[MOC] Ropa EuroTiger 8V-4 XL Sugarbeet Harvester

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Hi all EuroBrick members.

More News: A new and extended video is uploaded, for a better view on the functionality of the model. See below in this message:

And even more news: Pics with original logos from ROPA. See below in this message:

I guess its time for me to go public with a little MOC i have been working on the last 3 winters. I have come so far with it, that it is time for your competent and critical eyes to see it.

My MOC is inspired by my work as a farmer in the southern Denmark, where sugar beets are a big crop, with a huge influence on the whole area, concerning jobs, and manufacturing sugar.

This is a selfpropelled sugarbeet harvester, Ropa euroTiger V8-4 XL


See here for more info on the original:

XL is an description, for a 9 row harvester, where a transport wagon belongs to the lifting and leaf topping unit. We don't have a 9 row harvester here in Denmark as far as i know, but the XL model is mainly sold in the Eastern Europe, Russia and Northern America.

My sugar beets are harvested by a contracter, who has a 6 row harvester.


My model is in approximate scale 1:15 til 1:13


Transportposition with transportwagon: Working Position

Length: 141 cm Length 94 cm

Width: 23 cm Width 29 cm

Height: 30 cm Heigth: 38 cm

Weight 8,4 kg


The model is equipped with following electric components:

5 IR recievers, attached to 4 batteryboxes, with Lithium Ion batteries, for longer durability, and less weight.

Engines for lifting and cleaning:

1 L-Motor to drive the lifting unit and leaf topper,

1 M-Motor to drive the conveying belt under the front axle, roulettes, og and the conveying belt around the machinen.

1 Micro motor to drive the auger in the beet tank.

Is controlled by a speedcontroller, for variable speed.


Motors for driving momentum:

2 XL motors for 1. og 2. axle

1 L- motor for 3. axle.

Controlled through two separate IR recievers, each connected to two different batteryboxes, to avoid the overheating of the fuse in the batteybox. A speed controller is controlling the speed.

Motors for steering:

1 M-motor for the articulated steering in front.

1 servomotor for the 2 rear axles, controlled by a speed controller, so the steering point kan be hold permanent in steps. Normal steering left and right, and dogwalk is options, like the original.


Motors for folding/ unfolding the unloading elevator:

1 M- motor for folding/ unfolding the outer part of the elevator.

2 M-motors for lifting/ lowering the elevator.



1 L-Motor to drive the two conveyors in the beet tank, and the conveyor on the elevator.


Engine hausing:

1 L- motor for driving the 4 double pneumatic pump, and the impotant V8'er.

1 servomotor for controlling a pneumatic valve, to lift/lowering the lifting unit in front.


Light so far:

4x2 PF Light at the top of the cabin

1x2 PF Light in the front

1x2 PF Light at the back of the harvester.

1X2 PF light at the back of the transport wagon.

Additional ligtht is planned when the LUG bulk order arrives, 9x2 PF light around the machine for work light.

There are two normal IR- controllers, and two IR speed controllers, to control the big show:

Pneumatic System

There is a pressure controlled switch, that stops the motor activating the pneumatic pump, when the pressure level reach a certain level.

There is also three manuel Pneumatic valves:

One to lift the leaf topper, making it able to hang on the transport wagon.


One to lift/ lowering the conveying belt around the machine, from transport to working positiontank


One to lift and lowering the safety guard, on both side of the conveying belt, and the auger in the beet

I have uploaded HD pics on Try the Link


Breaking News: Video of the Machinery

More news: Extended video.

Even More news: Pics with original logos from Ropa:

A special varm thanks, to my sweet wife, who has filmed and edited these videos. :wub:

All the best from BondemandClausen. :-)
Edited by BondemandClausen

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I remember I saw this on YouTube a month ago or something! While I was blown away by it's functions and complexity, I had absolutely NO IDEA what it actually was! :laugh:

But it looks fantastic, and is truly unique! :thumbup:

Great work!


Not to mention THE SIZE!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :classic:


Sorry, I thought this one was yours :blush: :

Everything I said above still applies though! Can't wait to see a video of yours in action! :classic:

Edited by D3K

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This looks really good, and I'm amazed at the way in which you've recreated (with pf!) so many complex functions at scale. I'm really looking forward to the video.

PS - as I read "beet farmer", I read the rest of your post in this guy's voice:


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Awesome!!! Really good work, curious to see all that working on a video! So looking forward to see it!

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@D3K I have to disappoint you. it was not my moc you saw on youtube, because i have never made any video of it... yet.

I think you are referring to a french guy, making a similar moc of the Ropa. But i will make a video as soon as possible, i promise :-)

Thats the one. No harme done, allthough i must admit that i have been keeping an eye on the net, to see if i was the first to make a Ropa. :wink: But i wasn't, and the french one has functions mine doesn't have, so they are both in their own way Unique :classic:

Edited by BondemandClausen

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I have never seen one of these machines but your moc is awesome :thumbup: It is big, Full of functions and lots of detail. Can't wait for the video :sweet:

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Amazing machine. Very realistic with so many functions and well designed look. Great work. :thumbup:

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Oh. My. Lord! It's massive! Very impressive. I liked the use of the flex axles to make the auger on the top.

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Amazing work which I see has taken a long time to accomplish. Like others I can't wait to see a video. I guess the next thing is to make some brick sugar beets for it to harvest .

Thanks for sharing.

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Awesome MOC

Is the color typical for ROPA machines? Or was the plentiful supply of yellow Lego technic parts the reason you for yellow?

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I am overwhelmed just looking at it. Excellent job recreating all the functions, I look forward to seeing the video.


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