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Pictorial Review: Han Solo (Hoth) May 4th Promo minifig

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Like many here, I picked up the UCS B-Wing for 50% off. I had no idea about it until I walked into my local Lego Store. My wife was pretty impressed with the sale price.

Anyway it was all to get Hoth Han Solo.

Polybag Front:


Polybag back:


Han Solo front:


Han Solo rear printing:


My other Hoth Han Solos



2013 Hoth Han's wrapped face reminded me of the Anakin from the 8085 Freeco Speeder set.


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Thanks for this. I wanted to get this figure, even though many others think it is lackluster. I don't own other variations, so I guess that also helps. I also got the B-wing on a whim. It was hard to pass up on that price, even though I had no interest in it. I don't plan on selling it, so don't flame me please.

I like the printing on him a lot. I think that other sided head will look great in some MOC.

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I was sort of interested in it as an exclusive but didn't want to pay Australian Lego Store prices to get what basically looks like "Boy Scout Leader" Han..

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