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Lurtz's 30th birthday

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Lurtz is an Uruk-Hai from "The Lord of the Rings." Lurtz did not actually appear in the books, but he did appear in the movie and had his 10 minutes of fame.

Anyways, it's Lurtz's 30th birthday.

I'm sure you didn't know that, so I have gone to the trouble to detail his elaborate, humorously sad, villifyingly long, 30th birthday.***

Some days are bad and some days are real bad. Saying Lurtz's birthday is anything but the latter, would be an absolute travesty to the abysmal experience of his 30th birthday.


"Lurtz celebrated his 30th birthday. It was not an easy one. Lurtz seemed to think 30 was a harder birthday than any other one he had before.

Some Uruks came by to cheer up their sorrowful leader. They all chipped in every coin they had to afford a nice bucket of honey.

Honey was sweet.

Honey could cheer anyone up, even Lurtz.

Happy Birthday Lurtz."


Lurtz's 30th birthday by SSchmidt--, on Flickr

"Poor Uruks.

Lurtz is allergic to honey.

Happy Birthday Lurtz."


Lurtz's 30th Birthday by SSchmidt--, on Flickr

*** Detailing Lurtz's elaborate, humorously sad, villifyingly long, 30th birthday in two photos, is impossible. Feel free to follow the story at the aforementioned links.

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Hehehe.... :devil:

It's simple, funny, and sad. All at the same time.

I enjoyed it a lot, although I wish there was a bit more in the set/MOC realm.

It would make a nice comic though. *hint, hint*

(Note to others, go to his photostream and finish the story. It gets even better later on.)

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I have considered making them a little more "mocish." I have also considered making them into a mini comic. Either way, I certainly hope to do some more!

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