Lagoon MOC-up: version 1.99

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So this is my first attempt at an alternative build.

One thing I never experimented with much while I was a kid was building my own versions of sets. Either I would feel that it wouldn't be as good as the original set, or I just wasn't in the mood to build something other than the set as intended.

But I decided to give it a shot with my daughter and we rebuilt Lagoon Lock-up using only pieces from that set into I think a pretty cool alternate build.


There are many architectural similarities between this and the original - notably the awning (because who can see breaking that up?) and the big arch that is made by the two half arch pieces. I also put a boat that had came with one of the auctions I purchased (with gray seats I also made from spare parts) onto the set.



The tavern is now basically a nice fortified area with the cannon at the end of the path. The table for drinks is at the corner, and a spare musket sits on the wall just in case.


I do wish I had more firing cannons :cry_happy:


The jail is now on the top floor to dissuade Redbeard and his minions from freeing any prisoners.


I don't think it's bad for my first real attempt at an alternate build. It's a new look at a great set.

And yeah I know that as far as what I have seen in this forum, this pales in comparison. You guys are amazing at what you do :D

Thanks for looking!

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I like it :thumbup: it still has the lagoon lock-up feel, as well as some cool additional techniques. The cannon on the dock looks good.

Props for building with your daughter!

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Looks great! However, a little advice would be to put a white background for your MOCs when you post them. It looks a lot more professional that way. :wink:

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