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The Nam Wreckin Crew are the meanest, deadliest, bunch of S.O.B.s ever to pull on a uniform. Pictured here at muster they are selecting their gear for their next mission on Cheeseburger Hill.

NWC act as problem solvers for the US army when actions go bad or things just get to hot to handle. Officially these guys don't exist running black Ops for the Administration.

The NWC are hand picked and led by the ruthless Sergeant Frank Statton III seen here front and centre.

The Team.

Darryl "Heavy D" Payton. M60 Support Gunner - Outhouse doors want to be like him when they grow up.

Tommy "Thumper" Johnson - Responsible for punching a way into hot zones and droppin' smoke for Copters at the exfil..

Don "Tick Tock" Banner - Demolitions and the teams grease monkey.

Bob "Psycho" Busch - Tunnel Rat, No right to be alive but he's still breathing despite being, shot, stabbed and blown up. Seemingly nothing can stop this combat tank.

Ralph "Smokey" Polawski - Wants to see the whole world burn and frequently does...

Some of the customisation I have done is as follows:

Daryl - Painted Boonie Hat

The Sarge - Hat String and rank decal

Psycho - Bandages wrap round entire body (not really visible)

Tommy and Bob added helmet straps

Bob custom flamethrower with some painted elements

Hope you enjoy them!

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