duckjock's Lego Technic Mondial WindSeeker Amusement Ride

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On his Brickshelf gallery, duckjock / Duck is showing great progress in "Testing the function of the vertical drive for a LEGO model of a Mondial WindSeeker. This short tower is only 3 sections high, to check the drive and balance of the winch. The finished tower will stand 15 sections high (192 cm). The grey battery boxes simulate the mass of the unbuilt chairs (70 seats on 35 arms)." It uses a big x784 Lego Hailfire Droid wheel to twirl the seats around.


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Here is a

of ThrillCentral's virtual movie of the real Mondial WindSeeker (at Knotts Berry Farm in southern California USA). "WindSeeker...features 32, 2-person gondolas that... ascends to a height of 301 feet [91.7 meters]. Once it has reached the top of the tower, WindSeeker...spreads its metal arms swinging riders for a 60 second flight at a 45 degree angle at a speed of 8 rotations per minute." emot-barf.gif


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