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REVIEW: Galaxy Squad 70702 Warp Stinger

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Pieces: 31

Minifigs: 3

Price: 29.99 USD

Decided to buy my first lLego set in 3 years at the airport in Warczawa. As I hadn't seen this theme before and has always been a huge fane of Lego Space, I was excited to finally build again.


Obligatory box shot.


This is what came out of the box. There are two main pieces: The titular Warp Stinger, and a small spacecraft used by the brave squaddies.


Here's a view of the minifigures:


I must say, I love the design of the insectoids in this series. Absoultely love it! Their heads are beautifully molded, with detatchable antennae. I also love the wings, as they have the same insectoid feeling to them, Their bodies also kinda remind me of the Collectors in Mass Effect 2(as does te whole "aabdct humans in stasis pods to an unknown location" plot)

I also love the new head mold for the squaddie in the middle. it really has a lot of potential for custom minifigs.

The human's face has two interchangeable faces, one normal, badass-looking, and one with a badass-looking facemask.


A nice touch that also has a lot of potential.

Back view:


The jetpack is the only downside here, as it stands out as crude and lazy compared til the sleek look of the rest of the minifigs


Now for the speeder.


The problem of many Space sets is that the smaller spacecraft, particularly those featured with bigger ones, often feel and look lackluster. They often feel like they are just thrown in so that the buyer has a "good" ship to fight the big bad ship and visa versa.

This is one of the few "trow-it-in-so-that-the-kids-have-something-to-play-with" speeders I really like. I think t has an elegant design that makes it stand out in it's class.

Here's from another view with a minifig:


Warp Stinger:

So, over to the titular Warp Stinger;


Back view:


I must say that I'm really surprised by this set, I like it more than I thought I would. I really like the colours and the design.

The only moving parts in theis set are the "wings" and the cockpit windows. And the cannon. The rest of the body is static, which was a dissappointment. The blue cucoon-pod-thingy is detatchable.

My least favourite part of thes set are the "arms" that are holding the spacecraft still. They just look plain ugly.

Closeup of cockpit, with insectoid seated:


I really like how the managed the "head" of the creature, thought it would be cooler if the whole cockpit was consealed.


One little nice touch was a place to place the insectoids weapon on the outside of the ship.

Closeup of the cannon:


New, Cool, and Exciting Parts.

The set came with a few new and cool parts:


I especially like the new Halo.inspired energy blade. As previously mentioned, the new heads and the wings are also stunning.

I must also give special mntion the the new "cucoon."


Gonna use this alot.

Overall Rating:

Minifigs: 9/10: Stunning new molds. Only thing that drags the rating down is the jetpack.

Parts: 8/10: Alot of new and cool parts that can be used elsewhere.

Design: 6/10 A little clunky, but with some nice and smart design choices.

Price: 7/10 A little high for so few parts.

Final Verdict: 7,5/10

Not a must-buy, but it has it's charms.

Edited by KnutO

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Great review and set! The image quality that you have presented us is topnotch. I really you should join the Reviewers Academy. :wink:

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