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Brick Flick: The LEGO ReBrick Contest Entry

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You know, this section as a whole seems sadly lacking in the feedback department in regards to brickfilms. That's a shame.

Anyway, this is not the first entry I've seen in the ReBrick contest, and while I've liked as many as I can, it's really hard to pick a favorite.

It's a popularity contest to some degree, but skill-wise, it would be nearly impossible for me to pick one winner.

To start off, I had to sit through a thirty-second unskippable ad to watch this, but don't worry, it was still worth it. :wink:

The animation is a step above your normal, which makes it quite impressive. I loved the finger bit, and the whole robot "temper-tantrum" was hilarious, if unintentionally so.

I thought that the videos couldn't have sound, but am apparently wrong. There was a slight buzzing noise throughout, and the lack of music took a bit away from the overall atmosphere.

It's a great short, but subject to stiff competition. Good Luck!

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