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Farseer Petriel

[MOC] Warhammer 40000: Battle in the Ruins

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Hello Eurobricks!

I am a huge fan of Warhammer 40k and have two armies: the Eldar and the Imperial Guard. Here is my small MOC based on the Warhammer 40000 universe. It represents the battle between human Space Marines and mysterious elf-like aliens known as Eldar.




The battle rages in a ruined city on the one of billions of Imperial worlds.

Noble Space Marines of Crimson Fists Chapter defend the planet from the alien invasion:


The Eldar Farseer, the master of psychic war and sorcery, avenges for murdered fellow Ranger:


Original ruins from Warhammer 40000 on which the MOC is based:



LEGO ruins without the minifigures:



The stained glass:


The window can be "broken":


Here come the minifigures.

I decided to make Eldar without their iconic helmets because clone ones and other don't fit.

Two Farseers:


The cats are called Gyrinxes. They are really psychic animals that can increase psychic abilities of their owners.

The Eldar Ranger:


Eldar Rangers are outcasts of Eldar craftworlds who serve as snipers on the battlefield.

Original Rangers:


Space Marines are the genetically engineered super-soldiers of the far future. For them I used almost unchanged Galaxy Patrol collectable minifigures:


Original Crimson Fists Space Marine:


And the last but not he least - the Imperial Guardsman, an ordinary human soldier with a lasgun:


Original Cadian Guardsmen:


Thank you for watching!

Comments and criticism are welcome.

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Nice work! I'm not exactly a die-hard 40K fan (the setting is too depressingly, unredeemably dark for my taste), but I do like the various character and vehicle designs (plus the Orks are always a hoot) and I AM a big fan of Warhammer Fantasy. I do like to incorporate stuff from 40K into my own LEGO setting (which is more like LoTR meets Fallout meets Rifts meets Star Wars meets Warhammer, but with tongue firmly in cheek). The biggest thing I did was to kinda merge the Warhammer 40K Orks with LoTR Orcs, particularly the traits of being obsessed with "More Dakka", painting vehicles red to make them faster and such. As a matter of fact, I'm trying to piece together a Captain Bluddflagg fig to command one of my navy ships....

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I love it! I always wanted to play 40K but my budget and lack of play partners left me out in the cold. I would love to try actually playing lego 40k lol.

Great moc, I felt that the space marines and Imp gaurd were very close to the source material and you did a great job replicating the ruins

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