Category 8A Entries - CMFs Series 7 to 9 Building Contest

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Eurobricks Collectable LEGO Minifigures Series 7 to 9 Building Contest

[CATEGORY 8A Entries]


*Special thanks to Eurobricks Bionicle Moderator, Brickthing for the design of the promotional poster*

Category 8A - Build an 8x8 Vignette

Build an 8x8 vignette from any theme where you could display any of the recent 16 Collectable Minifigures from Series 8. It can be Town, Medieval, Wild West, Fantasy or even Space. As long you are able to relate the chosen theme and selected minifigure to your audience, then you are on the right track.

Where would you display one of these in Category 8A?


Fairy ~ Vampire Bat ~ Conquistador ~ Pirate Captain ~ Cheerleader ~ Cowgirl ~ Football Player ~ Santa

Lederhosen Guy ~ DJ ~ Diver ~ Actor ~ Alien Villainess ~ Businessman ~ Evil Robot ~ Downhill Skier



Category 8A - The Rules

  1. Build a vignette that measures 8 studs by 8 studs. (No height limit.).
  2. A reasonable overhang is allowed to accommodate tree limbs or minifigures accessories, but may not exceed more than 2 studs outside the base.
  3. You may use the same type of minifigure in both categories.
  4. This is a building contest. Be creative. Any themes are allowed as long you are able to relate the vignette for the minifigure which you are building for.
  5. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CATEGORY 8A - No Series 8 minifigures are required for Category 8A. You don't need to own the figure to create a home for it, and it will not improve your chances if you do. You may not include the official minifigure or it's new accessories/parts from Series 8 in your official entry pictures. You may use older accessories, but not new ones from Series 8 like the Football Player's trophy, Cowgirl's lasso, Lederhosen Guy's pretzel, Conquistador's armour, etc, for example. Please note Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 minifigures and parts are allow in this category. Please note that this rule also applies no usage of any parts and minifigures from Series 9.
  6. No clone brands or custom parts including decals, stickers, cut outs unless it's official TLG stickers.
  7. Custom parts includes BricksArms, BrickForge, etc.
  8. No placeholder minifigure (Series 7, 8 OR 9) can be used to reflect the actual positioning in the entry for the respective eligible building category.
  9. There is no parts limit as long as it all fits within the vignette.
  10. Category 8A Entries are to be posted in this topic.
  11. One entry per person. An entry must include a picture (no larger than 800x600) showing the vignette without the minifigure you built it for. Include the name (type) of that minifigure and the theme that you have done. Other minifigures may appear in the pictures. You may include up to 3 more images following the same rules. If you choose to take additional pictures, you may link to an outside gallery.
  12. Digital backgrounds are allowed.
  13. No LDD entries.
  14. Upload your images onto those dedicated image hosting websites such as Brickshelf, Flickr, etc. Do not use Eurobricks attachment to upload your images.
  15. No webcam or cellphone camera images can be used for the submitted entry. It must be taken in a clean and decent background with enough brightness to show the beauty of your entry.
  16. The contest begins now and will end on the 13th of May, 2013 at 1200hrs (GMT+8). Voting will begin immediately after that and will last eight days.
  17. In the event of a tie, the Staff will vote to decide the winner(s) and all Staff decisions are final.
  18. Any violation of the rules will be subject to disqualification.

The Voting!

At the end of the entry period, a posting topic will appear listing the eligible entries for the above categories. Members who joined prior to the start of the contest will then be able to post how they wish to use their 3 points to vote for the entries they like best. A single entry may receive all 3 points, or the points may be divided between 2 or 3 entries, however the voter wishes. Detailed voting rules will be announced at the start of the voting. Members who join after the start of the competition may choose to enter but may not vote. This is to stop vote rigging.

It's just that simple!

Please use this thread for any further discussions or questions pertaining to this contest and most of all ...

Have fun!

Eurobricks Special LEGO Themes Administration Team

WhiteFang and Rufus

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MF: Cowgirl.


Let's pretend this cow is actually a calf.

Here is a picture with the MF.

Good luck to all in the contest and thank you White Fang for being once again behind the organization of this event!

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Minifig: Businessman

Theme: City

Caption: Get your nose out of that newspaper...

8732268502_4629970b72.jpg 8732261154_2304881410.jpg 8731138647_1887f13cee.jpg

Edited by sgeureka

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Hi everyone, My entry is for a good o'l fashioned banker. Sitting at his desk living the day fo day life of a bank man-


002 by Joker 789, on Flickr

Until he hears news of a robbery on the other side of town! He moves aside the potted plant in his office to reveal a secret ladder going down to his headquarters. He puts on his disguise and becomes THE ACCOUNTANT! No vilian will get in his way, Using high tech gadgets to face off vilians sutch as The poker, Mr cheese, The diddler and bule-face.

Here his diguise and gadget rooms-


003 by Joker 789, on Flickr

The whole MOC-


001 by Joker 789, on Flickr

Edited by The Joker1

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Ok, here is my entry. It's for the Diver. Theme could be City or Action.

Sam and Max ( :wink: ) found an old diving suit at a garage sale. They bought it cheap complete with an air compressor to fill the suit with fresh healthy air.

Both guys wanted to try out the suit immediately. They drove to the harbour and went to an empty landing stage. Sam put the suit on while Max was operationg the compressor. After Sam jumped into the water, Max was confronted with a lethal surprise. The compressor tube ripped from the helmet and leaves poor Sam in a heavy diving suit at the bottom of the cold dark sea :devil:

Overall shot of the scene.


Max with the faulty compressor.


I guess some other interesting things happend at this landing stage.


A complete view with the Diver Minifig: http://img580.images...7/cmf8outas.jpg

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My entry: "DJ Brickmaster's Boardwalk Party"

Minifig: The DJ

Theme: City

It's a Saturday night, and KLGO radio is hosting an all-night dance-off down at the Lego City boardwalk! A pair of contestants has come out and has been dancing for hours. Which one of them will drop first? The DJ has a supply of records to keep this party going until someone wins!


Here's a photo without the figures so you can get a better view of the speakers and turntable. For the record--see what I did there?--that's the record from the Monster Fighters Haunted House, not the DJ. You can just see the storage slot for the extra records and album covers--including the DJ's--behind the left speaker.


Update: Here's a close-up of the turntable itself. (Again, note that this is the Monster Fighters record.)


Click here and here for a photo with the DJ at his turntable!

Edited by ResIpsaLoquitur

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Theme: City

Minifigure: Female Skier

A fun day skiing featuring a ski lift and a mountain.



Edited by mlucia09

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"Vampires wellness center"

Minifig: Vampire Bat

Theme: Monster Fighters

You know that Vampires need blood, they live for blood and they are always looking for blood. That's the reason why Lord Vampyre decided to open his wellness center for vampires. Upstairs there's the room for blood cocktail transfusions and free massage, while downstairs the blood dried bodies are left, waiting to become zombies!

What a business and how many sadisfied vampire-clients!



my photostream

Edited by genecyst

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Ruh roh Raggy!

This is a based on the Scooby-Doo episode "A clue for Scooby-Doo" in which the gang runs into the ghost of the deep sea diver Captain Cutler. This is the 1st run in Scooby and Shaggy have with the ghost.




The alternate versions showing the missing minifig are over on flickr

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Minifig: Fairy

Theme: Fantasy

A ring of mushrooms is also called a fairy rings as they are a gateway to the realm of fairy. Because in this realm and eat nothing, drink nothing, and take nothing... not even the magical rings. All this stuff is cursed and you would not be able to ever leave.

For more pictures, including the missing minifig, visit my Brickshelf page.




Edited by Blakstone

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Here is my entry for Series 8, "Ski Shop".

Minifig: Downhill Skier

Theme: City

After a day out on the slopes, Alicia decides to pay a visit to the ski shop. The shiny new ski equipment and trendy accessories beckon. New ski helmet? New ski poles? That new ski outfit looks good...




Here is a link to some more pics:


Good luck everyone!

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Hello everyone this is my vignette for the actor minifigure

Theme: Town

Minifig: Actor

It is based off the scene in hamlet "To be or not to be"



good luck to everyone who enters! :)

Edited by II5hyena

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Title: Santa's Workshop

Minifigure: Santa

Theme: Town

Every year Santa and his elves make all of the toys that kids put on their wish lists. This corner worksop comes right out of the North Pole and has everything Santa needs to make toys. He has a wrench, hammer, chainsaw, comfortable chair, map of the world, and of course, an extra beard in case something goes terribly wrong.


Two presents have already been wrapped and put up on the top shelf until Christmas. The brown treasure chest holds some other presents that won't be seen till December.


The red cupboard is open to reveal the little widgets Santa needs to make all of the toys. At the moment, he is working on a bright red car!


Some fire in a barrel is aflame in the corner to keep the workshop warm. Thanks for viewing my entry; I hope you enjoyed it.

To see a photo with Santa in the vignette, visit my flickr; you can see my other entries there, too.

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Title: The Drive

Minifigure: Football Player

Theme: Town/Sports

On the final play of the game down by 5 points, the fearless quarterback has no choice but to try to get score himself to win the game for his team! Can he do it?




Link to more pictures in the set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/63947178@N04/8585885875/in/set-72157633076894385

Thank you!

Edited by KyleJohnson11

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Here's a little one for the Bavarian Pretzel Guy, I hear there's good drinks that go with Bavarian Pretzels. This would be a city theme. More pictures can be found here.




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Minifig: Alien Villainess

Theme: Space

She's the only female alien I have seen... So my theory is that she's not just any villainess, but in fact the queen of her own alien hive. And what is a queen without a throne and her own personal little alien servants?




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it's time to sleep dear Alien Villainess, in your sweet bedroom into space (theme).

This moc is made with Lego Friends brand set, except for some brick taken from Atlantis poly bag 30041

If you wanna, you can see more pix at my flickr account.

Good luck everyone!

Alessandro "FunkyGallo" Montoli




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Entry: Empratress throne.

minifig: Alien villaines

theme: Space

yep another throne.....next time i have to make the pics faster.... :(


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When you wish upon a star

Minifig: Fairy

Theme: Fantasy


Here we have Geppetto's workshop where the Fairy is about to bring Pinocchio to life (and those are supposed to be stars out the window - not too sure how well that translated lol).

Here is a picture with the Fairy.

Thanks for looking, and best of luck to everyone!

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Minifig: Lederhosen Guy

Theme: City

The Oktoberfest is in full swing and the waiters move to keep filled the mugs.


Edited by Wedge09

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Minifigure: Manbat


LV 10 Manbat & LV 29 Dark Manbat appeared!


LV 99 Batman appeared!


Watch out when you explore a dungeon. :wink:

Edited by lisqr

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