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So I had ship parts and wanted to make something from them so my BSB isn't all alone. The answer? Be "inspired" by the Carribean Clipper and make this multicoloured monstrosity! I'm happy enough with it, though, besides colours, but it could use some flags and Imperial Sailors/Soldiers.


In this first shot, the colours all look fine, but that's probably just my bad camera's fault :P Next is a shot on deck and you can start to see all the messy colours and such.


Green, Red, Blue, Grey and Yellow... Hopefully I can narrow it down soon enough with better parts. I really like the Imperial Flagship's decks with the 8 x 8 Grill pieces, so I drew some inspiration from that here:


And without the deck:


With only two cannons, they won't last long under attack. Thankfully, we can pretend those other two ports contain cannons!


Here's a view of the almighty cabin. It's not so great, but at least it has an inside with a floor, unlike the Carribean Clipper.


And another view, showing the impatient Captain's daughter drinking from one of the many wine glasses onboard.


And finally, here's the figurehead, Fawkes the Phoenix, from a time gone by in the Chamber of Secrets:


And Finally, one last action picture, under attack from the Black Seas Barracuda.


Thanks for looking at the multicoloured Monstrosity! I'm going to try improving on it's colours whenever I get the chance, but until then, please leave me some constructive criticism and comments :pir-classic:


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Looks really good, except for the colours. :tongue: Other than that, it's quite well constructed, and it fits with the other ships of the era. It looks a little squished, though.... :pir-classic:

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I like it! :thumbup: The colors should be fixed, I agree, and adding some flags/cannon would greatly improve it. If you don't have the flag parts, you can construct your own similar to making custom sails (there must be a tutorial out there). And for cannon, it is quite possible to customize your own too. You can also make deck/chaser cannons this way :classic: .

I like how you added an underdeck and the figurehead is a pretty clever use (haven't seen it before) :thumbup:

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I thought about a motorbike in Jamaica!

nice design, and besides the colors (you may or may not change according your taste) you should need a bow (or a stern) sail... like the original Carribean Clipper or the Armada Flagship... or maybe you don't need it, but at least put some strings on the masts

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