Minifig Scale Bermuda Sloop

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Hey! This is my first post on the forums here, but I've been a long time lurker. I'm a huge fan of you guys and I finally have some free time to share my projects.

I wanted to share a Bermuda Sloop I've been working on. It is minifig scale and largely based on the below link.


While it is currently just LDD images, I am ordering the requisite parts from BrickLink. I've made plenty of ships in the past, but this is the first one I've tried to make somewhat historically accurate. There will be custom rigging and sails.

Anyway, here are some shots!


The black extensions on the mast are retractable



The hatches are currently uncovered, but will be filled with some techniques I've picked up from this forum. It was hard to get correct in LDD and eventually I gave up! There is an anchor as well but chains are pretty impossible to do correctly in LDD.




The gun crew!


Feedback is much appreciated. Things are a lot easier to change in LDD than bricks. Next project is a brig!

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Wow looks nice! :classic: I like the masts especially. :thumbup:

Can't wait to see it in real bricks!

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That's a nice start you've got there Goofie. I like the raked mast, the rounded roof on the cabin, and I'm always a fan of brick built guns.

I think you could benefit a large amount from a little bit of study of Perfectionist's Bermuda sloops as I don't think it gets much better then those in minifig illusion scale. I see you have decided to use only the bottom parts of the prefab hull and which is the same in those two sloops but I think Perfectionist's technique makes the transition much more smooth especially in the bow where your vessel seems to be rather blocky. This would also get rid of the inverted slopes that surround your bowsprit which is odd looking. If you would like a closer look at some of the techniques then pictures might allow this LXF can give you some insight.

You've also doubled up on your spars per sail. I saw you stated that they slide out which I imagine to be for your studdin' sails but they wouldn't appear as you've made them. The spar extensions would actually be attached at the end of the spar and be stored above the spar by means of metal rings. You can't see this too well in images of the Bermuda sloop model but here you can see it better.

Another thing is your vertical curve seems to be a bit much mainly at the bow though this I think is a bit amplified ascetically by your technique there. I also think your cabin roof might look a bit smoother with rounded slopes rather then the stepped look you've used.

I apologize if this seems like a large amount of criticisms but this ship seems to have a large amount of potential and with just a little more love and study of some of ships of this forum you could make something rather spectacular. Good luck on your build and I look forward to seeing it in real brick.


W. T.

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Thanks for the input! Your comments are exactly what I'm looking for. I added rounded slopes to the cabin top and I think I have it looking a bit better. In terms of the double spars, I want a degree of playability in the model. I'm not sure how I would store the extensions above the spars and maintain an easy way to extend the studdin' sails. That was my thinking, anyway.

The bow is the part of the ship I am least happy with. I don't want it to be too overly dependent on hinges, but that might be the way to go.

Thanks again!

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I believe the lower portion of the stern could be more extending backwards and be more smooth; still she does look like a proper Bermuda sloop already!

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Welcome to!

That's a very promising start! I like the colourscheme, and the rest of the ship is quite accurate too.

I think you did a very good job on deck details, overall proportions and masts/yards.

I agree with Mr. Townsend about the studding sail yards though, and about the shape of the ship.

Your ships inverts too much at the stern (blue). It can look more smoothly (red), perhaps by looking at Perfectionists ships.


Next to that, I think the stern can be improved. It should be quite large, and the horizontal length should be more than the vertical.

Something like this:


Good luck!

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