FABULAND Crossover: The Bat-Man!

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Bruce Bat is one of the most wealthy citizen of Fabuland City. During the day he has parties with Fabuland's high society, but what nobody knows is that at night he dresses up like a man (the natural enemy of any animal) and becomes the feared Caped Crusader, the Bat-Man! Together with his feathered friend Robin the Bird Wonder, they fight villains such as Celina the Cat, Killer the Croc, or Oswald the Penguin. Here you can see him stopping one of his most notorious enemies from robbing the Fabuland Bank: The Hopper, a rabbit whose brown fur got turned white after he fell into some chemicals, driving him mad. Will the Bat-Man be able to foil his plans? Tune in next time to find out - same Fabu-time, same Fabu-channel! :sweet:


Here's a closer look at the hero and villain, and the Batmobile!


I hope you like it. I tried to recreate the simple and colorful look of the Fabuland sets (without actually using many Fabuland parts since I barely have any) and still have it look like a Batman scene. Any comments or criticisms are welcome.

Have a fabulous month! :classic:

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Love it! :wub:

Oswald the Penguin! Must be a cousin to my avatar, Pengy the Penguin!

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! ) :classic:

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