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[MOCpages Find] Venator Reloaded by Pierrick Puchois

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Pierrick Puchois calls his creation a “Personal interpretation of the well-known Venator”, inspired by a 3D rendering that was also sort of a personal interpretation. I think he’s still nailed many of the elements of a true Venator, especially around the bridge, the main turrets, the engines, and the secondary docking bays. The only elements that at first glance really look like they don’t belong are those exposed greebles behind the Open Circle Fleet emblems, and the slightly thicker gap between the dorsal and ventral hulls. While I think that overall gives it the impression of being just barely bulkier than a normal Venator, which I’m not sure I like better, I can’t argue with the really nice detailing in that gap, and really all over the model.


This and other creations which can't be viewed in this forum are...


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While I think it's a bit too bulky, it's still a great ship. I love how all the angles flow together nicely.

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