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Elephant Knight

Nano Quick Sprint

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[pid][/pid] 148D

A bit of backstory is needed for this MOC, but I'll keep it short. My sigfig, Captain Edward Netsooj (The one on the right, the other one is me first mate) has a ship, the Quick Sprint---


Seems I don't actually have any recent pictures of the Quick Sprint outside of ones in my comic. Though the one pictureisn't too far off form what the ship is now. Mostly the sails are cloth now, and not paper

So I needed a small version of the Quick Sprint for my comic (A Pirate's Life) and so I built this:


And there we go. My smallest ship, no, my smallest MOC ever.

A little note; the dark bley piece is from a broken soemthing. I forget what exactly.



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Well that's very small, that dark bley piece looks a lot like a piece that was broken off a shovel (I have one like that).

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