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You'll spot a Lego 'Brick Bucket' in the scene where 2 kids are playing Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES!

Bender's Game

Leela enters the Planet Express ship in a demolition derby for spaceships, and one of the competing ships is made out of Lego.


Tom Hanks is in FAO Schwartz (Toy Store) having a gun battle with a kid and he’s creeping around a showcase, and in it very visibly are a few sets of Lego.


Big Momma's House

Some LEGO bricks can be spotted in the toy box.


Cattle Call

There is a telephone made of LEGO.


Da grande

It's about an eight-year older who suddenly grows up, and his body looks like he's 40 (Renato Pozzetto). Still, he thinks like the child he is. After the old woman says "this money is not enough to buy this Lego", while crying he says "This morning I turned 8 and I can't have Lego..."


Will Ferrel the elf builds elaborate buildings of New York out of LEGO bricks.


Flushed Away

In the boat chase scene, a couple of rats are getting married; the Bride’s bouquet is some yellow Lego Flowers. Link to Clip


Gremlins 2

You can spot some 80s Lego sets in a toy store, and Gremlins pop up in the toy store (build a huge gremlin out of Lego blocks, then merrily knock it over)

Honey I Shrunk the Kids

The children find and decide to sleep in one of Nick's blue Lego pieces. It looks like a partially buried 2x4. Link to Clip


How To Be

A Boy is seen playing with LEGO Bricks.


(The) Indian in the Cupboard

Original Lewa


In the great Robin Williams film, there are a few Lego sets (6175 Crystal Explorer Sub, and 6339 Shuttle Launch Pad) on the floor at one point.

Jingle All The Way

LEGO Display in a mall.



They use a remote controlled Lego robot in a heist. If I remember correctly it was used to disable an alarm system or something like that, amongst other things it could climb a staircase.

Kickin' It Old Skool

The main character is seen playing with Lego in a bar while the confused waitress watches him.

Lego Action Fun

A Two-Pack of stop motion Lego released on Video in 1998.

Le Grand Bazard



Maid in Manhattan

The girl's son plays with Kopaka and a Bohrok--there's this extended 10 second period just him playing with it.

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

There are Creator sets like the Dino, the Ferris wheel in the store.

New Police Story

A Jackie Chan film, the climax fight scene takes place in a Lego store.

Prep and Landing

There is Lego on the floor of the boys room, as shown in the clip at about 32 seconds. Link to clip

Spy Kids 2

Bionicle is visible in the background of some scenes.

Three Men and a Little Lady

There is a scene in the Kitchen where they are all adding pieces to a massive castle MOC


Thunderbirds Are Go

The buildings when the Zero X crashes have a Lego frame with card on the outside to add detail. Link to Clip

Time Bandits

There’s LEGO on the kid's floor near the beginning. Giant LEGO bricks also appear close to the end in the big battle with the incarnation of evil where they are used to make the wall. Link to Clip

Toy Story 3

The teaser trailer features Lego bricks.

Where The Wild Things Are

About ten minutes into the movie Max is looking at his LEGO Minifigs. One’s an octan shirt with shades and a couple others including a yellow classic spaceman!

The Witches

The little boy Luke has a huge space monorail layout!


The Brittas Empire - Mr. Brittas Changes Trains

When Gordon Brittas is hypnotised, he goes down to reception and find's receptionist Carole’s son Ben and a friend playing with a Duplo train on a small oval. Carole thinks she's in trouble for letting the kid's play with the trains outside. Brittas asks for various different thick rulebooks, but then makes a tunnel with three of the books over the track and a platform with the other. Brittas then asks for more tracks and later in the episode, he has made a large and elaborate Duplo train track layout with a few trains.

Death Note (Japanese Anime) - Episode 33

One of the main characters used Lego Minifigs to symbolize protagonists in the various plots that went on in the show.


Eastenders - Episode Aired on 08/12/09

Bradley was seen building the "Galactic Enforcer" from Space Police III with his girlfriend's son. Link to Clip (from about 25 minutes)

Even Stevens

The appearance of some 2001 Bionicle sets Tahu and Gali in Louis' room.

The Family GuySeason 5, Episode 11

Peter: You got Legos? Aw, sweet! Lois only buys me Mega Bloks.

Lois: They're the same thing, Peter.

Peter: You know what, Lois? They are not the same thing. And the sooner you get that through your thick skull, the sooner we can get this marriage back on track.

First Shop of Coffee PrinceEpisode Five

Han Gyul gives her a little toy Lego robot.

Episode Six


Eun Chan is shown the back room, which houses Han Gyul’s collection of Legos (he used to work with them in the States); he marvels at concept of playing with toys: “Here, I can do anything I want” They play with the Lego (in a cute moment, Han Gyul “corrects” Eun Chan for bringing a bulldozer toy into the mix, because it doesn’t fit the time period of his horse-mounted knight-era setup).


Episode Eleven

Eun Chan takes out the Lego toy Han Gyul gave her, and tells it, “Now I have to tell him. Right?” (Later) Eun Chan looks at her Lego toy while repeating Han Gyul’s words to herself


Home Improvement (unknown episode)

Tim built the first "Bait and Tackle Shop with a built in Women's Department" out of Lego.

King of the Hill (unknown episode)

Joseph asked Bobby "Hey dude want to go melt some Lego?"

The Lego Group 'Official Commercials'

Malcolm in the MiddleSeason 2, Episode 9 - High School Play

Dewy and Hal build a private Utopia with Lego and Playmobil bricks, Lois crashes into it and destroys it.

Season 4, Episode 10

Dewey plays with Bionicle to make fun of his two older brothers.

NCIS - Season 5, Episode 12

McGee uses a LEGO model of a warehouse to show how the bad guys could sneak out with the radar system without being caught on the cameras. Also Gibbs can be seen playing with the LEGO-forklift.

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

The character "Cookie" has a BIONICLE Metruan arm piece on his glasses.


Max plays with LEGO in several different Episodes.


Robot Chicken

There were two sketches done with (and about) Lego: In the episode "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie" there is a commercial for a new LEGO line called "LEGO Babel", and in the episode "Easter Basket" the pharaoh minifig makes his subjects build a pyramid for him out of Lego, but when they run out of bricks and start using different colors and parts from other themes, they decide to bury the pharaoh alive and keep the pimped out pyramid for themselves!

The Pretender Pilot Episode

The main character builds the Empire State building out of LEGO. That model then appears in the opening credits and a number of later episodes (both in the present and flashback).

The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Automatic for the People

John and Riley wake up that same morning. She then gives him a Lego robot that she made for him out of the child's toys on the floor. He's briefly freaked by the representation of his future, but accepts it.

Season 2 – Episode 6

A little girl can be seen playing with Lego twice, and in response, her mother creates a large tower MOC for her.


Season 2 – Episode 14

This guy is playing with Makuta and other bionicles, as he describes the ball-and-joint system. Link to Clip

The SimpsonsSeason 11 Episode 7

The family goes to a mega-store called SHØP (a parody of IKEA) and all the food and forks are Lego. Homer makes an apple out of bacon bricks.

Season 12, Episode 15

The Simpson family visits Blockoland (a parody of Legoland), a theme park which is completely made of blocks. Lisa is ripped off when her Eiffel Tower kit has a missing Blocko piece. In response, Homer "sticks up for the little guy", and he gets Lisa the piece she needs.

Season 19 Episode 3

Couch Gag: The family room is built out of Lego. Using stop motion filming, the family is then assembled out of Lego, one by one. Homer's full head of hair is replaced by a Lego block which more justifies his baldness. Homer responds with, "D'oh!"

The Sooty Show

There are some Lego sets scattered around Sooty, Sweep's and Soo's bedroom.

South Park - Season 5, Episode 14

In Butters’ very own episode he can be seen playing with Lego. Link to Clip

Season 8 - Episode 5 "You got F'd in the A".

Butters can be seen to be playing with Lego.

Stargate SG-1Season 1 Episode (?)

There is the 6339 Shuttle Launch Pad in O'Neill's son's room

That 70’s Show Season 5 Episode 19, Bring It On Home

Hyde: Told you to look where you were going.

Jackie: Well what idiot leaves a Lego set right in front of the door?

Eric: You knocked over my space command centre? I spent three hours building that.

War at HomeSeason 1 Episode (?)

the dad tries to connect with his son (TRIES) and says "you still play with LEGO?"

after that he says "That's OK, LEGOs are cool..." and they played with knights and castles. (They were playing with Duplo)

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don't forget the big bang theory. In many episodes you can see Lego set (Death Star set for example).

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In episode 2.04 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy build a Lego house for Terry, who plays the role of a 7-year old boy for a test. Terry destroys the construction.





In the movie "The Truth About Romance", minifigs from series 5 and 7 are seen:


as well as boxes from sets 8083 and 7595:


and this creature which - I guess - is from a Creator set ? But I haven't yet found which one:



In the old Australian series "A Country Practice", the 8860 "Car Chassis" Technic set is seen:


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Thanks! I'll update the page with the info

I saw the set on Bricklink (when trying to find sets with these green parts) but didn't check enough to find that particular build.

Edited by antp

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I was just watching the Tom Cruise movie The Firm (1993) and I was surprised to find Set 6346 make an appearance in this serious lawyer thriller! (@2:26:30ish)

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Caught seeing this the other night...not sure it's LEGO though...but, caught my eye for sure.


[ /media] Edited by KringlesBricks

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Upping this thread to post new contents,

In the episode 1.04 of the TV series "Veronica Mars", archive pictures show a kid driving a car in Legoland park:


And in "The Michael J. Fox Show", which already featured Lego previously, the episode 1.20 had even more:


(set 10210)

And at the end of that episode, a whole city:


I guess that either someone really likes Lego in the crew, or that was a product placement...

More pictures from that on http://bricks.inmovi.es/movie_2338232_The-Michael-J-Fox-Show.html

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Collectaholics Series 2 episode 5 features LEGO. Lots of lovely LEGO and a valuation.

Are you a member here too dude? Hiiiii!

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In "Fresh Off the Boat" season 1 episode 10 (2 weeks ago) there was a couple scenes with LEGO minifigs. The middle son was making a volcano science project and it had the Caesar CMF, a princess figure, and I also saw the Space Miner CMF. They were there to get wiped out by the "lava." This show is supposed to take place in the early 90s so these particular figures were anachronistic.

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Collectaholics Series 2 episode 5 features LEGO. Lots of lovely LEGO and a valuation.

Are you a member here too dude? Hiiiii!

I saw this the other day. Amazing!!

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I happened to watch a episode of "Detective Laura Diamond" by accident. It happened she was stuck at home and had LEGO sets all over the place. Mainly modular buildings and such. One of her colleagues talked about her as "LEGO Laura", which probably implies that LEGO is kind of part of her character due to her kids.

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New season of the adult cartoon, China, Il, on [adult swim] (late nite Cartoon Network) had a main character referencing to LEGO in a sarcastic joke about a specific type of girls interacting with a specific type of guys. I'm sure you can figure what it was. I thought it was funny, but probably not for everyone. Still, it was a funny shout out IMO :classic:

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Lip Sync Battle between Batman & Unikitty. Second round performance they go all out with props and such. Arnett did Everything is Awesome dressed as Emmett with large bricks on stage.

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A new clip from Ant-Man was recently released where Ant-Man gets sucked into a vacuum cleaner along with a LEGO brick. I have a feeling this won't be the only appearance by LEGO in the movie...

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Wait a sec? The woman did unikitties voice? Didnt know that.

Honestly I hated the perfomance so much. The music they used was the horrible sounding robot sounding version of the song and the props looked like they were designed for an elementary school talent show.

And its not like they have to rely on bringing their own stuff Unless the rules changed from the last episode to this one. The lip synchers have full access to props, costumes, and backup singers. I dont know if theres a limit to how many back up singers they can use but i do know with the jf vs dj episode, they used more then i normally see. Average backup number is 4 but DJ had 6 and JF had a stage full for some weird number. They were in clothes that kind of look like some weird church choir thing and if im counting right, theres FORTY on the stage.

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I have no idea if it will make it into the final movie or not, but the script that leaked several years ago for Deadpool had Deapool lamenting that he was going to die before finishing his "LEGO Millennium Falcon."

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I apologise in advance for digging this up, but I thought this was worthy of adding.

Thunderbirds has been mentioned before here, but what I didn't know till I was reading a recent release, Thunderbirds: The Vault, is that Lego was used to detail control panels in at least one episode of the series, specifically "City of Fire". Below is a photograph I took of the page (third picture in).


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I think in Doctor Who closing time, if you look very closely in the scene where he's working in the toy shop, you can see some Lego sets.

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I think in Doctor Who closing time, if you look very closely in the scene where he's working in the toy shop, you can see some Lego sets.

Yep, that is the department store known as Howells (David Evans branding) in Cardiff, they filmed in the toy department where I pop by to shop sometimes, the LEGO is always full RRP and tucked away a little, so older sets hang around for a long time. After a year or so, RRP is cheaper than the re-seller prices for the same sets!

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Nice! Sadly they don't have one in my area, although Fenwicks does occasionally have some old sets.

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On the most recent "Fresh Off the Boat", there was 31025 Mountain Hut sitting on the shelf in the kids room. Problem is...that show is supposed tobe set in '95. I spotted it & did a "wait a minute!", be ause that set is from 2014. Bad continuity ABC!

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In the latest episode of Jeopardy, Lego was one of the categories! They even built a Lego version of the set, and filled it with Minifigure versions of the cast and crew.


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