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MOC: Alien Uorre-tabat

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I've taken a break from steampunk/dieselpunk/sky-fi to work on this organic machine. But, bare in mind that this creature exists in the same fantastic world as the Central Machines and Attatech walkers.

The infernal creation sprouted from the Mother's soft underbelly. The Uorre-tabat is blessed with the powers of control over machines. These creatures were known, during the Plague to latch onto the underbellies of war machines and airships and chew through the mechanical parts and replace them with veins, nerves, and fatty tissue.


I took much more time on delving deeper for the name of this creature than for say, my mechs, I wanted to create a Tolkein-esque meaning to the names of this creature and it's counterparts. In naming this, I've combined several elements.


The first part of the name, Uorre, is derived from Ur, the ancient Sumerian city in Mesopotamia which invokes antiquity and age. Also, one of the Hebrew meanings of the word Ur, those who know better correct me if I'm wrong, is light. Cool, you say, what does this have to do with the creature, I'm getting there.


Ok, now we get to the second part. According to Strong's Concordance of the Holy Bible, "ta" is translated in Ezekiel 40:7 as guardroom. And, as in Bat Mitzvah, "bat" denotes female, specifically girl. So if we put it all together I get the phrase "Guarding the Female from the Light". Obviously there is some artistic license taken there, so linguists don't get mad. The explanation for this name will be revealed with subsequent builds. Some clues can be gathered from the above description.


This final shot shows the Uorre-tabat next to a Maane soldier for size comparison.

For more pictures of this model and of my other models, check out my Brickshelf Gallery or flickr photostream.

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