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MOC: Battle for Coruscant

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Hello, i am Little Russian AFOL, and today i am show for You my custom Battle for Coruscant from Genndy Tartakovsky (rus. Геннадий Тартаковский) animated shorts!

Yoda and Mace fighting droids!!!


eurobricks_another 001 by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr


eurobricks_another 002 by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr


eurobricks_another 003 by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr

Without figs:


eurobricks_another 004 by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr


eurobricks_another 005 by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr

Mace falling on Vulture droid:


eurobricks_another 006 by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr


eurobricks_another 007 by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr


eurobricks_another 008 by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr


eurobricks_another 009 by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr

Good bye!!!

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Sorry, but to me all this is, is a couple plates with minifigures. Nothing really suggests this is on Coruscant or any other distinct location.

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Although Ritz is right, I do like the fact you are clearly using your imagination to fill in the empty slots, and I do get the feeling from your other MoCs as well, that you thoroughly enjoy playing with lego and creating these scenes that have blanks filled in with imagination. Do keep it up, but if you can, try to create some horizontal scenery. Your version of Palpatines chamber was a good example of what I am trying to say.

Perhaps find an image of Coruscant and try to bring elements from that into your scenery.

I do hope you can understand me as I think you do have some potential if you can incorporate some more details into your builds.

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