piece (which is quite similar to kyptonite, but the Chi has a stud on the top to put another Chi on top. )





The next one is Crawley, the owner of the Claw Ripper, also has incredible printings on his body, but the one thing I’m so mad about Crawley is that he share the same leg printing with Cragger. Can’t Lego make a new leg piece for Crawley (or Cragger)?


The Features




These photos can show you how the jaws and move. The next two photos will show you how it eats Leonidas.



Another feature is Chi storaging. The following photos will show you how.



The Chi is quite hidden at the back. The only thing I dislike is there’s frightening claws (which we’ll go through later) and teeth at the front, there’s nothing frightening people (actually animals, especially Leonidas) at the back, Leonidas can easily steal the Chi and run away. Crawley will never know what happens.

Anyway, let’s go through the last feature -‘Claw Attack’. Again, the following photos will show you how.





That’s all of the features of this set, the last thing left is the driver seat, (again and again) the following photos will… (you know what I’ll say)…show you.

The Driver Seat



The End

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This is the first Chima set I have seen built, and the color scheme is quite attractive. The printing on the minifigs has some vivid details and certainly is not bland. There appears to be good value for the low price.

It is great seeing a reviewer really get into a discussion of minifig design because the variety of figures has increased so much with the growing number of intricately printed body parts.

How does this set fit in with the rest of the line? Thanks for sharing your thoughts in a review! And congratulations on your first post on EB! It looks like you have many years in which to enjoy your LEGO and share more reviews with us. So will Chima overrun Hong Kong's steep mountains and rule the territory?

Edited by Legogal

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This is a good review, especially if it's your first post- congratulations! I'd love to get this set, mainly because of the croc and the colours. I can imagine all kinds of fun that I'd have killing that horrible lion...

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