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A Minifigure Gets the X-Box One

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Made this today:

Not sure how to embed Youtube videos or if I even can, so help would be appreciated :).

EDIT: Don't worry, it's automatic :P!

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Yeah, I've heard that the One has several crippling flaws, but regardless, it was an entertaining short.

The set is a bit basic on the walls, but the windows do help. I would suggest adding a light gray stripe in there somewhere, as that would match the great floor, and break up all that yellow.

The One is nice and complex/bulky, but the shot at 0:06 went by a bit too quickly to really see what it looked like. That shot should have been extended a second or two.

Good job on the walk cycle on tiles, that's really hard to do, and I've only seen it done well a handful of times. That shot does have a lot of light-flicker, so you may want to double check that all of your lighting settings are on manual. Later on, the animation could use a bit more easing in/out, there's a bit of flicker, and the camera bumps several times, but there are some good points.

I love the use of a flash-light to simulate the action on-screen. I've always been a fan of in-camera effects, and I'm glad you went with that option. The controller design is nice and simple, but very effective. The dialogue is nice, the main character's mic could have been better quality, but that's it. 'Mom's' voice was not-female sounding though. Perhaps using a male minifigure would have been a better idea. The story's building up makes things get pretty funny at the end, but the humor is tainted with horror as the truth isn't too far away.

That first pan was a bit choppy and bounced a bit, and the camera never changes angles, so those two are some things you could easily work on and fix.

It was entertaining for sure, but had a few technical flaws. Still, they're nothing that a bit of practice won't fix!

In fact, here are two Tutorials/Lessons I wrote on making good brick flicks, so maybe you can get some additional help from those. :wink:

Part 1

Part 2

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So this is the right sub, good!

Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to put it into use.

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That is very funny, pretty much how I picture the xbox one working. :laugh: Hope to see some more films from you soon.

- dd

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