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The Daresay'd

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A product of years of modification, The Daresay'd is a half-freighter, half-gunship of meticulous and difficult design. The reactor runs right through the middle, four independently tiltable engines slaved closely to it, able to transfer power to it and each other at will. The pilot and the co-pilot sit in rather cramped conditions above this set-up, the latter responsible solely for power management and boost manipulation. Carrying on the theme, the ship has two tracking ion turrets, effective against fighters, other gunships and smaller capital vessels.

The personal steed of the Dread Pirate Val'sofilees, The Daresay'd is spoken of in hushed tones throughout the fringes of the galaxy. Sometimes travelling alone, but often with two highly trained swingwing outriders, most freighter captains drop their cargo and run at the sight of the ship's IFF signal alone.

(I had a lot of fun with this design. Especially trying to avoid the use of Dark Bley, which I think a lot of sci-fi builders can rely on too much. C&C welcome..!)

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Really nice micro model :thumbup: :thumbup: I like it :wink:

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