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Mini Tractor Set Review

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Please excuse the pirated pictures, my camera was being insubordinate when I was writing this.

Set name: Mini Tractor

Set number: 8281

Line: Technic

Piece count: 121

Recommended ages: 7-13

Suggested price: $10.00

Year released: 2006


The most superficial part of any LEGO product, but the one that often determines whether or not the set is a success or failure.


When I got my first look at the box I was stunned at how crowded it was. Between the white text on the left of the box, tan seal and gears on the bottom right, boxes which show that gears rotate when the model is moved along the ground, logos on the top, and a picture of the actual set itself. Lego could have left off the tan seal and the icon that indicates the set includes two instruction booklets as to make it seem less jumbled.


The back of the box isn

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This tractor was my first Technic set I bought after coming out of my Dark Ages. I had mostly bought City and Train stuff and hadn't ventured into the "new, studless Technic" yet. One day I decided to get this set since it was just 10 Euro and didn't look all that bad.

When I started building I was surprised how many functions they were able to put into such a small model. And how many new bricks there were in Technic...

I liked it - and started to buy more Technic sets. Much to the chagrin of my wife ("Where you gonna put all those? You don't have space! - "Hm? Space? I have shelfs. Look, it turns when you push it..." - "Huh..." - "And this here moves, too..." - "*Smiling* Unbelievable, these models are nice...")

So, I agree, it's a great set with much "value" for a quick build.

Oh, yeah, the review wasn't poor at all, thanks for taking the time *y*

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Thank you very much for that nice review, Shine.

You posted first, so I don

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