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Quite some time has passed since I promised I'd share this MOC. Life and such got in the way, but here we're now. :classic:

So, Tony Stark always calls it 'the Garage', no matter where it is (Stark Mansion, Avengers Mansion, Helicarrier, wherever...). It is the place where he makes his magic and builds the Iron Man suits. Some call it (or parts of it) 'the Armory' or 'the Hall of Armors'. Here's my rendition of what we see in the Iron Man 3 film, based on few posters and screen-caps from the trailers (plus what my memory retains from seeing it almost one month ago).


StarkGarage_004 di LuxorV, su Flickr

I tried to give it some life by putting up the tables and tools on them. Since I find the official LEGO 'Dummy'-like robot-arm model quite poor, I made my own.


StarkGarage_003 di LuxorV, su Flickr

Of course, I had to include the stereo and the iconic scene when Tony experiments with the new Mk. 42 armor (as this scene is in the trailers, I don't think I'm spoiling anything for anyone).


StarkGarage_002 di LuxorV, su Flickr

At the back, you can see the 'Hall of Armors' itself, with the seven suits seen in Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Avengers films. Some of these already appeared in a MOC of mine last year: the Stark Workshop. Most of them are purist, the Mk. VI is the only completely original one, while the Mk. VII uses a custom painted BrickForge Powered Assault Armor to bulk it up. I'm pretty happy with the Mk. III, where I used a Rowan soldier torso to simulate the battle scratched chest piece (admittedly, the arc reactor should be a bit higher up, though... :laugh: ).

Hope you like it.

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Excellent work. Captures the feel brilliantly. I've been toying with the same idea for a MOC since getting the Malibu Mansion set.

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wow very clean MOC Luxor! I really like the dark grey color for the floor and tiles. That's also the best-designed mechanical robot out of all the Iron Man mocs i've seen online! Great work with the details.

I noticed too that they never mentioned "Hall of Armor" in all THREE Iron Man movies!! :sceptic: I was disappointed with the 3rd one because all of his armors were kept in that dark, missile-silo style bunker underneath his mansion for nearly the entire movie :angry: (Tony usually has all of them out for display in the comics)

But it turns out that "garage" is the term that was originally chosen by the director Jon Favreau for the first Iron Man movie. They picked "garage" and a garage-style setting so they could introduce the character of Tony Stark to people who did not know Iron Man or didn't know the story beforehand. The main point was to show that he's a very hands-on person and "mechanic genius" who likes to tinker - pretty much a modern-day Nikola Tesla. I guess this is why the first scene of Tony in the garage is of him repairing an old Ford hot-rod.

In Marvel comics and almost all Iron Man universes, "The Hall of Armor" is the widely accepted term. In the alternate realities, such as Earth 9049013, Tony refers to it as "The Armory" - a hidden base inside an abandoned building that is close to Rhodey's house. But just like Batman and his Batcave, the writer and illustrator will have different representations and depictions to fit the story-line (just like what Jon Favreau did). They'll either make it a busy, workshop style setting like this (to fascinate Peter Parker's mind):


or an armory like this (tony is retrieving the Hulk Buster suit here):



or a Hall like this:


or they'll combine everything and call it a "Workroom" LOL


So that's my iron man trivia fact of the day for everyone hahaha sorry for the long reply!

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Brilliant recreation of a great scene, Very authentic to the film I especially like how you did D.U.M.E the claw arm machine!

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