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FABULAND Month Extended!

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It's FABULAND Month!! Season!!

That's right! We're extending it until the end of March! Two whole months of FABULAND fun. So order those pieces and get building! Review a FABULAND set, FABULAND-ize your avatar! Tell a FABULAND story. Build a FABULAND boat. The staff are getting into it as well, so come play with us and enjoy a FABULAND Winter! :wub:

FABULAND Your Avatar Contest - make a FABULAND avatar

FABULAND Building Contest - build a new building or house for FABULAND

1st Annual GAL FABULAND Boat Contest - create a boat using FABULAND pieces

FABULAND Vehicle Contest - create an original vehicle using FABULAND pieces

FABULAND Story Contest- tell a story with a comic or film using FABULAND pieces and characters

FABULAND Crossover Contest - mix FABULAND pieces with your favorite theme to create a unique MOC

Check out the FABULAND Month topic for more info!

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