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Guilds of Historica Story and Challenge Index- Start here!

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What are the Guilds of Historica?

The Guilds are a Castle MOCers paradise where builders can connect with other castle fans to build in a connected world of five distinct Guilds, each with their own territory, history, and geography. The world grows as builders compete in challenges to win prizes, enhance their building skills and progress the official lore of Historica. Guilds score gold by competing in challenges and by "free building" in their own guild to grow their world.

Here is your scoring and challenge headquarters!


Active Challenges and Judging


Active Challenge:



Most Recent Completed Challenge:

Book III: Challenge IV - The Turning Point

Active Vote:


Most Recent Completed Vote:

Book I - Challenge VI Official lore of Historica (Locked)


Book I Gold Count


Avalonia- 3,991

Mitgardia- 3,841

Kalphlin- 3,840

Nocturnus- 3,473

Varlyrio- Not open

(Current through Book I - Challenge VI)


Previous Challenges and Winners


Book I - The Revolword Saga

Challenge I- All Along the Watchtower- Winners: A- ZCerberus K- gabe M- Busboy489 N- Tazmaniac

Challenge II- Home in a Foreign Land- Winners: A- Rolli K- gabe M- Ecclesiastes N- lisqr

Challenge III- The Treasure Hunt- Winners: A- ZCerberus K- Erynlasgalen M- Cara N- lisqr

Challenge IV- Elemental Mayhem- Winners: A- ZCerberus K- Erynlasgalen M- Torgar N- Hyler Talliwell

Challenge V- The Mystical Sanctum- Winners: A- ZCerberus K- robuko M- Torgar N- Dr Rod

Challenge VI- The End- Winners: A- ZCerberus K- Gideon M- Ecclesiastes N- Dr Rod

Book II- The Civil Wars

Challenge I- The Battle For Noctunus Winners: BLACK SPIRE. Individual winners: A- Emma B- Torgar C- Gunman

Challenge II- The Battle For Mitgardia Winner:

Challenge III- The Bettle For Avalonia Winner:

Challenge IV- The Battle for Kaliphlin Winner: DESERT KING. Individual winners A- B- C-

Challenge V- The Battle for Historica Winner: The Alliance!  Individual winners A- Alliance-______ Spire-______   B- Alliance-______ Spire-______   C- Alliance HQ (and Titus V) Spire-______

Book III

Challenge I - A Time To Rebuild

Challenge II - Bread and Circuses

Challenge III - What Will Tomorrow Bring?

Challenge IV - The Turning Point


Indices and Guides


MOC Index

Guilds of Historica Wiki

City Guide

Varlyrio Guild- Not open for membership.

Full Story Document

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The Story of The Guids of Historica!




The bard’s song tells a tale of a world long forgotten,

Race against race, clan against clan, shields clashed with swords; long ago when Men of the Lion fought Men of the Falcon, and human armies succumbed to Orcs and undead. Each group clashed with its neighbor for power, unleashing upon the world a great scourge, and the arcane land was thrown into chaos. When it all seemed but lost, a council of wise men and sages was summoned. From all the lands they came to convene in the old world’s great city; the fortress of Cedrica.

To settle the grievance and end a millennium of bloodshed, the sages declined all the treaties of old and joined all the clans into one mighty Kingdom; Historica. They founded the Four Great Regions- each one a realm in itself; - Mitgardia in the North, Nocturnus in the East, Kaliphlin in the South and Avalonia in the West, so that trade routes would spring up and clans would meet in the markets and not in the theatre of war. The wise men chose a family of great honor, to uphold the truce and to keep the four guilds from dispute, and descendants of that mighty kin to this day rule the Central lands of Historica. So goes the legend. For ten decades the races of old have migrated and spread through the world, following the trade routes, establishing cultures and prospering towns.

Today, it is a world of wonder and natural beauty; a realm where a man and a woman may find peace. But peace is short lived…

Treacherous assassins have tried to murder the King! The capital is in shock and there will be repercussions; the Four Regions assemble their forces as the balance of power shifts, and blame is passed around. For the first time in a century, the guilds of Historica build up old defenses and prepare for the inevitable confrontation; everything hangs in the balance, and Historica is on the verge of chaos once more…

Guildsmen; this is the world you inhabit, this is the place where you will make your fortune, build a mighty empire and battle for the glory and honor of the banner…


Book 1 - The Revolword Saga


Chapter I- All Along the Watchtower and Historica's Wonders

by Tazmaniac


Chapter II- A Home Away From Home and The Royal Tour

by Si-MOCs


And so it was that the four Great Guilds of Historica reinforced the bonds between them with masterful diplomacy. Pleased with the newly-established era of unity, the High King Draconius has decided to tour the realm of Historica, so that he may survey all the newly-built embassies and note-worthy sights first-hand, and reward all those whose efforts had helped insure the peace.

From the Capital Stronghold of Cedrica, the High King, his entourage and armed guard shall make their way to each of the four realms of Historica. Thus the King has sent messengers to every Guild, decreeing they must prepare their land for his arrival. “It is a time of peace and prosperity” the King has announced; and all in Historica will be well advised to remember it.

With this new peace, the High King has decided to focus the the realm in more historical pursuits - gathering a great champion from each realm to look for an infamous Historian who may hold the answer to the Mystery of Historica's fabled hidden shrine...

Chapter III- The Search for Truth and The Treasure Hunt

by Derfel Cadarn

The Search For Truth:

The land of Historica is enjoying a time of peace and prosperity! New Embassies and fortifications have been built throughout the land and the High King can finally rest at ease, knowing his reign is at an all time high.

He knows that under his rule, Historica has indeed become a mighty realm. Now all it needs is something that will boost that claim-will; a talisman, something unique and special, that could become a true symbol of all that is just and good about Historica.

There is no shortage of Legends about treasure in Historica, and the High King has been showing an increased interest in whether or not there is really any truth behind the tales. One legend, in particular, has really caught his attention.

All children of Historica grow up with The Tale of the Lost Shrine Of The Druids. It is a tale about the first settlers of this mighty land; a powerful race of Druids who lived in harmony and were as one with the land. It is said that they built a sacred shrine, and within its walls they placed 'The Soul Of Historica'. This treasure is said to contain the power of the four Elder Druids who sacrificed their lives so that the land would forever be blessed. It is indeed, a treasure of extreme importance and power.

People have been searching for this treasure for centuries, but to no avail. Presently, the story is accepted as nothing more than a legend. But is it indeed just a legend? That's something which the High King is determined to find out.

Four warriors, one from each corner of Historica, have been assigned the task of tracking down a retired Historian; the only man in the Kingdom who may know the answer.

Lord Owain Of Avalonia, cousin of Artorius Rex

Ragnar'The Fearless' Nibelung, nephew of Jarl Nibelung

Kathyrin Flagg, slave sister to Dextrus Flagg

Kahzoul 'The Reaper', bodyguard and trained assassin of Lord Ssilyrrlith

After many weeks of ceaseless searching, the four finally track down the Historian to a dwelling in Nocturnus, a place known as Grim Hollow.......


Owain: "You sure this is the place?"

Kathyrin: "Why?" "Doubting my skills are you now?" she grinned.

Owain: "But look at it!" "Dark and dirty and falling to pieces, who lives like this?!"

Kahzoul: "Oh I am sorry, would you prefer it if we planted some lush green trees? Perhaps a nice row of flowers along the front, yes?" he asked sarcastically. He lowered his tone, "Fool, your not in Avalonia anymore!"

Owain: "Mores the pity" he grumbled.

The group took a moment to gaze upon their destination. Could the answer to the most sacred of treasures really be found in such a place?


Ragnar: "Enough time wasting, lets just do what we came here for and head back" he growled.

Kathyrin: "Agreed, after all, we are being watched."

Owain: "Watched?" he shouted. "By whom?"

Kahzoul: "Drow spies of course." he said casually. "They've been watching us ever since we set foot into Nocturnus." He seemed to find the situation amusing.

Kathyrin: "Then they know why we're here?" "They know of the Shrine and the Historian?"

Kahzoul: "Oh yes, they know alright." he smiled.

Ragnar: "If they know" he snarled, "then why haven't they already taken the Historian, learned his secrets and gone ofter the Shrine themselves?"

Kahzoul: "That's not their style." he said with a grin. "They find it far more fun to let us do all the hard work and find the treasure, then they can just come and take it from under our nose!"

Owain: "Not on my watch!" he roared.

Owain stepped out from the group, drew his sword and looked out towards the gloomy land of Nocturnus.


He unbuckled the straps of his shield and threw it to the ground.


His shouts were greeted with nothing but silence. He spat on the floor in disgust, picked up his shield then turned to walk back to the others.

Kahzoul: "What a fine display." he mocked, clapping his hands.

Rangnar: "And what did that achieve?"

Owain: "Look, if they are out there, then at least they know that Avalonia is not afraid of a fight!"

Ragnar: "Nor is Mitgardia!" he stroked his hand across the blade of his axe. "And you would do well to remember that!" he said said dangerously.

Owain: "I'd end your life before you had time to swing that hedge cutter!"

Kathyrin: "I'll cut both your throats right now if you two don't pack it in!" she shouted, then smiled. "Come on, lets get this over with."

The group made they way to the main door. The stench of the overflowing sewers wasn't making this task any easier, but they knew they would soon be on their way home.


Owain: "Right, I'll break down the door."

Kathyrin: "No!" she said shocked. "We're not thieves, we knock."

Owain looked bemused. 'Just kick the door in' he thought to himself, but nodded at Kathyrin, who went ahead and knocked.

And so they waited, and waited........and waited!

Owain: "What a surprise!"...."So now we kick the door down right?"

Karzoul: "Leave it to me, amateurs." he hissed. He made his way to the door, placed his hands on the lock and within a flash the door swung open.

Owain: "How did you do that?" he asked confused.

Karzoul: "Oh please, picking locks is child's play, we Nocturnian's know how to pick a lock from the day we can first stand!" "Not to mention a wealth of other tricks!" he boasted.

Kathyrin: "Lock picking?" she raised an eyebrow. "Whats that for then, thieving?"

Karzoul: "No...well, not as such" he grinned.

Owain: "More likely for when the imbeciles manage to lock themselves out their houses on a daily basis!" he chuckled.

Karzoul: "I'll ignore that comment Owain, besides, the door's open, so lets go."

Into the building they went, glad to be away from the harsh eyes of the watching Drow. Now to speak to this Historian!


Ragnar: "Strange place this." he looked around the lower floor, scouting for anything that may be threat. "Shall I stand and guard the door?" he snarled.

Karzoul: "No need, like I said, the Drow won't make a move yet." he spoke with a confidence that washed onto the others.

Kathyrin: "I guess your right, they wouldn't stand a chance anyways!"

Owain: "I'd kill them all before they even got through the door anyway, so its really not an issue is it?".......

Karzoul rolled his eyes and carried on searching the lower floor with the others. Owain decided to have a look around as well, until something caught his eye.

Owain: "Look at all those barrels of Mead!" he cried, "and they're full too, I knew this would be a worthwhile journey!" He raced over to the barrels.

Owain: "Perfect, now lets see, six full barrels....So, we're gonna need to find some sort of wagon to get these back to mine and..."

Ragnar: "Oi" he interrupted. "If anyone's having those barrels of Mead, its gonna be me!" "Besides, I don't need a wagon, I'll just carry them on my back like a real man!" he grinned.

Owain: "That's stealing!" he said.

Ragnar: "What?" he asked confused. "What's the difference with you taking them then?"

Owain: "I'm borrowing", he said with a smirk, "borrowing."

Kathyrin: "No one is stealing or borrowing anything." She spoke with a half smile while flicking her dagger in the air.

Owain: "Come on Kath, its a long journey back home you know!"

Ragnar: "Aye, journey goes a lot quicker with a barrel of Mead!"

Kathyrin: "Must I remind you two that we are on a mission for the High King? We are here in the hope that this Historian will give us some information regarding the Lost Shrine! Not only have we already broken into his house, now you want to take his supply of Mead as well?...What next?" she grinned, "I wouldn't tell us anything if I were him!"

Karzoul: "Hey, over here." he called the other three over and nodded towards the staircase. "Up the stairs, I hear movement coming from one of the rooms, that's probably our guy!"

Sure enough, the sound of somebody moving could be heard coming from the upper floor. They made their way up the stairs and pushed open the door. Someone was sitting at a table at the far end of the room. They had found the Historian.


Historian: "Ahhh, I've been expecting you."

Owain: "Expecting us?" he gasped. "Did you not hear us knocking? Four bloody hours we were waiting out there, FOUR!"

Kathyrin: "Oh shut up Owain!" she snapped. She turned towards the Historian. "I must apologize for his rudeness Mr...."

Victor: "Revolword, Victor Revolword" he smiled, "And don't worry about that business with the door; yes I heard your knocking, but you can't be too careful round here, likely to get dragged outside and robbed if you answer your door in this hamlet."

Kathyrin: "Well its good to know we have found you safe and sound." she smiled. "There's a matter we really could do with you expertise on, lets just say its historic." she smiled.

Victor: "Well you have come to the right place, but first let me get you all a drink, you must be thirsty?" he asked. "I have some very fine Mead downstairs, I'll go and fetch some for you all" he offered.

Owain: "Its ok, I know where it is, I'll get it."

Victor: "Oh...ok...splendid. Yes, that's very kind of you Sir"

Owain bounded off downstairs and appeared again ten minutes later. He had managed to haul and struggle a whole barrel of mead to the top. He stood exhausted, but looking very pleased with himself.

Kathyrin: "What are you doing?" she asked shocked. "You only had to fetch one beaker each!" she rolled her eyes shaking her head.

Ragnar: "You did well lad!"

Owain: "Yeah, I know."

The two of them stood there grinning, while Victor poured them all a drink. He seemed oblivious to what Owain had done.

Victor: "Right then, what is it that I can help you with?"

Kathyrin: "We need some information on a shrine; if it exists and where it can be found."

Victor: "There are plenty of old ruined shrines in Historica, are you looking for one in particular?" he asked.

Kathyrin: "The lost Shrine of the Druids." she watched for Victor's reaction.

Victor: "Ah yes, but of course." he calmly leaned back in his chair then looked up at them. "You're treasure hunters then?"

Kathyrin: "Not as such, the High King has shown an interest in the Shrine and would like to know whether it really exists?"

Victor: "Of course it does" he chuckled. "Legends don't just appear, they may grow and be exaggerated over the years, but they are all based on real events." he looked carefully at the group. "Yes it does exist, and it contains the greatest treasure in all of Historica. I have devoted a large part of my life to finding it, and through that journey I have learned much."

Owain: "Ok....So where is it, how do we get there?"

Victor: "I'm afraid its not that simple, you can't find the shrine until you have the keys."

Kathyrin: "Keys?"

Victor: "The keys open the shrine, and its the keys that, when found, reveal its location." he gave a sly smile. "So you can't find the shrine or open its door without the keys."

Ragnar: "Right then, so we need these "keys", fair enough." he scratched his beard and looked at Victor. "So where do we find them?"

Victor: "For years men have been searching, but nothing has ever been found. Why do you think that could be?"

Owain: "Because they've rusted away!Or better still, maybe they never existed at all!" he scorned, then got up and drowned another beaker of Mead.

Karzoul: "Perhaps...I've encountered most of Historica's sacred items on my travels, but never a Shrine key; I'm afraid that they may be lost forever. Or..."

Kathyrin: "Or maybe they aren't keys in the conventional sense?"

Victor: "Exactly my dear, the keys to the Shrine are not keys in the conventional sense, but something else entirely."

Kathyrin: "What exactly are they?" she asked.

Victor: "Crystals. Four Elemental Crystals; one for each of the ancient elements."

Karzoul: "Earth, Air, Fire and Water...?"

Victor: "That's correct, and when they are all found and brought together, they will reveal the location of the shrine."

Owain: "Crystals eh?" a look of interest crossed his face. "I bet they're worth a fair price?"

Kathyrin: "Don't even think it Owain!" she snapped.

Owain: "I know, I know, just jesting" he smiled.

Kathyrin: "Now then Victor, how exactly do these Crystals show the location of the Shrine?"

Victor: "On each Crystal there is an inscription that explains where the shrine is located, but this inscription does not become visible unless all four are brought together."

Kathyrin: "I see; so once we find them, how do we open the door of the Shrine?"

Victor: "According to an old manuscript I found, the Keys are placed in some sort of device, and their power unseals the door."

Ragnar: "Now we're getting somewhere!" he said excitedly.

Karzoul: "Well that explains why no one has ever found the keys, they've all been searching for the wrong thing." he smiled with amusement.

Owain: "Its just like what I've been saying all along" he proclaimed.

Ragnar: "What?"

Owain: "Nothing...never mind."

Kathyrin: "So, its just the location of these Crystals then, have you discovered any information on their whereabouts?"

Victor: "I'm afraid I do not know their exact locations, but I do know that they were hidden in each corner of Historica. The Earth Crystal is hidden in Avalonia, the Air Crystal can be found in Mitgardia, the Fire Crystal lies in the land of Nocturnus and the Water Crystal rests somewhere in Kaliphiln."

Owain: "Great, well that narrows it down, so somewhere in each land of Historica, there lies a Crystal hidden! All we need to do is spend the rest of our lives searching every inch of each land trying to find them!" he sighed and slumped down in a chair.

Kathyrin: "That's all the information we needed!" she exclaimed. "We now know the shrine and keys exist, we know that one is hidden in each realm, and we know what they do and how to use them! That's more than enough!"

Owain: "Yes but there's still the burden of trying to find them, it would be never ending!"

Kathyrin: "Not if the whole of Historica is looking for them! We'll find them!" she said enthusiastically.

Owain: "I'm sure your right."

Kathyrin: "Victor, if you knew all of this, why haven't you tried looking for them?"

Victor: "Ah therein lies the problem; you see, only a Mitgardian can find the Crystal in Mitgardia, just as only an Avalonian can find the Crystal in Avalonia.The same is true for every land, and alas it's one of the reasons I never bothered looking for them myself." he chuckled.

Kathyrin: "Thank you Victor, your information and help have been invaluable; we're in your debt. Is there anything we can do for you in return?"

Victor: "I just want to see the Shrine finally discovered, that's all." he smiled.

Kathyrin: "You shall see that happen, I promise! Its time for us to leave, there's lots to be done."

The group stood and said farewell to Victor. He seemed excited at the prospect of the Shrine finally being discovered, but why wouldn't he, after all, its the Shrine of Legend that countless men have searched for all their lives.


The group headed outside into the darkness of night. Owain and Ragnar fetched the horses, then they all gazed out into the darkness.

Owain: "Whats our move now?"

Kathyrin: "We each head back to our leaders, report everything we have just heard and then, I expect, they will speak to the High King. A plan will likely be put into action to find the Crystals."

Ragnar: "So this is where we part ways then?"

Kathyrin: "Yes, we have done our part, whatever happens next is up to our leaders and the High King to decide."

Owain: "Fine with me, I just want to get back to Avalonia; its a long journey." he said with a sigh.

Karzoul: "Yes, I do feel for you guys." he grinned. "I expect I will be home in under an hour!"

Owain: "Yes, but then you've got to mess around trying to pick the lock to get in!" he laughed.

The group smiled and said farewell to one another. They were going home, successful in their mission and excited to finally be able to set foot back in their beloved lands after so long away.

So the stories were true. The shrine did exist and so too did the mysterious treasure hidden inside.

But before this treasure could be found, four Crystals must be located; and that will be no easy task. Objects of such great importance are bound to be hidden well, in treacherous places; bound to be guarded by all manner of unspeakable creatures and traps. One thing is for certain; they must be found! For the glory of the High King, and for the people and legacy of Historica!

Finding of the Air Crystal by Cara

Finding of the Fire Crystal by lisq

Finding of the Water Crystal by Erynlasgalen

Finding of the Earth Crystal by ZCerberus

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Chapter IV- Elemental Magic

By Sirens of Titan

And so it was that through all the efforts and and hard work of it's citizens, Historica recovered the lost Elemental Crystals. Upon hearing that all four crystals had been found, the Historican Victor Revolword sent the following letter to each of the four Mighty Guilds of Historica.

"Dearest Guild Leaders,

I believe I have found the answer to where the lost Shrine of the Druids may be located. As it is our High King's Command that the shrine be discovered, I humbly request that you send forth your four adventurers; Lord Owain Of Avalonia, Ragnar'The Fearless' Nibelung of Mitgardia, Kathyrin Flagg of Kaliphlin,

and Kahzoul 'The Reaper', of Nocturnus to meet me in five days time at high noon on the outskirts of Cerdica. Each adventurer should bring their guild's crystal so that we together may locate and open the shrine. I must insist that those four be sent, as I trust no one else with a task as important as this. I cannot say more as I fear this letter may be intercepted.

~Sincerely,Victor Revolword"

And so it is five days later, and the sun is high in the sky as the four adventurers meet on the hill overlooking the capital.


Owain: "Hello friends, it has been too long!You stil alive Kahzoul? I wasnt sure if you'd make it given how unsafe Nocturnus is these days."

Kahzoul: "Nocturnus? I wouldn't talk, considering the mess the drow have created in your lush homeland! Those little buggers pop out of every hole; they're like vermin I tell you! Soon they'll be all over!"

Ragnar: "Ha...I'd like to see them things try and burrow under Mitgardia's frozen tundra and solid granite mountains! The Drow will never make it in Mitgardia, I can assure you... Kathyrin, how are things in Kaliphlin?"

Kathyrin: "I can't complain. It's been a tough few months; overturning every stone in the desert in search for a water crystal sure wears down on you. I'm eager to see what Victor has found out!"

Ragnar: "Here he comes now!"


Victor: "Ah, there you are, the four great heroes from the four great guilds! Forgive the sudden and mysterious circumstances of my summons, but I have made a discovery that no one is aware of! The exact location of the shrine was made clear to me, and the crystals woill likely confirm it!"

Owain: "Victor,all of Historica was out and about looking for secret shrines and burial sites; how have they not found it? I'm starting to think it may not be in Historica at all!"

Victor: "Ah, and therein lies the exciting part of the discovery! It is in Historica! It's been under our noses our entire time! Tell me, what have you heard about the Knights of Cadarn?"

Kathyrin: "They were an ancient order of knights, in the days before the Guilds. They were hailed as brave warriors and ruthless fighters."

Victor: "Correct, but do you know what their specialty was?"

Owain: "If they were anything like modern knight's I'd put my money on drinking and/or brawling."

Victor: "No, they were expert Mage hunters! They believed in the Chivalry and words of spiritual leaders and sought to root out magic from the world. They did not succeed, but they recorded their exploits and projects very thoroughly!I stumbled upon a History of the Knights of Cadarn, and after a few chapters found an interesting description of a shrine, very much like the one we're looking for! It was taken over by the Knights, who drove away the Druids and sealed the entrance. To make sure no one would ever find it they built a fortress on top of the it! The Fortress of Mizia!"

Ragnar: "So all we need to do is find the fortress ruins?"

Victor: "I looked for its location, and after countless hours of research realized that it was still standing! After nearly one thousand years, the fortress was still very much intact!It is not called Mizia anymore, it's an occupied ruin; in the on the West border of Nocturnus!"

Kahzoul: "Occupied? Occupied by who?"

Victor: "A blood-thirsty Orc tribe, no less! Travelers won't come near it, and that is why I need you. These Orcs are man-eaters, not the civilized Orcs you're used to in your cities. They will attack us if we approach, so we must be ready for a fight. I am just an old man, but with your four's skill, I believe we can make our way through the fortress and into the shrine! But I must confirm it, please take out the crystals."

The adventurers do; as the crystals approach each other they start to glow.


Victor: "Quickly now... Yes yes, let us see... Aha it is exactly as I thought! The crystals point East! We are headed towards the fortress then!"

Owain: "Do you know what we'll find in the Shrine Victor?"

Vicrtor: "If I knew I wouldn't be going along on this journey with you! I'm sure the King will be very pleased with whatever treasures we find. Now let us depart..."

The adventurers and Victor travel for 3 days and 3 nights and arrive at an impressive sight; a run-down archaic fortress that oozes a chilly magical tingling. There are human bones and head about the grounds, and the adventurers cautiously approach the gate.


Orc Guard: "Human! Meat!! Let's get them brothers and sisters!"

Victor: "Now now, there's no need for anyone to get hurt! We simply want to move inside. These four are excellent warriors, let us pass and there won't be any trouble!"

Orc Guard: "Humans talk too much! Warggghh!Kill them!"

Owain: "I guess we're doing this the hard way then?"

Ragnar: "It's more fun this way! Yarghh!"

Kahzoul: "I've got the high positions! Jumping is my thing!" (he jumps onto the battlements)


The adventurers engage the horrific Orcs....


Ragnar: "Take that, Yearghh, and that! You want some too? Yargh! Keep coming at me, I'll take you all on you worthless vermin!Kahzoul, you jumping monkey, get off your perch and join the fight!"


Owain: "I guess that's how they teach you to fight in Nocturnus! AAAH!... By jumping around until the enemy gets dizzy and falls on his sword!"

Kathyrin: "He's killing more than both of you combined you loud-mouth! Yahh! Stay down Victor, there are more of them coming!"


Kahzoul: "That's the last of them! Yahhh!"

The adventures assemble in from of the fortress gate.


Victor: "Oh my, that was almost too much for my old bones... So, here we are, the fortress of the Knights of Cadarn! The shrine entrance will be somewhere below the altar. Be weary; I feel strong magical forces at work here..."


Kathyrin: "We're ready for whatever comes our way Victor! Let's head in!"

The group enters the fortress and quickly finds the abandoned altar. After several attempts to life the slab fail, Victor notices grooves in the stone in the shape of the Elemental crystals. Once the crystals are places, the slab sinks into the floor revealing a hidden stairwell.

The group heads down. In the darkness of the underground, the smells of moist rocks and and fresh vegetation give the party a whiff of freshness. As they walk along a dark corridor an doorway appears; as if cut into the rock. Light illuminates the landscape on the other side, and the party of travelers head in. They arrive at an impressive sight; the Temple of the Druids.


Victor: "Behold friends; the oldest shrine of its kind in existence! Look around! These floors and statues are thousands of years old! This place predates Historica!"

Ragnar: "What on earth kind of temple is this? I haven't seen anything like it!"

Victor: "It is a Shrine for the worship of Elemental magic! Look around; we are surrounded by the 4 elements; each has an altar on which the crystals should be placed."

Kahzoul: "The brifge is out, we could swim but the water is turbulent; we'll never make it!"

Victor: "Allow me." (he raises his staff and utters) "Mostikus!"


Kathyrin: "Amazing!"

Victor: "A cheap trick compared to the magic we'll find here. Off we go now let us cross!"


Ragnar: "What are these eagle statues for?"

Owain: "They look like the altars Victor mentioned; but how do we know what crystal goes where?"

Victor: "You must think in terms of the elements; look here an Elder Wood tree; the symbol of the ancient earth. The earth Elemental crystal goes here!"

Kathyrin: "There are stepping stones into the water there; it must be for the water element! The fire pits signify the fire element and Ragnar, if I'm not mistaking, that misty cauldron rock there symbolizes the air element!"

Victor: "Excellent observations my dear! Can you reach the altars safely?"

Ragnar: "Yes, be careful Kathyrin; that water is treacherous!"

Victor: "Here we go, place the crystals on the altars and I will recite some ancient druid enchantments!"


Victor: "Wonderful! Get ready now!"

As Victor reads of ancient Druid chants, the floor of the cave trembles and an ancient trap door opens in the shrine revealing a glittering object.

Ragnar: "What is it Victor? Treasure??"

Victor picks it up, and walks to the edge of the water.

Victor: "Oh it's better than that my lad, better than that! It's the helm of the Druid Head priest! The enchantments herein are more potent than any magic we possess! I've been looking for it all my life!"

Owain: "Wait, you said you didn't know anything about what was kept in here!"

Victor: "Ah, yes, I may not have been entirely honest you see; my true purpose in coming was to obtain this lovely artifact that the Knights of Cadarn wisely hid away from mankind so many centuries ago! You see, this artifact makes me the most powerful magic user in the world, and it is high time I got my way. I should thank you all, without you I would never have been able to find the crystals and get inside the Shrine! Now Historica is mine for the taking!"

Ragnar: "Are you mad old man! We'll cut you down before you manage to raise an arm in defense!"

Victor: "Let's make sure that does not happen!" (He raises his staff and utters a chant. Suddenly the adventurers are held down by an invisible force)


Owain: "What on earth is going on! Stop it you old coot!"

Ragnar: "It's pulling me in! I can't move!"

Kahzoul: "Aaah the fire! He's pulling me into it! Stop him somebody do something!"

Kathyrin: "Help! I'm gonna drown! It's pulling me towards the deep!"

Victor: "Easy there my pretties, the more you struggle the worse it'll be! You're gonna be servants to my will!"

The adventurers are pulled into the elemental altars and disappear.

Victor: "Ah, my apologies, but I need your souls!" (He collects all 4 crystals) "I hope you're comfy in there! Now to test how powerful this Helm is; I should be able to materialize in another dimension. Let's try the realm of Elemental Spirits!" (He brings his staff down onto the floor; the room begins to spin, and he is transported into a place with no obvious dimensions or features)


Victor: "Spirits can be seeded into these vessels! I am sorry my friends but you will be the host of these spirits! Each of you will become an elemental being under my command... The Drow are an annoyance, the real threat to Historica was right under your noses this whole time!And all I had to do was put on the guise of an old geezer! You High King is not safe, your Guilds are not safe! I will put events into action that will challenge Historica's very existence! Now, I summon you spirits of Elemental magic! Take on these souls and vessels! Serve me and destroy my enemies! I command you, OBEY!!!"

Brilliant lights shoot across the darkness and find their way to the Crystals that now house the unfortunate adventurers; each one erupts in a brilliant display of it's element's properties. From the seeds rise four giant Elemental Monsters...


Victor: "Rise! Rise and obey your master! By virtue of this Great Helm, I command you to do my bidding!"


Victor: "The hour of the Black Mage Victor has arrived! My elemental forces will reduce Historica to rubble! Doom is coming!!!

Dark days have come to the once peaceful kingdom of Historica. He Black Mage, Victor Revolword, has gained tremendous power from the Great Helm of Elemental Magic, and released it upon the Guilds of Historica. The four elemental crystals have spawned a myriad of elemental minions that now make their way from the border of Nocturnus towards the four regions of Historica and its mighty capital Cedrica.

At first the attacks came at small farmsteads. Earthquakes, tidal waves, conflagrations of fire and icy winds destroyed small town after small town. As the elementals consumed more and more structures, they became ever more powerful. Today, the elemental monsters at Victor’s command have made their way to the major cities of Historica. Elemental mayhem has ensued as the shape-shifting minions rain chaos upon the cities of Historica. Desperate efforts to save the towns and cities have proven futile, and as the smoldering ruins of the once great settlements are abandoned in the wake of the elemental turmoil, the task at hand is survival, not victory.

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Chapter V- Cedrica Fallen, Rise of the Hand

by Sirens of Titan

And so it was that the great Elemental Plague washed over Historica from border to border. From the frozen plains of Mitgardia, to the lush forests of Avalonia, all the way to the sandy expanses of Kaliphlin, and the boiling volcanoes of Nocturnus, great elemental monsters devoured villages and towns, forcing the citizens of Historica to flee by the thousands. Only the great capitals and largest cities continue to hold out against the elemental threat. While the monsters at his command decimate the landscape, Victor Revolword plots the overthrow of Historica’s Capital Cerdica.

In a dungeon not far from the High King’s mighty city, a well-dressed gentleman fears for his life. He is a servant to the High King; one of a myriad of fateful lackeys sworn to his majesty’s service, who finds himself in a dire situation. The door to the small dungeon room opens and the black wizard himself steps through.


Victor: “Do you know who I am, servant?”

Servant: “Yes. You’re that wizard… The one who unleashed the elementals. Please don’t hurt me! I don’t know anything, I swear!”

Victor: “Silence! You’ll do well for yourself if you rethink your loyalties. Now, keenly pay attention to what I say. Rumor has it that the king’s servants use a secret entrance in and out of the capital city. The rumors go on to say that this entrance leads out somewhere in the wilderness by the Hammerhead lake. If that were to be true, I very much want to know about where the entrance is. Now speak, I am a busy man.”

Servant: “What? There’s no such a thing! The only way in and out is through the guarded gate! You have been misled, good sir.”

Victor: “Careful, servant. Lying to me has dire consequences. I ask again; where is the hidden entrance inside the city?”

Servant: “I swear to you, there is no such a thing!”

Victor: “Very well, then we must do this the hard way” He walks towards the door and calls out. “Rellik, come in here.”

A tall, intimidating character steps through the door. He is armored from head to toe, and yields a mighty war ax. His face is blistered over and muddy, his eyes a piercing shade of blue. He walks in, bows, and stares down the terrified servant.


Victor: “Are you familiar with “The Hand of Corruption” servant? Of course you are; you must have heard stories about them your whole life. I’d like you to meet their leader, my trusted general and the agent of your Guilds’ undoing! This is Rellik Nam; the Scourge of the Eastern Kingdoms.”

Servant: “Impossible! The Hand of Corruption is just a folk tale!”

Victor: “Oh, it’s more than a tale foolish servant. It’s a cursed legend. “The Hand” forgives no one; its grasp is far reaching, and its retributions are swift. Look into Rellik’s eyes servant, and tell him you don’t know anything about a secret entrance in the wilderness.”

Servant: “I beg you sir, please realize I know nothing! I fear for my life, and your general fills me with terror… Alas, I cannot give you what you want, as it does not exist. Please good sir, let me go, I’m merely a servant. I know nothing of the affairs of the High King…”

Victor: “Enough. Rellik, this tight-lipped and stubborn servant won’t tell me what I want to know, and I grow impatient. Persuade him to speak. I shall be outside.”

Rellik Nam: “Yes my lord. My pleasure.”

Servant: “Wait! No, please sir, I swear I don’t know anything! Oh no!!!”


Victor leaves the dungeon cell, and closes the door shut behind him.

After a few minutes of horrific screams and sounds of struggle, Rellik opens the door and flashes a rotten grin to his master. Victor nods, and walks in along with blistered creatures who carry the mark of the “Hand of Corruption” on their armor and shields. The servant lies on the ground, bloodied, weeping and clutching at his side.

Victor: “Well Rellik? What did he say?”


Rellik: “There is a small town on a lake near the capital. Above the lake is a windmill; isolated from the rest of the village. A trapdoor in there will lead us directly into the antechamber of the King’s Summer palace.”

Victor: “Wonderfully done Rellik. It appears we are ready for our little escapade. How large is our force?”

Rellik: “Five hundred strong; more are joining every day my lord. “The Hand” has ways of corrupting the mind. Very soon Histroica’s own defenders will be marching under our banners.”

Victor: “Excelled Rellik! Now… we no longer need this spineless worm. Feed him to the wolves.”

Rellik: “Yes my lord.”


Meanwhile in the Mitgardian capital of Valholl an old Norse warrior steps through the threshold of a well-lit library room. He looks preoccupied, and the haste in his step suggests purpose and timeliness.


Jarl Nibelung: “Ah, Hersir Chorian! You’ve come just in time! Step closer, tell me; what is the situation outside of Valholl?”

Elon Chorian: “It’s pandemonium out there Jarl Nibelung! The damned elementals have devoured everything east of Ondylion. My city is taking on thousands of refugees. I make a great sacrifice coming here today; I pray you have something important for me.”

Jarl Nibelung: “I do Hersir. We may have found a way to dispel the Elemental magic used by the traitor Victor Revolword!”

Elon Chorian: “By the gods! Do tell Jarl!”


Jarl Nibelung: “I received a visitor late last night. He came to the palace all the way from the top of the temple on Mount Varocha. He is a monk of the Order of Eden. He brought a curious scroll along with him. He claims that the magic described herein can dispel any elemental monster.”

Elon Chorian: “Magic? That’s what we resolve to? We’re Norsemen men Jarl! We fight with sharpened steel. I’ve seen these monsters with my own eyes; I hardly see how a magic spell can knock them down! And why am I summoned to hear about it? I am no wizard, Jarl Nibelung!”

Jarl Nibelung: “No, but there is something you should know. Let me introduce the monk to you. Brother Hemli, please come over.”

A man dressed in a grey tunic, yielding a magic staff, stands up in the opposite corner of the library. He puts the book he has been reading down, and walks towards the Jarl and the Hersir.


Brother Hemli: “Yes Jarl?”

Jarl Nibelung: “Brother Hemli, this is the Hersir of Valholl, Elon Chorian. He needs to hear what you told me about ancient sites of power.”

Brother Hemli: “Ah yes! It’s a fascinating scroll we have here! It describes the elemental magic used by the black wizard Victor to raise the elementals. Interestingly enough, it appears that the elementals, while mighty and powerful, are susceptible to a particular type of ancient magic. This is the same energy present at mystic sites throughout Historica! Elven villages, mystic forests, haunted cavers, and many other locations emit this benevolent type of magic; harmless to people, but deadly to the Elementals. As a result they won’t go near these sites!”

Jarl Nibelung: “You see Chorian! This is a major advantage to us! There are areas throughout Historica where these elementals cannot go! We can use them to organize our forces; make camps for our soldier and refugees, and eventually use the magic to drive these abominations back to Oblivion!”

Elon Chorian: “With camps like these, we can organize a resistance and fight back towards the cities! But can we move this magic around?”

Brother Hemli: “Yes! Mages trained in this magic school can accompany your forces and drive the monster back!”

Elon Chorian: “Then we can win this war! This is great news indeed!”

Jarl Nibelung: “There is unfortunately a complication. Victor has not been seen since the attacks started. Without knowing where he is, we have no way of stopping him. While we can hold back the elementals, he too can summon them without end. We risk turning all of Historica into a permanent magical battlefield, the consequence of which will be severe for generations to come! Worse yet; I’ve heard news from our friends in Avalonia; they say regiments of the “Hand of Corruption” roam their countryside, abducting young men, forcing them to join the ranks of Victor’s corrupt forces. It seems that the wizard is planning something big.


Brother Hemli: “Yes… they are corrupt creatures from the eastern Kingdoms, led by an infamous blood-thirsty fiend. If the wizard manages to raise himself an army of them, the elementals will be the least of our problems.”

Elon Chorian: “Then we must move quickly to secure locations around Historica! If they are indeed safe from elementals, we can use them as war camps to hunt down Victor’s forces and to find him!”

Jarl Nibelung: “That was my plan yes. But we must move quickly.”

Elon Chorian: “I will return to Ondylion and prepare a war party!”

Jarl Nibelung: “Good. Brother Hemli will go with you; he will ensure the city is safe. Meanwhile, the other Guild leaders have already begun preparations of their own. The armies of Historica move to its ancient places, and prepare for the coming storm. Let’s pray to the gods that we are ready when it comes.”


In the High King’s summer palace, the royal steward is frustrated. After calling on the servants several times, not a single response has come from his majesty’s kitchens.

Steward: “Unbelievable! What kind of servants are you!? If the King was here he’d have you booted from the high tower from taking so long to answer! I said what kind of…”


As the Steward raises his voice in annoyance, he suddenly falls silent. Instead of the neatly dressed royal staff he commands, a raggedy group of repulsive creatures storm into the chamber. The steward is taken aback by their ghastly appearance, and he stumbles backwards as they approach him.

Steward: “What in the name of his majesty’s sacred honor is going on here?! Who are you?!”

Victor: “I am the next High King of Historica. Your Kingdom will tremble before my might. Now where is the High King?”

Steward: “Usurper! Traitor! Curse you and your abominable minions! This chamber is sacred! GUARDS!!!”


Rellik: “Your guards are dead pathetic human. All that’s left on this floor is you. Now answer my lord’s question, or you shall join them.”

Steward: “Merci! Merci! I will tell all! The King is at the theater! He loves the plays! He’ll be back soon; must be no more than an hour until his return! Please don’t kill me!”

Victor: “How comical that your High King enjoys the finer things whilst his Kingdom burns. Which way does he come back into the palace? Speak!”

Steward: “He’ll come from the Eastern corridor! He’ll be escorted by two guards, no more! I swear it!”

Victor: “Excellent! I like this servant. He knows what’s good for him. Let’s keep him around. Rellik, prepare a little surprise for his majesty. Make sure he is taken alive and brought to me.”

Rellik: “Yes my lord.” (He bows and leaves)

Victor sits on the throne.


Victor: "The reign of the High King is coming to an end and my glorious reign is beginning. Soon, Victor the Black Wizard will rule all of Historica, and all will bow down before him."

And so it was that the land of Historica fell into darkness. The elemental monsters summoned by Victor Revolword tarnished the land, banishing Historica’s people all across the Kingdom. As countless refugees sought shelter form the elements, the dark forces of the “Hand of Corruption” pillaged the land, abducting guildsmen and forcing them into service of the black mage’s ever-growing army.

From these times of hardship rose countless brave Historicans who swore to avenge their homes and loved ones, and bring the rule of Victor Revolword to an end. Directed by the insight of an ancient order of wizards, the displaced guildsmen soon learned of the magical power of ancient sites. Shrines and temples, mystic groves and ancient ruins, Dwarven mines and all manner of caves and crevices were long ago endowed and saturated with an arcane type of magic, deadly to elementals. As Historica’s people make their way to these ancient, mystic sites new hope overcomes the gloom of desperation. The heroes of the Guilds assemble in their mystic sanctums, and gather strength for a final push against the usurper and his minions.

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Chapter VI- Historica United

by ZCerberus


*From a rocky ledge, Legonardo Davidy calls down to his old friend, Trian Burress who has been summed to Marcroft for a secret meeting.*


Legonardo: "General Burress, I am pleased the Green Riders were able to reach you. I heard the road to Asca Duin was overrun with Hand soldiers."

Trian Burress: "The road is certainly not safe, but the Green Riders are the best messengers in the land. I was surprised to be summoned here, to Marecroft Manor. I thought only Albion was safe for the elemental terror."

*Burress climbs the steps to greet his friend*


Legonardo: "Yes, old friend, only Albion has withstood the Elemental attack, but spies from the Hand of Corruption have penetrated even the Pearl City’s cloak. Despair has set in everywhere. I have heard rumors of civil war in Kalphlin, Drow activity in Nocturnus and a Hand presence in the mountains of Mitgardia. Everyone is on edge."

Trian Burress: "I have heard whispers. There have been rumors of a plot from within Mitgardia to claim the throne of Historica as their own if the Usurper is defeated."

Legonardo: "Yes General Burress, the overthrow of the Usurper could leave a void in power that may plunge our lands into chaos, but the rule of Revolword, his elemental monsters and the Hand of Corruption must be undone. Though I do not know what lies on the other side of the Usurpur’s defeat, only a united Historica can hope to defeat the Usurper."

Trian Burress: "You’ve grown quite wise since last we spoke my friend. Tell me now, why have I been summoned here?"

Legonardo: "I’ll let Lord Rex tell you himself, the others are already inside."

*Inside Marecroft’s meeting room*


Artorious Rex: I see Lord Flagg, Lord Sslither and Jarl Nibelung have brought their own protection- do we really trust each other so little?

Dextrus Flagg: And Legonardo and General Burress are here for our own comfort? Dear friend, I find your hypocrisy amusing.

Jarl Nibelung: Enough! Both of you are letting Revolword get the better. If we cannot trust each other or our finest generals, then who can we trust? Elemental monsters continue to ravage the country side and the Hand of Corruption turns even our most loyal servants upon their own guilds.

Lord Sslither: What news issss thissss that comesss from the North? My spiessss sssssay the North hasn’t been hit as hard as the Easssst. I have heard your forcessss are twi-hissss those of Nocturnusss.

Jarl Nibelung: Be careful Snake. I have been told the Drow run freely over your lands and the Hand of Corruption has already pierced your inner circle. Taking Nocturnus wouldn’t even be a challenge for Mitgardia!

Lord Sslither: So you admit you still possesssss strength Bear? Confessss!

Elon Chorian: If we do have strength, you should pray we use it as a shield and not a sword. We will need it all to take the Usurpur.

*Room erupts into shouting and accusations*


Dextrus Flagg: Enough! If we are done beating our chests, and lying about our strength, let us admit that none of us have the men to conquer Revolword alone!

Erudhalion Sansael: Our spies would not disagree m’Lord. Mitgardia’s strength is as depleted as our own. Only Abyssian, Patrea, Albion and Valholl remain standing. We lose hundreds of soldiers defending those walls every day, and the forces in exile are not nearly strong enough to defeat the elemental monsters, even with the strength of the elemental mages.

Dextrus Flagg: Yes, we can not hold out hope for a miracle savior, it falls upon us to unite and destroy the Usurper.

Artorious Rex: But how can we hope to strike out from a place of strength? The noose tightens every minute, and we are spending our time here instead of defending our people. A full assault on the Usurpur’s castle would be nearly impossible!

Lord Sslither Not but two daysss ago I fell into dissspair. I thought, “We have held this uneassssy peace long enough. Perhaps defending Abyssssian is all that is left for Nocturnussss. What can we hope to do againsssst such a powerful enemy?” But- then General Grimm came to me and reported Nocturnian spiesss have located an entrancesss to the High King’s palacessss. The Usssssurper cariesss the Elemental Helm with him at all timessss, but if we could destroy the Helm, perhapsss we could turn the tidesss and not all would be lossst.

General Grimm: If we can distract the Usurper long enough, perhaps a small raiding party could slip in and destroy the Helm and end the elemental threat.

*It occurs that the plan could work, and each guild leader quickly realizes the advantage to capturing the throne room. Before anyone else can speak, Artorius speaks up*


Artorious Rex: And I suppose Nocturnus volunteers to enter the city and storm the High King’s throne room while the rest of us die at the hands of Revolword’s elemental monsters!

Lord Sslither: We are, shall we say, well equipped to sssslide through the shadowsss and destroy the Helm.

Artorious Rex: And I suppose we can trust a viper like you to vacate the throne as soon as you have sunk your fangs into Revolword?

General Grimm: Silence pup, you are no worthy of addressing Lord Ssilyrrlith with such disrespect.

Artorious Rex: Pup? You insult Avalonia’s Lord? Do you consider yourself more than you’re Snake Lord’s mongrel pet wolf boy? Avalonia will not act as Nocturnus’s shield in this fight!

Elon Chorian: And so we are to believe Artorious would not place the crown on his head if he entered the thrown room as conquering victor? We could expect such restraint from the Dragon? From the one who already calls himself “Rex”? The one who already thinks he is the divine King? The mountain men refuse to allow the Avalonians anywhere near the crown. Rex and his mutt Sir Buress have long worn on my nerves. I would die before allowing the Dragon anywhere near the throne. Mitgardia should have this honor.

Erudhalion Sansael: And why should Kalphlin be so easily dismissed? Do we not have the greatest watchtowers and longest spears? Are we not the Lions of Historica? Kalphlin would rather see the Snake on the throne than the Bear!

Dextrus Flagg: SILENCE ALL OF YOU! It is clear our tender peace is reaching its end.

*A stranger strolls through the entrance with a companion*


Rego Amancio: Perhaps if you don’t trust each other, you would consider putting your faith in a perfect stranger!

Artorious Rex: Who are you?

Dextrus Flagg: This is Rego Amencio, leader of Varlyrio, the fifth guild of Historica.

Lord Sslither: *turns to Artorious* You would bring thisss stranger in to our circle and trusssst him to be true to hissss word?

Artorious Rex: I would trust a stranger as much as I would trust the Lion, Snake or Bear! But I did not call for his counsel. If he knew about this meeting- then perhaps we have a traitor in out midst!

Rego Amancio: Varlyrio has just as many spies as the guilds of Historica. Our island has yet to feel the wrath of the elemental terror, but we know the Usurper’s lust will never be fully fed. It is only time that separates our fate from all of Historica’s!

Dextrus Flagg: Varlyrio has long been allied with the Dragon and the Bear, which one of you toads brought this slime to our secret meeting place?

Lord Sslither: We should cut them down now before they have the chancesss to do the same to ussss!

Rego Amancio: I should cut out your serpent tongue Snake!

Trian Burress: Enough! We can not fight each other and survive the elemental storm, and it is equally clear we do not trust each other to enter the throne room alone. The only solution is to form a party made from all five guilds to storm the keep and destroy the Helm.

Erudhalion Sansael: And I suppose you volunteer yourself dog?

Trian Buress: I will do as my Lord commands.

Artorious Rex: And so I command. I will send Sir Burress to do this task. Who will represent the other guilds in this quest?

Dextrus Flagg: I send Erudhalion Sansael.

Lord Sslither: I sssend General Grimm.

Jarl Nibelung: I send Lord Elron Chorian.

Rego Amancio: I send Duke Vennicio.

Artorious Rex: Then it is decided, these five men will take the passage to Revolword’s throne room to destroy the Helm while the rest of us rally all our troops to storm the walls against the elemental monsters and the Hand of Corruption! In three days time, the assault shall begin.

*Outside Marecraft Manor*


Artorious Rex: Though I fear the other guilds intentions are less than honorable, the elemental threat must end. I have sent the Green Riders to assemble all of Avalonia’s greatest heroes, for the assault. Legonardo here with me at Marecraft Manor-

Lord Arlindus at the Forest Watchtower of Circardia-


de Gothia watching the forges near the Kalphlin border


And, Zakon Goldblade… I am sure you could guess where he can be found!


(my sincere apologies to rogueang who's "hero habitat" was not completed in time).

Trian Burress: Yes m’Lord, we must rally everyone to ensure Victor does not suspect the assault on the throne room.

*Three days later, the assault of Cedrica begins. Though Mitgardia, Avalonia, Nocturnus and Kalphlin appear in full force, the Valyrians are missing. The Hand is backed in full force by Elemental Monsters, including a fierce fire Elemental and stinging wind Elemental.


*As the Hand and Victor’s Elemental monsters defend the walls, the Guild’s raiding party reaches Victor’s throne room*

Elon Chorian: It’s a miracle your Snake Lord even keeps you around mongrel. I didn’t see you slay a single enemy on our way to the throne. I thought the Nocturnians were great warriors! Maybe we should have allied with the Drow against your weak lands when we had the chance. It’s bad enough that the Dragon’s old dog is slowing us down, but to have dead weight like you is intolerable.

General Grimm: Bite your tongue ice grandpa, we’re here to destroy the Helm, not recount our kills.

Elon Chorian: Spoken like the sniveling weevil you are!

Erudhalion Sansael: Quiet, both of you. We are nearing the throne room.

General Grimm: I’ve caught a scent. It is Rellik and his elite guards. They are close at hand.

Elon Chorian: Finally, a use for the Snake’s pet! The nose always knows!

Trian Burress: No doubt it will take all of us to dispose of Rellik and his guards and battle Revolword. No rogues here, we must work together to finish this fight.

Duke Vennicio: Varlyrio will not share this glory with you lowly peasant, to victory! *Vennicio charges the Hand guards*

Elon Chorian: There goes our opportunity to surprise them.

Trian Burress: Quickly before Duke Vennicio gets his head returned to Varlyrio in a box!

*The heroes charge Rellik and his troops*


*Battle ensues. Rellik is captured*


Rellik Nam: And so the guilds have finally realized only their allied strength have any chance to take down Lord Revolword. I doubt it will do you much good. The Hand of Corruption lurks deeper than you can imagine. We have loyal members within your own ranks at every level and in every city! I have looked in your eyes, and I can see the lust for power has already corrupted a soul in your very group! This alliance doesn’t stand a chance, one will betray you all.

Duke Vennicio: Silence slime! We can not listen to this beast or he will corrupt us. We must cut out his foul tongue before he poisons us against each other!

*Grimm cleaves Rellik’s head from his body*


Elon Chorian: So quick to finish the job Grimm? Perhaps you are the soul in need of cleansing?

General Grimm: Nonsense, Duke Vennicio was right, we could not allow Rellik to speak our names and corrupt us. It had to be done.

Erudhalion Sansael: And the wolf has finally registered a kill. On a defenseless man no less. Elon is right, you were too quick to silence the corruptor!

Trian Burress: Perhaps we should take the Usurper before we blame Grimm for the collapse of Historica!

Elon Chorian: And now the Dragon’s pet asks us to ignore Rellik’s warning? Perhaps you too have your eye on the Throne Sir Burress.

Duke Vennicio: Again we argue when action is needed- for the glory! To the Usurper!

*Vennicio charges through the doors to the throne*


Victor Revolword: And so the Guilds of Historica have come to meet their doom! Guards, dispatch these slime!

*The heros pounce into action and destroy the slimey Hand soldiers*


Victor Revolword: Oh- the conquering heroes unite- *Duke Vennicio stabs Revolword and Valyrian guards enter the throne room*


Duke Vennicio: My first act of benevolence as your new king shall be to spare you all from the ramblings of a crazy old man!

Elon Chorian: King? I don’t see a crown on your head!

King Venniccio: Who needs a crown when I have the Elemental Helm! And now the Bear, Snake, Lion and Dragon will bow before the new king! King of the seas, and now king of your lands. With the Helm- Varlyrio shall pilot our vessels to take what should be ours! In fact, our storm troopers should be arriving at Historica’s doorstep now! Too long have we toiled on our island alone, too long have we been forgotten and ignored. We strike first at Nocturnus! I command all elementals to cover our withdrawal from Cerdica as we forge onto Nocturnus where today we shall claim the darklands as our own, and tomorrow, all of Historica!

General Grimm: Nocturnus will resist!

King Vennicio: I welcome your attempts, but we shall swat you down like flies on the rear of an megablocks! Guards, dispatch of these swine while I move our new army into position!

*The Valyrian guards back the heroes into a corner*


Trian Burress: Vennicio, you slimy sea serpent! Hand over the Helm and justice shall be swift!

King Vennicio: It appears I have the upper hand dog. Kill them all!

*The four guild leaders back up the four heroes*


Artorious Rex: It seems the odds have been evened Eel. Prepare to feel the might of a united Historica!

*Fighting ensues and Vennicio is captured.*


King Vennicio: Even if you defeat me here, the Hand of Corruption rips your guilds from within. This peace won’t last a week! Jealousy, greed, resentment… Your guilds will be plunged into chaos! My troops have already reached Nocturnus. You know the garrisons there will fall! There is no victory for the guilds today!

*Vennicio reaches for a dagger and Dextrus Flagg cuts him down while Burress retrieves the Helm and shatters it with the Golden Axe*


General Grimm: No! Nocturnus needed that Helm to repel the Varlyrian invaders! You’ve doomed Nocturnus, if not from the sea people, than from the Drow. Curses Avalonian swine!

Elon Chorian: Sir Burress has only done what we sought to do. Destroy the Helm and end the elemental threat.

Lord Sslither: Yesss Elon, Burresss has completed the quest, but at what cossst? I assssume Avalonia will send its revered Flight of Dragonssss to repel the Valyrian invadersss!

Artorious Rex: Avalonia has its own rebuilding to do Snake. I would not send a single soul to your lands until ours are secure.

Trian Burress: M’lord, Nocturnus will need our assistance. We can not allow Varlyrio, the Hand of Corruption or the Drow conquer their lands. We must send them aid.

Artorious Rex: My command is to withdraw to the Pearl City. Any bannermen that follows you on this quest are on their own.

Trian Burress: I would rather be an outcast than a coward. Mesodraconem will help the Nocturnians!

Artorious Rex: If you ever return to Avalonia, be sure to knock first as it is no longer your home.

Jarl Nibelung: Enough, the Hand of Corruption retreats. The city is ours! Let us not bicker but rejoice in this great victory!

Dextrus Flagg: Rejoice? There is too much to be done to rejoice. We must find the King and purge the Hand of Corruption from our lands!

Jarl Nibelung: And if the King can not be found? What then? Who will protect the crown until the King can be found?

Artorious Rex: The question seems easy enough! Whoever holds the most Gold Deracis should hold the crown until the King returns. Let us have a final accounting of the riches we have assembled, and the leading guild shall hold control of the crown until the King can be found!

And so the Great Accounting began... as did trouble in Nocturnus.

And so Ends, Book 1.

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Book II - The Civil Wars


Chapter I - The Black Spire (teaser)

by the Core Leaders

Book II- Chapter 1- The Battle for Nocturnus.

Revolword’s defeat should have marked a day of great joy in Nocturnus, the realm hit hardest by Revolword’s elemental monsters, but Revolword’s defeat has since become known as the Day of the Black Victory. A new alliance calling themselves the “Black Spire” with membership consisting Varlyrian rebels, Hand of Corruption Soldiers and Drow loyalist have captured over half of Nocturnus and erected a stronghold in the heart of the darklands. Bursting up from the ground, seemingly overnight, the fortress has been named the Obsidian Spike. The Spike taunts Nocturnus’s lords; it is not just a sign of the changing times in Historica, but a symbol of the new power unleashed in Nocturnus.

After the events in Cedrica, the Varlyrian flood quickly cut through the eastern defenses of Nocturnus, killing or enslaving all Nocturnians in their wake while the Drown tunneled up from the south and the Hand forces rallied from their defeat in Cedrica to invade Nocturnus from the west. The Black Spire’s assault was only stalled when Lord Ssilyrrlith, General Grimm, and an army of volunteers from all the guilds made a desperate stand at Abyssian Castle. The battle was bloody and claimed the lives of many heroes of Historica, including disgraced Avalonian General, Sir Trian Buress. The battle for Cedrica is over, but the battle for Eastern Darklands now begins.



(Credit ISC for Abyssian)

Now in control of the northern and some of the western portions of Nocturnus, Lord Ssilyrrlith calls a meeting to discuss the dire situation.


(Credit Ecclesiastes for the Nocturnus Throne Room)

Lord Ssilyrrlith: As you have become aware, our position hassss left usssss vulnerable. The Black Ssssspire controlsss the easssst, and ssssouth while we hold the north and some of the wessst. Though I had hoped Buresssss’s death would bring the Avalonians into the fight, we still have only received sssuperficial sssssuport from the other guildssss.

General Grimm: Yes, Lord, it would seem we must seek new alliances in every corner of Nocturnus. The orcs, minotaurs, spider people and cyclopses must all be brought into the fold. They are savages, but they are also warriors and Noctrunians.

Lord Ssilyrrlith: Yesss, General Grimm, we must seek new alliancesss, but we must also ssstrengthen our defensessss. We can not continue to lose ground to the Ssssspire. Every inch of our land is just as important as Abyssian itssself.

Commander Fangmore: We should show our strength Sslither, we should strike at the Spike itself! Send their monstrosity crashing to the earth and scatter the Spire forces like the roaches we know they are!

Lord Ssilyrrlith: We can not commit a force that large to a ssssingle target, even one as tempting as the Obsidian Sssspike. We will need to win many battles to topple the Black Ssspire.

General Grimm: Should we send emissaries to the other guilds for assistance?

Lord Ssilyrrlith: They have already left us for dead, besssides, each hasss their own problems to addressss. The Avalonians who joined our caused have been exiled from their homesss and it is rumored Rex has unleashed a dark power in the Mystic Islesss. Kaliphlin facesss its own internal struggle as Flagg has stepped back and we hear the Jarl struggle with too many uprisingsss to even know friend from foe. We can not count on help from anyone elsssse. Thissss isss our home and we mussst defend it now!

Commander Warrent: What are your orders Lord?

Lord Ssilyrrlithr: First, we must persuade, by whatever means necessary, the factions in the Darklands to join our cause. Ssssecondly we must ssstrengthen our defensessss. Build towersss, wallsss, gatehousesss and fortificationsss wherever we are vulnerable! Third, we must find the weak pointsss of the Sssspire and take the fight to them.

General Grimm: We do as you command sire.


(Credit Ecclesiastes for the Nocturnus Throne Room)

***Black Spire***


From his perch high above the Nocturnian swamplands, the new Lord of Nocturnus calls his most loyal generals to discuss the war in the Darklands.


Lord Raavage: The Nocturians have held Abyssian and their Avalonian friends have temporarily halted our attacks in the west. Because the intervention of the Avalonians could not have been foreseen, I have only taken the head of General Varsk for this failure, should any of you fail me now, your fates will not be so pleasant.

Commander Basil: We have witnessed the Nocturnians strengthening their defenses. The serpent has slunk back in his hole to hide!

Lord Raavage: Do not underestimate Lord Ssilyrrlith. We wounded the serpent, but we have not killed him. The Nocturnians are more resilient than we believed.

General Lurn: We Drow are not concerned, we have a secret weapon to aid in Nocturnus’s destruction. Malicia, would you kindly bring in the weapon.

*A resurrected, zombified Trian Burress enters the chambers*


Lord Raavage: So your necromancer was able to revive the old dog! And he is loyal to me?

Zombie Sir Burress: I can speak for myself M’Lord Raavage.

Lord Raavage: Then speak zombie!

Zombie Sir Burress: I am loyal to the Black Spire M’Lord.

General Lurn: Of course he is! What kind of Necromancer would raise an enemy from the dead! He is bound to the life spirit of Malicia. Whomever she supports, her new dog supports. He is intimately familiar with Abyssian and the plans of Lord Ssilyrrlith.

Zombie Sir Burress: Lord Ssilyrrlith will attempt to rally any undeclared tribe to his aid. We must do the same and forge alliances with any creature not yet flying the Spire's banner. The snake will also use guerrilla warfare to strike any patrol or weak point we may have left open. We must seal the gaps in our defenses and strike the Serpent's forces whenever they surface.

Lord Raavage: A useful new weapon indeed. As the mutt suggests, I command you to build up our defenses wherever they are weak, “convince” those tribes who have yet to claim their allegiance to side with the Black Spire, and should you encounter any Nocturnian in your way, place their head on a pole atop the Obsidian Spike! Victory or death.

All: Victory or death!


Later, alone in the throne room, Malicia enters.


Malicia: M’lord

Lord Raavage: And so the spell from the Book of Marzule brought the dog back to life. Are you sure you could raise an entire army if we can capture the Orion Sphere?

Malicia: Yes m’lord. The Orion crystals held in Abyssian would allow us to raise an army of millions. With the dead on our side we could crush Historica and enslave all the humans, elves and dwarves who stand in our way.

Lord Raavage: And Basil still knows nothing of our plans?

Malicia: No m’lord. He still believes Varlyrio and will be an equal partner in our quest to take the guilds.

Lord Raavage: That fool. He still believes we sent Varlyrio to Cedrica to capture the Helm of Elemental Magic! Did he really believe the elemental scourge was the strongest magic in the land? It is not the elementals that will rule conquer Historica, It is the dead that will rule this land.

Malicia: Victory or death m’lord.

Lord Raavage: If we are successful, Malicia, not even death’s grasp will stop us!

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