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MOC: RENFE Bed-car 9600 Series

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Hi all,

I present my Bricks representation of a Spanish bed-car, 9600 series (bc10x-96xx) in "Renfe operadora" Scheme.

This is a bed car created in 1984 for night train lines in Spain, nowadays it only one night line working in Spain the "Estrella Costa Brava" (Madrid-Barcelona) :hmpf_bad:

The real one:



Total Lenght : 63 Studs (500mm)

Width: 7 wide

Height: 10 studs (from rail plate)

Weight: 863g

Pieces: aprox 900

Paint: CRC Acrylic RAL Primer + Tamiya TS-4 y Tamiya TS37 Tomatazo.gif

Note Only works in smooth curves

General view:


End of car, beds and door


End of car


Corridor and lower details


Functional door


Running in a smooth curve


The clearance of the union axle from car to bogie allow the car to incline a little bit


Detail of the beds (orange pillows are the beds where i travelled)


Bogie Renfe CG-1



I hope you enjoy it :laugh::blush:

Pictures: Olympus E-510 + 14-42 and Panasonic Lumix Lx3

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That is a beautiful looking carriage. I imagine that a series of those would look stunning.

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That is a really nice looking carriage you have there. I especially like that you have taken the trouble to complete the interior with the beds and everything. The roof looks good as well. I like the curve that you have chosen to put on it, it looks just like on the real thing.

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