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Review: 5001623 Jor-El Polybag

Hello, and welcome to my very first Eurobricks review!

Sadly, because of his dark colors, it's fairly difficult to get all the tiny details photographed without over-exposing the edges.

But hopefully that won't detract too much from this review. And don't ask about the funky number, that's just what Bricklink and Brickset said. :wink:


Set Number: 5001623

Name: Jor-El

Theme: Super Heroes

Subtheme: DC Universe

Year of Release: 2013

Pieces: 5

Minifigs: 1

Price: N/A (Free Polybag with $75 purchase.)


First, the packaging, which is typical for a polybag. The front has a picture of the completed minifigure, and the back is covered in copyright notices and warnings.

The image is probably of Krypton judging by the red sun. But other than that, it contains few details. Jor-El is highlighted by an unusual white glow, and as was noted back when the figure was leaked, it's lacking any character design in the upper right-hand corner.



After opening the bag, I was shocked to see that the cape is loose, with no cardboard protecting it against unwanted bending/creasing.

Elrond's cape may have been done the same way, but it's still something to consider. Thankfully, there was no damage to any of the parts, and they all look great.


Once built, the great printing really begins to shine. Like most polys, Jor-El is a Chinese-made figure, with the arm stamps and ever so slightly reduced quality.

But the face printing quickly puts away any doubts regarding his worth.


There's some back printing, and it's identical to Superman's, but sadly there's not alternate face print.

Probably because the hair piece wouldn't be able to cover the beard in back.


Now, as were many people, I was surprised to see that the Jor-El minifigure is considerable darker than the Kal-El/Superman minifigure.

Of course, part of it is the cape, as Jor-El uses dark brown as opposed to Kal-El's bright red.


As you can see, the cape makes some difference but even so, Jor-El's plastic is a few shades darker.


Here's a nice family picture...Plus Zod. :tongue:

Sadly, Jor-El's darker printing doesn't show up very well, and this allows the sheer awesomeness that is Zod to stand out.


Also, the armor doesn't look nearly as cool on Super-Daddy.



Design: 4- It's a great print, and filled with details. He may not have a second face, and the printing may be nearly identical to Superman's, but it's still "Super."

Value: 3- I didn't have to pay for it, but the listing price on is $5. It's a bit steep for one minifigure and no build, but it's a rarer figure, and unlike the CMFs, you know what you're getting.

Playability: 3- It's a minifigure...With no accessories, no flick-fire missiles, no tiny useless build, and no ADU gun. On it's own it's got a certain degree of playability, but needs more to live up to it's full potential.

Overall: 4- It's the perfect choice for a poly. He's a bigger player in the movie, but isn't big enough to be in any of the other sets. He's desirable, a great design, but this isn't robbing a different set of an integral character. (Looking at you Iron Patriot.)

"Kneel before Zod." :devil:



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Nice review! I like this figure, but there is no easy way for me to get it here in Australia.

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My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, Commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions...

russell crowe as a lego figure is awesome

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Thanks for the review. I've been wanting this ever since I saw it. I'm excited to have Russell Crowe as a figure. Note he can fight around the world. Maybe I'll make a series of MOCs...

As far as this figure goes, it's awesome. I'm still trying to decide which sets to get up to the threshold. But I want two for sure. One to open, one to remain sealed forever.

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Thanks for the review. I like this figure, although I'm not really fond of the armor-like uniforms they put in the film.

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This is a great and accurate figure. The suit goes on under the clothing that kryptonians wear. Jor el sometimes wears a robe in his council gear and a casual look with the suit showing under his open robe. He also wears armour which is a tan colour over the suit and the brown cape. Speaking of the cape (I have the figure) I have compared it to all other star wars etc. capes that I own and it is a new colour it does not match any brown cape previously released it is somewhere between Dark red and brown. The only thing that would possibly improve this figure is if they included his armour but as he is he is great his hairpiece really should've been the Aragorn one though. Then he would be completely movie accurate without the armour. I think I'll order Aragorn style hair from the net for my jor el! Great figure and great review!!!!!!!

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All I have to say is that now I know that I can place Jor-el in the Black Zero Escape guiding lois lane.

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