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Heroica RPG- Quest #67: Nova Tertia

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"Ah. You know, it's all about money. People have never seen such exotic creatures before, so they'll come." The supervisor seems to be hiding something, but no one can be sure of what.

"How interesting" Benji lied.

"Hope to see you again, Alan Bors and Carson!" Benji called out as he left for the ship home.

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Tarn shook the hands of the 3 dinosaur wranglers and gave each a warm grin. "Be safe my friends, and one day we may see each other again!" he said. He also said farewell to the others he had Quested with. "We made a good team, it was an honour fighting alongside each one of you."

Tarn then took 60 gold and gave it to Benji, for the Counterstrike Gloves. He looked around, the island lush and strangely quiet now, and decided to depart for the Hall.

OOC: I know this wrapped up a while ago but just wanted to close it off. Imagine you are all still there as Tarn sayshis thing, or it would be a bit awkward!

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