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40's General Van

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Good morning! :classic: Here's a general 40's van I made, it could be a milk van, a mechanic's van, or a plumbers... who knows?


Excuse the awful quality photos, I really need a proper camera :/

From the side, you can see that I lacked that dual seat part in white ( Does it even come in white? :wacko: ) I think it looks okay despite that... The front is a bit low compared to the back.


The rear would be 3 x 1 x 3 doors, but I don't have any, so I made do with a window piece with doors in them. Also red 1x1s for rear lights.


The milkman clearly needs to buy new lights, only one of them is working.. :look:


Anyways, that's it for this MOC, please leave CC and feedback on what I can do to improve! :classic:


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Nice try at shape of such a van, though the wrap-around front bumper is too thick and looks too art-deco/1930's sci-fi apperance while the back of the vehicle does fit the era well.

Keep trying and Brick On 'Axle' ! :classic:

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