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Hello again peoples :classic:

Here's one of my latest MOC's, an island for the Pirates. Please excuse the poor quality lighting in the photos :c


I built this inspired by the hideout of the Pirates in the Golden Medallion Comic, but i'm not sure if it has much resemblance to it, cos I wasn't looking at it at the time of creation :P Overall shot with the BSB:




It may not be as impressive as the other pirates islands on here, but for me, it does the trick of having a home for them. Here's a closer shot of the main area:


It's kinda pointless, but I used the shield with the stud on it from the CMF and stuck it to the bottom of a barrel so that pirate could hold it upright. Just experimenting. Don't ask about the carrot :wacko: Here's a view of the rooftop, armed:


Shazzam! Bad image editing ahoy! :classic: If I had two more spare cannons, the roof would be completely armed in each "port". Once the lone Ranger sets come out, i'll buy the Army Builder set and build more cannons up from that, yay. :grin: The ever so un-occupied inside of the main building, I like to think that this was once a RedCoat Outpost that the pirates took over.


Very lacking... Anyhoo, here's a scene outside the pub, in the Hula Dancer's hand is a gem, which was stolen off of the knight who's falling through the docks.


Further along at the end of the docks are temporary stand-ins for Flashfork and his first mate. I've yet to properly make Flashfork


Inside that building (in the attic) is the Cargo hold, full of the stolen treasures from around the world! (The adventurers stuff mainly)


Kinda unfinished. But speaking of unfinished, take a look at the building on the other end of the docks. Blown up by a cannon!


Or was it my cat? I'm not sure who did it, but that building is history now. At least the youngsters can do whatever it is young people in love do here in front of the ruins. There's a great view! But underneath the docks are abandoned RedCoat belongings, a cannon and a rowing boat.


But further along you'll find more big ugly rock pieces! And a disgruntled native, the original inhabitant. Plotting revenge, and not catching a tan.


Yikes! And to finish up, my favourite picture of the lot, Captain Redbeard, Will and Rummy boarding the Black Seas Barracuda, on a course for adventure! Hooray.


Thanks for looking! Please let me know what you think of this humble home for not so humble people! In the summer, it'll be for brickfilms :classic:



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It's nice and lively :thumbup: . I agree that a couple more cannons would be nice for the top part, as well as some dock sticking out from the main structure.

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Looks pretty decent, but I would look for a better camera in the future, if possible.

Don't forget about the 800x600 image limit either, please resize and replace them.

There is a link to a tutorial in my signature about resizing pictures with Irfanview, free software.

After that I'll have a closer look at your pictures. :wink:

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Love it! It might look a little simple, but it's quite complete and ready for making a comic if you want to.

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