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MOC(s): "Batman: Heart of Ice"

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Heart of Ice

Batman Animated Series

This is the second longer series of creations I’ve made based off an episode from Batman: The Animated Series, the award winning episode “Heart of Ice”. This took significantly longer then Almost Got ‘Im, though that’s totally due to my laziness. Anyways, enjoy the creations that depict the new origins of Mr. Freeze—which we all now can’t live without!

1) Title


This is how I will always remember you. Surrounded by winter. Forever young. Forever beautiful. Rest well my love. The monster who took you from me will soon learn that revenge is a dish best served cold...

2) That's Mr. Freeze to You


Load those canisters…hurry!

Are you done?

All set…uhh…ahhh!

The Batman!


That’s Mr. Freeze to you!


3) Nora


My God!

Yes. It would move me to tears, if I still had tears to shed.

4) Warm Hand to Hold


The snow is beautiful, don't you think? Clean, uncompromising...

And Cold.

Like the swift hand of vengeance.

I saw what happened to your wife…I’m sorry.

I'm beyond emotions. They've been frozen dead in me.

That suit you wear, a result of the coolant?

Very good, a detective to the last. I can no longer survive outside a sub-zero environment. Tonight, I mean to pay back the man who ruined my life... our lives.

Even if you have to kill everyone in the building to do it?

Think of it, Batman. To never again walk on a summer's day with the hot wind in your face and a warm hand to hold. Oh yes, I'd kill for that!


5) Icy Revenge


Stop... Please... I beg you!

You beg? In my nightmares I see my Nora behind the glass begging to me with frozen eyes. How I've longed to see that look frozen on you!

6) Warm Hand Awaits


I failed you. I wish there were another way for me to say it. I cannot. I can only beg your forgiveness, and pray you hear me somehow, someplace... someplace where a warm hand waits for mine.




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Fantastic work, there's something just so clean and real about your MOCs, and it just makes them far more engaging. I really like the last three frames, the figures expressions are perfect, and as always, the builds are stellar too!

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Very nice builds! Did you tweak the lightings for pictures 6 and 8(last picture)? They look awesome!

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Very cool!(:grin:)

I like all your different ice techniques like the waiter and windows on Icy Revenge. Your added commentary really brings the MOCs to life too.

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Man, this is some neat stuff :thumbup: I love the grey/trans blue color scheme. An that cryo-lab with Nora is just awesome!

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