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REVIEW: 75017 Duel on Geonosis

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After two days of waiting I finally had the opportunity to build the newly acquired 75017 Duel on Geonosis. This set gives us one of the best lightsaber duels overall, the one between Yoda and Count Dooku towards the end of Attack of the Clones. This new set is kind of a remake of set 7103 from 2002 Jedi Duel which also featured Count Dooku and Yoda.

This is my first review, I tried to stick to the rules. Please, don’t be to harsh on me… :wink: Not all the pictures are perfect...

Stop Count Dooku™ from leaving Geonosis™ with the plans for the Death Star! Use the Force to help Jedi Master Yoda™ jump into the air, dodge the Sith Lord’s Force Lightning attack and bring Dooku to justice. Don’t let him destroy the lair and escape on his speeder. Includes 4 minifigures with weapons: Count Dooku, Yoda, Poggle the Lesser and Dooku’s Pilot Droid™.

  • Includes 4 minifigures with weapons: Count Dooku™, Yoda™, Poggle the Lesser and Dooku’s Pilot Droid™
  • Lair features falling lamps, tower handle and hidden compartment
  • Also features Dooku’s speeder
  • Weapons include 2 Lightsabers
  • Accessories include Death Star plans decorated tile, walking stick and a Force Lightning element
  • Unleash Dooku’s Sith Force Lightning attack!
  • Pull the lever and topple the pillar
  • Hop on the speeder and outrun the Jedi!
  • Hide the Death Star plans in the hidden compartment
  • Collect the redesigned Yoda and Poggle the Lesser minifigures
  • Lair measures over 5" (15cm) high, 15" (40cm) wide and 6" (17cm) deep
  • Dooku’s speeder measures over 1" (4cm) high, 4" (12cm) long and 1" (4cm) wide

Set Title: Duel on Geonosis

Set #: 75017

Theme: Star Wars

Subtheme: Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Pieces: 391

Minifigures: 4

Year of Release: 2013

Price at Release: USD ??, GBP ??, EUR 49.99 , CAD ??

I think that most of you are interested in the set because of the figures. So I will focus a little bit more on them.

Let’s get started…


Here you see the box with the new Yoda design and some action. Minifigures are there as well:


Back of the box:


And the side with Poggle in real-life size:



The box opens on the side which leaves me with a medium level of destruction :cry_sad: :



Inside we have of course the manual and three bags. Furthermore there are two separate pieces: a 8x16 tile in dbg and Poggles wings. I was quite surprised to find the wings outside a bag. According to Bricklink the large tile only appeared once in dbg in a set before. I was quite lucky some time ago as I found three of those at PAB in my Lego Store in Cologne :grin: .


No stickers, very good.


There is one instruction manual with the typical good structure and explanation as we know nowadays.


A random page of the instructions.


The parts (sorry, the pictures here are really not good):



The minifigures

Starting with the minifigures, first we have Poggle the Lesser. We have had some Geonosian before, but we get him for the first time as far as I know.

For comparision (from Wookieepedia)


With a lot of front printing


Some nice backprinting


And in all of his glory with the plans for the DS


Overall, I think it is a fantastic figures with very nice details! :wub:

Next up we have the new and non-CW Count Dooku. Again for comparision from Wookieepedia


We have two different faces (nice) but no backprinting (not so nice, but due to the cape okay). Sorry again for the crappy pictures, have to work one that one.



I like the new Count Dooku a lot, as I think his face os more or less perfect!

And finally Yoda, again for comparision (from Wookieepedia)


Front and back with hair and nice printings



And finally all four of them including the droid. As you can see, Dookus light saber handle is still in silver


The build

The build was really fast, starting of the speeder in bag 1. It continues with the entrace to the lair in bag 2 and finally we have to other to parts with the Yoda play feature and the falling thing (whatever it is) that threatens to smash Obi-Wan and Anakin.

I didn't take pictures of every step as it was really speedy. Here you see the finished speeder with the entrance. I liked the way the arch was buildt as it is really stable.


There are some nice rock parts, a lot of slopes. Really, nothing that special. You can flick-fire the two elements (tower handles???) and remove the lamp quite easily. There is a compartment for the force-lightnings, the light sabers and so on.

The build of the other parts of the cave was quite nice. Of course it could have been bigger, but you will get a lot of useful feature for a playset.

You can have Yoda jump around in crazy ways. There is only one little problems: His lower part is of course heavier that his head. So it is almost impossible to do a real somersault. It is a nice playfeature, but I prefer Yoda without necklace.


Here you see the additional parts of the lair. One part of the wall on the left side can also be 'flick-fired'


As there are no Obi-Wan or Anakin included I had to squash someone else. I doubt that Yoda will allow Dooku to escape...


And finally, the spare parts (quite a lot in my opinion). Nice, an extra light saber handle:




A lot of playability! I think that the different features are cleverly integrated. You ‘only’ need the new RGS and Ep. II Obi-Wan and Anakin to completely rebuild the fighting scene. 9/10


Nothing to special, rocks are nice. Despite that everything as usual. Some technic elements, a lot of spare parts. 7/10


I think that most of you will buy the set because of the minifigs. Well, at least I did. And they are great! It is a good set to include Poggle, but if you want to be 100% close to the movie, you need Obi-Wan and Anakin. Therefore... 9/10


We all know, Lego Star Wars is expensive. This set makes no expection. But in my opinion the price-per-piece-ration is okay, especially regarding the great figures. 7/10


The scene is quite nice. The entrance to the cave is really good. You could move different parts with the force. But, Obi-Wan and Anakin are missing, but we get Poggle. Of course the lair could have been bigger. 8/10


Buy it if you want the figs. The setting is nice, playability is good. What do you want more: 40/50

This is my final verdict. I hope you liked the review and can turn a blind eye to some of the pictures. Looking forward to your comments.

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Thanks for the review Henning.

I have some mixed opinions about this set. It is great to see new, non-CW versions of Yoda and Dooku, and of course the star of the show, Poggle; but with that about all positive about this set is said imo.

I like to see a SW set that isn't focused on a ship from time to time, but this one, as a playset / building I do find it a bit poor ( in fact the play features remind me a bit of the infamous Lightsaber Duel ).

Buying it just for the figures and seeing the rest as a parts pack I don't find that interesting neither.. especially not at 50€. I guess that in other parts of the world this will be sold for 30 - 35 US$, which makes it another story of course..

I 'll wait for a sale to pick it up..

(edit : correction of link)

Edited by J.V.D.

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Thanks for getting this out so early, gives everyone a good glimpse. I must say I'm not a big fan of the new minifgures as of late being so detailed, but that Poggle and Dooku are just amazing. Yoda not so much, not really getting the smile. I feel like as of late TLC is trying to go back to their roots with the original version of this set, with the little play features that I'm sure will be very entertaining for kids. (and myself of course)

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Nice review. What's up with Yoda's creepy smile? :sceptic: I don't like the way it makes me feel. And why is his hair not moulded? It's just printed there, like that spray-on bald spot stuff. Wierd.

The other figs are great, although I don't care much for the set itself.

Don't worry about the photos. The review is good.

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Thanks for the review! I wouldn't have anything against this as a 40€ set, but 50€ for this? You gotta be a huge Episode II fan to justify this price.

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Thanks for the review 'henning1010', it's the minifigs that make the set....though I agree - Yoda is a little odd. :wink:

I'm not sure how these sets will sell due to the fact we are not getting the releases in time will tell.

Brick On Review On 'henning1010' ! :classic:

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I like this set for the fact that it's a playset. Playsets are a nice way for exposing your minifigs. It's a bit small though, and a little too open for my taste. But still i really want it. Why is it so expensive?

Poggle is great!

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Hello Henning,

thank you for sharing your impression on this set with us that quickly. Don't mind the quality of the photos - i guess that everything of importance has been covered and we can very well see what the set is about and does actually contain. :thumbup:

Regarding the set itself - i like the content. It features one critical scene of AOTC and the way this is represented in terms of LEGO is well done, IMHO. It's good that we get PT style minifigs for Dooku and Yoda. They seem to be accurate and Poggle the Lesser certainly will remain one rare minifig to aquire. His head mould is great! Another good thing is - no stickers. I consider to emphasize on this everytime TLG leaves them out. :classic: Still, we have little to either plaster with stickers or to have printed here.

The scenery is a good caption of the actual surroundings and does the job to immerse into the movie scene. it is full of play features that kids will love - and rightly so. A play set here and there will help to attract kids to the SW line. I adore the printed DS holo and Dooku's (silver and curved) lightsaber hilt.

My only concern is the pricing in GER. 50 EUR simply is too much for a set this size. There seem to be many simple and / or common parts. After crossing the atlantic to the US market however - the set's price turn towards the equivalent of 31,02 EUR becomes much more reasonable. :wacko:

I'd like to get the set when the price gets right.

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This set is definitely on my must-buy list. I've been anxiously awaiting a new non-CW Yoda minifig, and this one is pretty good!

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Great review!

The set itself isn't appealing to me very much as a collector's item.

Minifigs are awesome though.

I can't believe how accurately the minifig represents Count Dooku's face. It must be the most accurate minifig face based on an actor yet.

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wow they really went all out on Poggle the Lesser doesn't even look like a Lego, and loads of detailing on him... nice :classic:

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This set is very nice. The figures are awesome, but for 50 Euros, no way in the world!

Edited by prateek

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Thank you for the review!

I really wanted this when I first saw pictures of it and I still do! :classic:

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Poggle seems to be the main key draw to this set. At least to me. The other figs I can take or leave, (and I know I am being a crotchety old timer, but to me this always was the second worse scene in the prequels, surpassing even "Mitochlorians" and "NOOOO", and only being surpassed in awe fullness by the Romantic Soliloquoy on Sand. "Wars do not make one great!" As I said I'm just a crotchety old timer.)

I will probably pick this one up. Just for the figs. But I think it will be at the bottom of my Summer SW list.

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Thanks for the review!

This is one of the few sets I want, but only because of the figures. But at the price point, I will definitely wait for a sale.

I only have Santa Yoda, so this new Yoda is more than welcome in my book. I don't own any CW Dooku, so I will take him also.

The pieces may come in handy for MOCs later. The official set with play features are neat and it is nice to get away from a ship every now and then.

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Thanks for the review :thumbup: I'm not usually a fan of PT sets, but this one is a must-buy for me. It's great to see a new Yoda & a non-CW Count Dooku :wub: The set looks quite nice as well.

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The new RGS is really almost essential to complete this. For Anakin/Obi-Wan. Make me wonder if TLG has time to squeeze in an EP III centric wave befor VII

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I'll buy the set, but, I really think it is a missed opportunity for Lego to make a Reek, Ackley, or, Nexu. Adding one of them would have been nice!!


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I wonder how many boxes of upcoming sets will have the pull tabs. Is Lego going away from the tape? I am split about it. I like to keep my used boxes pressed and in good shape with little destruction, but on the other hand, I like to KNOW that my box hasn't been tampered with in any way, and I think this box version does a good job of that.

Good review, I look forward to getting this set, even though Yoda looks weird. Dooku and Poggle look great.

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I'll buy the set, but, I really think it is a missed opportunity for Lego to make a Reek, Ackley, or, Nexu. Adding one of them would have been nice!!

The arena creatures wouldn't have made much sense in this set...Poggle's already a stretch.

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