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Mark of Falworth

(LCC)[Moc] Restoring Justice

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This is my entry to the 4th Global Challenge of the Lands of Classic Castle Roleplay.

Mark of Falworth and his mighty host laid siege to the equally mighty Lenfel fortress that barred the way to Stonewald.

After five days of constant artillery bombardment, the walls were breached only slightly. Just enough for two men to pass through at a time.

The Loreesi had a severe time pressure, for to delay even for a week would give the armies of Lenfald time to gather in such force that there would be no chance of escape.

So, Mark of Falworth hatched a bold plan.

As there was no time to build a battering ram or siege tower, Mark equipped his War Elephants with short ladders so that they became living armored siege towers! And dismounting his Heavy Knights and re-mounting them on the elephants placed his finest fighters within easy reach of the fifteen-foot high wall.

The infantry charged towards the tiny hole in the wall, which was thickly filled with furious Lenfels. To clear this obstacle they shot Loreesi fire from a portable tube-pump. The surviving Lenfels hastily withdrew into the courtyard. And on top of all this, five Areani Knights suddenly appeared out of nowhere behind the walls and began cutting down the astonished Lenfels still trying to defend the breach.

All these factors combined led to the remarkably speedy overthrow of a castle that was once deemed impenetrable.

And Mark of Falworth continued on his quest...

...For the Glory of Loreos!

Also check it out on Flickr!

And be sure to check out the Video!

Thanks for viewing and have a great day! :)

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Nice MOC Mark! I love the foilage and the castle is perfect! :wub:

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The video is awesome. An excellent choice of music combined with great editting really conveys the feel that they're going into battle. My one criticism is that some of the sweeping shots are a bit jiggy, invest in some Technic Lego (I know, I know, Technic Lego is heresy for a castle fan - unless it's used to build trebuchets!) and use the beams to build the mechanics to track the camera smoothly.

I'd love to see some up-close pictures of some of the details in the MOC, particularly the flamethrower in the front assault group.

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As usual, awesome work :thumbup: :thumbup: Nice touch the flames :wink:

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