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Rollercoaster Tycoon Buildings in Bricks

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The moment I saw Yoohas topic where he presents his take on all the Rollercoaster Tycoon buildings, I knew I had to make them :sweet: . Some time has passed now and the first BL orders have started coming through, so I immediately started building :thumbup: .

As we all knew, Yooha used colors as he saw fit; however I had to take into account the fact that certain parts just don't exist in the colors he used :sceptic: . I have tried to keep as close to the originals as possible.

I'm happy to present the first results. Some of these are still WIP as I'm waiting for more orders to come through.

All my photos can be clicked thru for a larger version. The digital renders are from Yoohas topic and I'm using them with his consent.

The first 9 buildings: these are all stalls, no rides yet.

Cash machine. The white 1x4 plate still needs to be replaced with a dark pink. The $-sign can't be done in pearl gold, so I did it in yellow. I also have a version in orange, but I think this one looks better.


Drink stall. The painters haven't gotten to the green cans yet, they will be done ASAP. I have opted to use dark green on those cans, as the normal green 2x2 round bricks are a bit too expensive to my taste.


Hat stall. Red cowboy hats are ridiculously overpriced so I used other hats for the time being. I might replace them with grey or blue cowboy hats in the future.


The genius Ice Cream Stall. Still a WIP but I find it already looks pretty enough to show.


Info Kiosk. Need to replace the small antenna's with red versions if I ever find them.


Lemonade stall. I redesigned this stall to better suite the ingame version. it is actually a tent ingame with stripes on top.


Pizza stall. I used a very yellowed 6x8 plate as the roof and I'm still waiting for a replacement for the red grille pieces. I used normal green instead of a light green for the bottom part. I also still need to find a pizza piece somewhere in my collection :)


Popcorn stall. Very fun to build. I used dark flesh for the colors here; this is still very much a WIP as I still need the 4x4 cone in yellow to arrive (replaced by a white one for the time being)


Sub Sandwich stall. Almost finished, just need some more 1x6 curved slopes to finish this one.


I have to thank Yooha for his assistance in making this possible (providing the LXF files) !

More to come soon !

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Excellent work Strikeman! This is quite an undertaking, but these first few look great. I can't wait to see what other ones you build :classic:

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these are really cool! Keep up the good work because this is a really good game and you make the stalls well. :)

You should make the wild west stalls too.

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Love 'em! I hope to see a real life LEGO RCT2 park from you! Or, you and 'Yoohas' should team up to make a Cuusoo project with these! :sweet:

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Looks really great! It would be cool if you implemented reference pics into your posts. :classic:

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