Number of Bags in Lego 8420

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I am thinking of buying an opened Lego 8420 set. It has two unopened bags in the box, and I'm wondering if that is all or if there were more. Also, both tires and wheels are missing, so does anyone know where I could find those for sale. I searched ebay and Google, but I did not find any for sale. (Bricklink is also down for daily maintenance at the time I am posting this.)The tire and wheel part numbers are 51379 and 51378 respectively. Furthermore, will any other more common motorcycle wheels from sets such as 8051 work on this set? Thanks.

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Welcome to EB.

Just wait for Bricklink to come back up again :wink:

(which is already the case)

I am not sure whether the set has two bags, but you ought to be able to make a fair judgement about all parts being in the bags. Maybe there's a smaller bag in one of the other bags.

You should indeed be able to fit the ones on the 8051. Although I am not sure whether it will look as good as the original ones. The 8051 tyres are the same size, while the ones on the 8420 have different front and rear size. But I am sure it will look okay-ish.



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I can confirm that there are two numbered bags, the two wheels and the instructions. I have recently sold 3 "open box" 8420's where I opened one to confirm the other two were complete.

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