[MOD] Supervillains during an economic depression

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This is the life of supervillains during economic depression. The economic recession makes them richer.

This model is based on '6857 : The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape'. I used 3932 : Andrea’s Stage for second floor interiors and 4865 : The Forbidden Forest for a big tree.



funhouse by Hay Core, on Flickr







1st Floor

Ronbin investigated their hideout.


Minifigures series (warriors group or animals group) go on display on the first floor


2nd Floor

Supervillains have a party. Robin and James Gordon are disguised as singers.

I made a school bus for the exterior. Joker might use for the dark knight.


The fabulous supervillains


Batman, Robin and Gordon are ready to attack


I should have removed 'Andrea' brick.


Thank you,


funhouseby Hay Core, on Flickr

Edited by HayHay

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Excellent Modular Funhouse. There's so much to take in and enjoy. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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i found both your the mocs about depression very entertaining indeed. the style you did it, the chactersyou gave them and the jobs too. well done with both

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I like how you made it look like an actuly fun house building you would find somewhere. One gripe is that

it's a little busy on the inside. Vary nice mod.

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