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Review: 60000 Fire Motorcycle

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This year, The LEGO Group has came up with all new sets for their adored City line. One of these sets is 60000 Fire Motorcycle. This little set is a great addition to anyone's collection and a must-have for fans of the LEGO City Fire sets. So go ahead and read this review!


Set Name: Fire Motorcycle

Set Number: 60000

Number of Pieces: 4

Minifigs: 1

Price: £4.99 / US$6.99

Theme: City (Fire)

​Year Released: 2013


LEGO Shop @ Home




The Box



A typical looking LEGO City set box. Nice that The LEGO Group tries to make it look better than it is. With bright flames and cement on the ground.



I love the new Fire fighter! He looks a lot more realistic than the one before. But we will go into the minifig later on.



The back of the box shows all of the features of the set. You see the rockin' motorcycle and the recycling bin. You also see the set in action that it will probably never realistically see.




Just like the box, a typical scene. Again it shows the set in action. The sun looks like a flash from camera. :hmpf_bad:

Instructions Image:


The instructions are made for young boys. Thus making them really easy. This set is not a challenge to build, but it is fun. To bad my instructions had a little smudge. :sadnew:



What a variety! Here's the bricks, all forty of them. You can see that you get many different colors with set. I am loving the big red motorcycle piece. No printed pieces, only stickers. :sick:

(Dreaded) Sticker Sheet:


I don't have anything to say about stickers. :sick:

Extra Pieces:


After you are done with the build you will find your extra pieces. In this set you get lots of extra pieces, which you should at $6.99 for 40 pieces.


Front and Back Comparison Shot:


I just wanted to do a comparison to show you how much more realistic the fire fighter is. The old one looked like a Halloween costume while the new one looks like a real fire fighter. The back of this minifig is really good. It is nice see that The LEGO Group has taken care in the back of this guy's torso. :thumbup:

The Fire Motorcycle Build Process

The Motorcycle before the armor:


This is a pretty neat little picture. It's the motorcycle before the spice. I think it is a ingenious idea for stands. And let's move on!

The Finished Motorcycle:


Here she is in all her glory. Isn't she a fine thing? The motorcycle looks very modern and slick. Although I usually don't like big molds, I think The LEGO Group did good here.

Additional Shots of the Motorcycle:


I really like how these photos came out. They give three different sides of the motorcycle. I'll start with the back. The back of the motorcycle looks simply like the back. It isn't fancy so I think a back is a back. The two side look lovely, however I do not like the stud above the back wheel. It makes it less realistic. Other than that it looks great and as I said, modern.

Comparison Shot:


Which one should he choose? I think the choice is obvious. LEGO has come a long way as you can see in this picture.

The Recycling Bin:


This is a nice little bin. The sticker ( :sick:) is clear so you can use it elsewhere. :thumbup: The only bad thing is that the lid is the to long.

The Full Set:


All and all, it isn't a bad set. It comes with some really cool stuff.

Different Full Shot:


Here is a different shot of the full set. You see the nice little minifig on his sleek motorcycle. This shot also gives you a good image of the fire extinguisher. It is a good little tool, but I feel that TLG could put a round 1x1 stud on the bottom of it to cover the whole. But other than that it's great. So let's see how it adds up!


Design: 7/10 I think the design is simple. It is a small set so I can't be to picky. The the recycling bin is pretty sad to be honest. But I think the motorcycle makes up for it. I can't get over how awesome it is. But again the recycling bin is to simple.

Parts: 6/10 Not really much pieces to MOC with. Well then again there are only 40 pieces. But there aren't really any bad pieces.

Build: 9/10 It is a easy build. The LEGO City theme is geared for kids so any AFOL shouldn't have any trouble building this set. It was a rather fun build, perhaps because it was so easy.

Minfigs: 10/10 I love this new fire fighter! He looks realistic and cool. I love his head as it looks rather neat. For a small set like this, a great minifig!

Playability: 10/10 This set was made for play ability This set is a great one if you want to play with it. It even comes with a fire!

Price: 7/10 At a little over 12 cents per brick it's a little pricey. I think this set could easily be $4.99 or so. But it does come with a cool fig and motorcycle.

Total: 49/60 As I have said, it's a good set, but not great. I think wouldn't hurt to go buy it, but you can't be expected lots. The set doesn't really come with some awesome pieces besides the big red motorcycle mold which some people wouldn't call awesome. I really enjoyed doing this review and I'll let you guys decide how good the set is. :wink:

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That's a fun set, though I doubt there could be too many alternate builds with those parts.

Agreed, the only parts that can be really reused are the green parts. However, if you are trying to get multiple motorcycles for your fire-station this is a really good set to get.

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Thanks for the review. I just love this set. :wub:


Nice to have a different type of rubbish bin in the town

True, True!

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Nice set, If you don't add the fire stickers to the motorbike you have a cool racing or road bike, plus the bin/fire and another minifig.

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Great review.....neat little set, lots of kids played with it at Railshow last weekend.

Brick On Review On 'Brickington' ! :classic:

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I already have this one and it's very awesome. Plus it comes with a dumpster whis is very fitting for the garbage truck set. :wink:

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