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MOC: Bad Luck Brian

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MOCathlon 2013 - Category 4 - Fail like a Boss

"We have all seen it, people trying to do crazy things that would look totally awesome - and then CRASH, BANG, SMASH! What a failure! Build us a 16x16 vignette showing an epic fail. YouTube is great inspiration for this! To cater for viewers' sensitivity, minifigures are not allowed to be shown as dead in this category."

Clutch builders.

yes this does fit in the 16x16 limit, on a diagonal. this was fun too build, although challenging, mosiacy sort of thing is not one of my strengths, and having the size limit made it harder. anyway hope you like it!


reference, for those who don't know what this is, its one of those stupid internet memes



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I just laughed so hard I am glad no one heard me.

Yes there are lots of better mosaics, but for a start is pretty decent, and it looks good.

What really made my day was the phrase. I have an AFOL friend that just happened to received MB on a recent birthday. :roflmao:

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Not bad given the size limit. Instantly recognizable and hilarious (I know that feel, people do not know the difference, but we do). I like some of the clever uses of parts that you used (Like the cape in the hair).

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Wow, this is really effective! :thumbup:

I made a smaller image for the index, and it shows how effective your technique is:



Though he does look a little like he's wearing a beret. :laugh:

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